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Steps to successfully packing your dining room

The dining room is one of the least frequented rooms in the house. Therefore, it's a good area to start packing for your forthcoming move. Packing your dining room first will remove some of the bulkiest pieces of furniture out of the way, giving you more room to maneuver and store your boxes while packing the rest of the house. It's not a very difficult room to pack, but your movers South Austin will need to take additional care with this furniture. Continue reading to learn about successfully packing your dining room chairs, tables, and other items.

First - declutter

According to pros who provide moving services Austin Texas, Texas, decluttering is usually the best method to begin packing. Examine every drawer and space in your buffet, hutch, and sideboard, as well as every shelf in your china cabinet, to see what you'll keep, donate, or sell, and what you'll throw. If you're downsizing, you might want to get rid of some larger pieces of furniture, such as your dining room set.
Woman carrying boxes
Decluttering is crucial for successfully packing your dining room

Pack fragile items with care

You can then go on to your breakable objects, such as any fine china or crystal stemware in your dining room, once you've decluttered. This keeps these fragile and important items out of the way and out of harm's way while you finish packing up the remainder of the space.


  • Pre-sectioned boxes are great for cups. Wrap each cup with two layers of clean paper or packing paper, then a sheet of newspaper as a protective covering. Place each cup upside down in your sectioned, cup divider box, handles facing the same direction, and finish with a layer of padding at the top.

Silver & Flatware

  • Cover your silver and flatware with plastic wrap, then add a protective layer of newspaper and secure with tape to prevent tarnish and rust. Individual items or collections of items can be wrapped.
  • If your silver and flatware will be stored in a chest, add protective padding to guarantee that the wrapped objects do not move during transportation. To protect the finish, drape a huge bath towel over the chest.
  • Wrap silver bowls, serving dishes, and tea sets in clean paper one at a time. Cover the outer layer with newspaper and carefully place it in the box.

Pack China & Glassware

Keepsakes such as fine china and crystal glassware are priceless. It's crucial to pack things carefully for transfer during a relocation using the top moving companies Austin has to offer. When it comes to packing your china and glassware, original packaging is ideal, but if that isn't a possibility, these easy tips will help you protect your valuables during your move.
  • Each piece of china should be wrapped separately. Cover your china with a layer of bubble wrap or foam, then a sheet of clean paper or packing paper for added protection. Begin wrapping each piece diagonally from the corner of the paper, folding overlapping corners until the entire piece is covered. Finish with two layers of newspaper for an extra layer of protection.
  • To prevent movement and shifting during transit, stuff the box with a lot of padded cushions and crushed packing paper.
  • Label your box Dining Room and FRAGILE-TOP SIDE UP for an ordered inventory.
set up table
Individually wrap each piece of china and glassware

Flat china & flat glassware

Cartons are ideal for packing flat china and glassware. Individually wrap each piece of china and glassware. Separate each item with a piece of bubble wrap or foam, then a piece of clean paper or packing paper.
  • Fill your container with a layer of cushioning and pack it according to weight and size. Put your heaviest and largest china and glassware, such as trays and dishes, near the bottom of the carton. Lighter things should be placed at the top.
  • Three pieces of wrapped china or glassware should be bundled together and covered with a double layer of newspaper. Place each wrapped group in its own carton, with cardboard split rows separating the stacks.

Dining room furniture should be treated with extra care for successfully packing your dining room

Experts from moving companies Texas can confirm that even the most simple dining room sets require significant care to avoid scratches and damage. These fundamental packing tips for dining room furniture might assist you in getting started:
  • Empty all drawers and compartments, then tape drawers and doors shut to prevent them from opening during transport. Tape should not be applied directly to wood or glass. Tape can scratch the surface, create a sticky residue, and scrape paint.
  • Dismantle what you can. It's easier to carry and fit chairs and tables on your moving truck if they're disassembled. Take pictures of your dining room furniture as you deconstruct it to assist you remember how to reconstruct it in your new house.
  • Before you pack, take pictures from every aspect. In addition to assisting with reassembling furniture, images serve as proof of condition in the event that your belongings are damaged during transit and you need to file a claim with your moving insurance.
  • If you're moving a chandelier, it's better to have it packed by a moving company or a shipping agency. They are experts who will know how to detach and pack this delicate and frequently precious item properly.

Dining room table

Your dining room table will most likely be the biggest piece of furniture in your dining room. If your dining room table can be dismantled, it's advisable to do so because it'll be easier to move and less likely to be damaged. Take all of the table's screws, nuts, and bolts and place them in a plastic bag to keep them together, then tape the bag to the table so it doesn't go misplaced. To protect the table surface, wrap it in moving pads. If it's made of glass, wrap it in bubble wrap first, then place the moving pads on top of that. It might also be a good idea to protect the table's corners with cardboard. You should use furniture pads, towels, or other materials to wrap table leaves. If possible, remove the legs and wrap them individually. To transfer them, secure them to the bottom of your tabletop. Corner protectors or corrugated cardboard can be used to protect table corners.
dining room table
A dining room table is the biggest piece of furniture in a dining room


  • Remove the legs from the chair. You should store nuts, screws, and bolts in a sealed bag attached to the piece from which they were removed.
  • To prevent the wood from getting moisture, wrap legs in packing paper or bubble wrap before shrinking.
  • Protect any extensions, bars, or rails with padding. Then, before bubble wrapping the chair, wrap it in packing paper.

Final thoughts

When it comes to successfully packing your dining room, there are a range of things to consider ­- some huge and heavy, like furniture, and some light and delicate, like fine china. When packing, make sure that all of these belongings are handled with care so that they survive the move with the top moving companies Austin has to offer. We hope that our dining room packing suggestions will assist you in making your next move a huge success.


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