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South Austin vs North Austin: the final round-up

Austin is the capital of Texas and the 10th most populous city in the USA. Austin is in Travis County and has around 1 000 000 residents. It's a medium-sized town known for its beautiful nature, with the Colorado River being one of the most visited natural tourist attractions. This city is a perfect option for those who enjoy urban life and beautiful nature. If you decide to move to Austin, you might wonder which part to choose. The most popular parts are South and North Austin. If you are unsure which one to choose, we made a South Austin vs North Austin comparison. Therefore, movers South Austin will help you select the option that suits you the best!

South Austin vs North Austin

Before moving and hiring moving companies Austin, one has to choose where to move. It's the best lookup many things when choosing where to move. For example, look up crime rate, unemployment, demographics, monthly costs, educational institutions, job offers, etc. That goes when choosing a part of a specific town as well. South and North Austin are beautiful parts of Austin, with slight differences. These differences might be crucial when choosing where to move.
Tall buildings
You should compare South Austin vs North Austin before moving.

South Austin- "old part of the town"

South Austin is a part of Austin that confines the East, Central, West, Southeast, and Southwest parts. This part has around 100 000 residents. Its mostly known as "Old Austin" due to its old shops, buildings, and vintage stores. Most of the Austins residents work in the private sector, and about 10% are self-employed. The average household income is circa 80 000$ per year. The unemployment is circa 4%, and most of the residents of South Austin work in construction, hospitality, and health care. About 30% of residents have graduated college, and only 8% have dropped out of high school. Interestingly, South Austin is inhabited by families, but only 25% of residents have kids. About 50% are never married, and about 30% are married. South Austin has many restaurants, schools, parks, and art galleries. As for schools, it has 9. elementary, 2. middle, and 2. high schools. Zilker Park, Bauerle Ranch Park, and Mary Moore Searight Park are the most famous recreational spots in Austin. South First Street is the most famous street in South Austin. It's a famous tourist spot, with many beautiful vintage shops. As for nightlife and dining, the best places are:
  • Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.
  •  Saxon Pub
  • Moontower Saloon
  • Patika
  • Old Duck

Living costs

As for living costs, South Austin vs North Austin are pretty similar. Monthly housing costs go from 1500-2500$. Utilities for one month go up to 150$ per person. Moreover, the transportation is cheaper than in the rest of the USA, with a monthly ticket being 50$. Personal care products are not that expensive, but healthcare is. Entertainment is affordable, with the dinner for two being 50$ and a cocktail in a bar being 5$. If you decide to move to South Austin, using moving services Austin Texas is the best option.
A restaurant
The entertainment business is very developed in South Austin.

North Austin

North Austin is another part of Austin that confines the Central, Northeast, and Northwest parts. It's a way smaller part of Austin, with circa 30 000 residents. It has unemployment of 4 %, which is lower than average in the USA. About 10% percent of residents are self-employed, and 70% work in the private sector. Same as in South Austin, residents of North Austin work in retail, hospitality, and health care. About 70% of residents do not have kids, and the average household income is circa 78 000 $ per year. As for demographics, about 40% of residents have never married, and about 40% are married. Also, around 40% of North Austins residents have graduated college, and only 8% have never graduated from high school. Austin has 7. elementary, 1. middle, and 2. high schools. It also has 2. hospitals which are one more than South Austin. As for nature, the three biggest parks are Quarry Field, St. Edwards Park, and Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. The Arboretum and The Domain are the two biggest shopping centers, with many luxurious shops. As for entertainment and nightlife, North Austin has many options. Some examples are:
  • Z’Tejas
  • Veracruz All Natural 
  • Garbo’s
  •  Thai Kun
  • Second Bar + Kitchen

Living costs

Nort Austin has a lower living cost for almost anything. Housing is 20% lower than in Austin, and groceries, utilities, and personal hygiene products are lower as well. Housing prices go from 1000 to 2000$ per month. Monthly utilities are circa 150$ per person. The price of groceries is similar to the ones in South Austin. It takes about 35-40$ per week for one person. Transportation is also cheap, with gas being a little higher than in South Austin. Entertainment and eating out are moderate, with a nice meal for two being about 50$. Personal hygiene products are also affordable. However, healthcare is still expensive, and one short visit to doctors can cost you up to 100$. If you opt for moving here, hiring local movers is a must.
Bank notes
Living in North Austin is more affordable than living in South Austin.

What to choose- South or North Austin

South Austin is a bigger part, full of nature and developing businesses. However, it still has its old charm, which can mostly be seen in the main street. Therefore, South Austin combines both nature and urban areas. Living costs are mild, and unemployment and crime rates are low as well. North Austin is a smaller and more crowded area. It also has beautiful nature and urban parts. Living costs are pretty mild, and unemployment is mild as well.  The only difference between these cities is that South Austin has more elementary and middle schools. However, North Austin has one more hospital, which can be a lifesaver in some situations. Both parts have good transportation systems, many job offers, and good educational systems. Depending on what you need, you should choose between South Austin vs North Austin. But, whatever option you choose, you will make the right choice by moving to Austin. Therefore, we wish you a stroke of good luck and a nice move!


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