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San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers

San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities right in the heart of Texas. San Antonio, also known as Alamo City, is one of the best destinations in the most moved-to state in the US. What makes this city so popular are affordability and low crime rates. Safety is one of the biggest pros of living in San Antonio, as the city has been named the eighth safest big city in America. However, if you are trying to decide whether or not moving there is a good idea, a more in-depth rundown is what you need. Because of that,  our team at Texas movers, will put their knowledge to good use with this San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers. Hopefully, it will help you find the perfect neighborhood you are looking for.

Living in San Antonio

San Antonio is a diverse city with rich history, and if you ask any San Antonian, the city with the best food. Of course, food and culture are important, but they are rarely seen as the main reasons why people move there. One of the most known reasons why people move to San Antonio is that this city is home to some of the largest military bases in the entire US. San Antonio has four military locations: Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base, Camp Bullis, and Fort Sam Houston.
Aerial view on one of the neighborhoods from the San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers
Reading through this San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers will surely help you in finding the best one for you
With a population of over a million and a half, San Antonio is a big city with lots of fun activities while still maintaining a sense of community you can feel in a suburban area. There is always something to do here. For history buffs especially, this city is a perfect choice. The city is one of the oldest in the US and has been around to see some of the most terrible battles in US history. Today, it has 5 missions that are a part of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and it is the highest concentration of Spanish colonial missions.  As the city was once a part of Mexico, there are still strong cultural ties to it, and each year, a celebration for the Day of the dead (Dia de Los Muertos) and Fiesta San Antonio.

 San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers: Things to see

No San Antonio neighborhood guide for newcomers is good enough if it doesn't have the most popular attractions. Before moving to San Antonio, it would be best to visit the city. Since it has a rich history and a diverse culture it has so many attractions that make living in San Antonio so unique. Starting with the most obvious, we recommend visiting the Alamo. While entrance to this heritage site is free of charge, you should be aware that you will need a time reservation to enter. It is especially beautiful during the Christmas period when the whole place is decorated with festive Christmas decorations and lights.
Couple enjoying the christmas lights and festivities
While it doesn't snow, Christmas is especially beautiful in San Antonio
For a more relaxed tour around the city, you can't miss going on the San Antonio river walk. It is one of the favorite ways to spend time for almost every San Antonian, and even Texans in general. You can enjoy a stroll along the river, dine or shop with the enjoyable mariachi music. And did we mention that this place becomes pure magic at Christmas time? If you prefer nature or geology, we recommend visiting the Natural Bridge Caverns. Located underground, these caves offer a magnificent way to enjoy speleological formations while getting away from the scorching Texas summer.

Job opportunities

The economy in Texas is one of the most stable in the US. Because of that, it's no surprise that the job market in San Antonio grew in the period between May 2021 and May 2022. Because of that residential movers San Antonio TX saw an influx of people moving to the Alamo City because of job opportunities. The average salary is slightly lower than the national average. In San Antonio, the average annual salary is $57,636, while the Texas average is $62,254. However, it is important to note that the unemployment rate is lower in San Antonio than in Texas. San Antonio's unemployment rate is 8,1%, and the state average is 8,7% While that number may not seem much higher, it is still significant.
A man sitting in a booth looking at a laptop with stickers on it
Finding a job in San Antonio will be easy
What do people who move to San Antonio, with the help of our furniture movers San Antonio do for a living? First, Alamo City is a significant military base, so the military is one of the biggest employers. Additionally, the hospitality and leisure sectors are among the most in-demand job sectors because San Antonio is considered a destination city. Just the hotels in the city bring in over a billion dollars of revenue each year to San Antonio. Other important sectors also include:
  • construction
  • trade
  • manufacturing
  • utilities and transportation
  • education and health services
  • mining and logging
  • and lastly, the information industry

Real estate market in San Antonio

A majority of San Antonians own a home. According to the latest data, about 46% of residents are renters, while the rest enjoy owning their own homes. As we mentioned, Texas has a strong economy. With an affordable cost of living, high-paying jobs in tech, and more than affordable homes, it is no surprise that the San Antonio real estate market is perfect for investing or getting on the homeowner ladder. For newcomers, information on the median home price and rents is usually the deciding factor when choosing between San Antonio neighborhoods. So let's go over some general real estate statistics in San Antonio. The median home sale price in November 2022 in San Antonio was $280 thousand, an increase of 3,7% compared to last year. The market is not as competitive as in bigger cities in Texas, as the average home stays on the market for around 25 days. Not only that, but homes sell, on average, for less than the asking price. Of course, this isn't true for all San Antonio neighborhoods. Where you live can greatly impact your overall living costs. So, let's go over the most important part of this San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers.

Best San Antonio neighborhoods for newcomers

Before hiring long distance movers San Antonio you should do your own research. Reading this guide to San Antonio neighborhoods for newcomers is a good first step. However, the important aspect you should pay attention to is how close you will live to your work or your kid's schools. Of course, include all your family members in this decision before deciding where to move. You can change neighborhoods if you realize that the one you're currently living in doesn't suit you. But first, let's start with the most popular neighborhood in San Antonio - downtown.
Bulidings under cloudy sky at sunset
Downtown San Antonio is the most popular neighborhood
As we said, San Antonio is not a small city. It has over 170 neighborhoods, and as you can imagine, the life in each varies greatly. As with almost any city, Downtown San Antonio is one of the most preferred neighborhoods because of the amenities and low crime rate. Of course, that comes at a price because Downtown San Antonio has the most expensive real estate. However, this hasn't stopped people to contact movers San Antonio and choose Downtown as their home. This neighborhood has more renters than homeowners. Over 70% of people living in Downtown San Antonio rent their homes, and only 30% are owners. That is because it is one of the most expensive San Antonio neighborhoods, especially for newcomers reading this guide. However, it is also the most walkable neighborhood.

Affordable neighborhoods

Since San Antonio has a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, it's understandable that not all of them are affordable. In terms of rent and home costs, some neighborhoods are more affordable than others. For example, downtown San Antonio may be the most popular choice of living. However, it covers a small area, and that popularity has made it very expensive to live in. Beacon Hill, Leon Valley, and Five Points are this San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers to the best affordable places to move to in 2022. Beacon Hill has traditional victorian homes and has a quant suburban charm to it. It is a neighborhood conservation district with a community garden, many public art installations, and a neighborhood linear park, making it perfect for younger professionals and art enthusiasts. Being one of the older neighborhoods, Beacon Hill's history is one of the most fascinating ones. Leon Valley is one of the most affordable neighborhoods, with an average home price of $174 300 and an average rent of around $900. It is not as perfect for young families because the crime rate is slightly higher than in other neighborhoods. However, it is still a great place to live in San Antonio.

Best San Antonio neighborhoods for families

If you are moving with your family, you have a lot more to consider when choosing a place to live. Hiring piano movers San Antonio TX , will seem easy compared to trying to find a neighborhood that fits all your family needs. However, San Antonio is not like that. Overall it is a great city for families, especially young ones with kids. Terrel Hills is a great San Antonio neighborhood if you want to settle down. It is safer than over half of the neighborhoods in San Antonio. Not only that but it is also affordable. Oak Park Northwood is another great neighborhood for families because of its affordability and location. Oak Park Northwood is also home to the best schools in San Antonio. It combines big city living with all the amenities and a suburban sense of community.

Best San Antonio neighborhoods for young professionals

Working in San Antonio is amazing. The affordability of life in general and the many options for spending your leisure time makes it perfect for any young professional. However, choosing a neighborhood can always be tricky. Packing services San Antonio are the best way to make the move less stressful in your already busy life after choosing the best place to live in San Antonio. The easiest way to choose a San Antonio neighborhood if you are a young professional is to simply find a neighborhood near your job or on an easy transportation route. The neighborhood that almost always fits that description is downtown San Antonio. However, since it's not as affordable for many people, let's go over some more affordable options.
Areal view of a highway loop
Being close to two major highways is one of the best aspects of living in Heritage
One of the more affordable neighborhoods in San Antonio is Lavaca. The median rents are around $820. People prefer Lavaca because it is close to Hemisfair Park, with many local events and trails. We must admit that it is affordable however if affordability is one major concern, Lavaca is the best recommendation of this San Antonio neighborhoods guides for newcomers. The most affordable neighborhood in San Antonio is, without a doubt, Heritage. The average rent in Heritage is the lowest in all of San Antonio. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $500. Heritage is a great place for young professionals. The yards are well-kept, and the neighborhood is overall walkable. And the most important thing, it is close to both 410 and 1604 highways. That makes getting around the city much more easily, which is always important for young professionals.

Final takeaway

San Antonio is a big and diverse city. With a great economy and great employment opportunities, it makes for a great place to live. If you are considering moving there, we are sure it will be one of the best decisions in your life. Hopefully, choosing the best neighborhood for you is easier now that you have read our San Antonio neighborhoods guide for newcomers. Now all that's left is to wish you a happy relocation and have fun moving to one of the best cities in Texas.


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