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What should you know about the pick-up and delivery dates?

This is your nightmare scenario: you have come to your new home, but something is missing. You remembered that you brought a family pet, so it’s not that. When you are looking for a place where you can sit and think about it, it hits you; what's missing is your stuff! Here’s a closer look at what to expect when your moving company in Texas provides you with a set of pick-up and delivery dates, also known as the delivery window. You have to use it to your advantage in order to receive your belongings in time. And here is what you need to know about that.

Your time window of pick-up and delivery dates

Be open with your moving company about your expectations regarding the moving dates, which depend on many factors. The closing date of your home, your travel time, and when you will gain possession of your new residence. This is the detailed information that you can discuss with your moving company in the early stages of planning your pick-up and delivery dates. Based on all these facts, the company should provide you with a delivery date estimate.
empty boxes on the table
Relocation is a demanding process that takes up a lot of time and energy and requires smart planning
After the delivery window is scheduled, you are required to take your shipment within this time period. You must be available, or if you cannot be there, someone needs to be in your place to take delivery. You should carefully examine your documents to find the delivery date. Some companies may not give this information for a long time, sometimes up to 30 days. It’s a long time without your things.

How does a moving company give you an estimated delivery window?

Your moving company will consider a number of factors when they give you the pick-up and delivery dates:
  • the size of your cargo
  • the number of days of travel that they need to get to a new location
  •  other pick-ups or deliveries on the route
  • season

Factors that determine the delivery window

Keep in mind that a driver can usually go from four to five hundred miles a day. You can also expect that the company will need to provide reasonable dispatch to ensure the safety of the moving crew and your goods. Depending on the distance, and the time of year, your delivery window can vary from one day to several days. For example, shipping 500 miles or less will probably take only one day of travel included in the delivery window. Shipment for 1,000 miles will require a two-day trip. And an extra day is likely to be added for every additional 500 miles. Usually, in addition to the days of travel, the mover will add another day or two to provide unforeseen problems, such as bad weather or mechanical problems.
a mover taking an inventory
A moving company will provide you with pick-up and delivery dates and an inventory of your shipment
The size of your shipment also affects the delivery date. If your shipment can fill up the entire truck, then the movers will drive straight to your new address. However, if you have a small shipment, the company will fill the truck with other various shipments and deliver them to numerous addresses, so it will take longer for your shipment to arrive. Seasonal problems can also add days to the delivery window. In the busiest summer months, the window can be much wider as a result of the large demand for movers. Each moving company will have its own method of determining this delivery window. You need to understand this delivery window and how your moving company will determine it before you commit to any mover.
Some movers will be able to adapt to your needs; others may not have such flexibility. Therefore, choosing one of the best moving companies San Antonio offers should be your utmost priority.

So which company will be more flexible?

For long distances, large van lines can sometimes move faster because they have more loads to work on. Typically, the movers wait until they are fully loaded in a specific area or along the route before sending the truck. On the other hand, a small company may be better for shorter distances based on the same logic. They have fewer moves to perform, so they can more easily meet your needs on specific dates. And sometimes for less money than a larger company. If you have bulky possessions, such as a piano, remember to hire a company that already deals with similar shipments, such as the best piano movers San Antonio TX offers. You should express your personal need for a specific delivery date in the early stages of your conversation with the moving company. And you should be satisfied that you can work in the date window that your mover offers. Usually, a mover will be able to tell you when they plan to deliver on the date of loading your cargo since they are probably planning a trip at that moment. Usually, they can give you a more specific time frame as it approaches. However, the delivery window that they give you in the assessment in writing is their legal obligation to deliver. If they fail to do so that will result in a delayed shipment. The last date of the spread is the date they should deliver before they get the fine. Whether by the company’s policy to reimburse you for accommodation and meals, or some other monetary penalty. Each company must have a predefined way to cope with the inability to meet the required pick-up and delivery dates. And you must know it in advance.

What is your role in the process?

You are obligated to accept your shipment within the time frame the company provided or have someone you trust accept it instead of you. However, your presence is crucial because as the shipment is being unloaded you get to overlook the process and check if something is missing or damaged. Double-check the inventory list and make sure you have your own copy. Keep all the documents regarding your shipment on you, instead of packing them with other belongings. Should you need any other moving-related assistance, such as packing, make sure to hire the best packing services San Antonio. During the process of planning your relocation, you should get as much information as possible on pick-up and delivery dates and all the additional information pertaining to this topic. Each moving company has its own way of determining a delivery window, so you should determine which company would suit you best on the basis of the timeline they provide you with.

Moving without delivery windows

If you know that you cannot make yourself available during the intended delivery, there are other options. One of them is for your goods to be delivered to the moving company storage at the destination. This will be a good option if you do not immediately go to a new location. Or if your house is not available immediately.
a mover labelling boxes
Professional and reliable movers will make sure your belongings reach your address safely
Once your shipment has arrived, you can schedule a specific delivery date from the storage. However, this will add to your moving cost. The cost of delivery will be the biggest factor and can significantly increase the cost. Another option that many people choose is to have their shipment delivered to a self-storage. Thus, you can hire a local company to move items from the mini storage to your house on a certain date. Or you can rent a moving van and independently control the last move. If you are not sure which company to hire, try the services of the best local movers San Antonio offers. Some moving companies offer guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates for which you are expected to pay a premium. Although not all moving companies can offer this, it’s worthwhile to ask your moving company about this delivery option. Ask them about the availability and cost if you have special requirements for the pick-up and delivery dates for your goods. Most movers will do their best to meet your delivery needs. Nevertheless, it is always sensible to be fully informed about all the possibilities. And make sure that the moving company clearly understands both your personal needs and expectations. To keep yourself further informed on the topic of moving, check out your rights and responsibilities during the relocation process. With the right information and a reliable moving company, your relocation process will go seamlessly.


Relocation is always a stressful and exhausting process. It consists of numerous tasks that are demanding and time-consuming. Making an inventory, buying packing supplies, packing your boxes, and figuring out the transportation and logistics, are all vital parts of a moving process that take up a lot of your time and energy. Therefore, hiring a professional moving company to conduct your relocation is the right thing to do. However, moving consumers often have unrealistic expectations that they can determine a specific day for direct delivery of their goods on a long-distance move. The reality is that the company will give you a window of possible dates. Use pick-up and delivery dates to your advantage.


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