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The best room by room packing guide for your Texas move

For some people, moving can be an exhausting job. You have to find and hire reliable movers, and you need to organize and pack everything, etc. Packing your belongings is the most time-consuming part of the relocation, especially if you have many belongings. As for packing, you can hire Evolution Moving Company or do it yourself. If you opt to do it yourself, you will need some plan or guide. Therefore, we give you the best room by room packing guide for your Texas move!

The best room by room packing guide for your Texas move

Packing everything for the relocation to Texas can be extremely hard if you do not have any plan or guide. Or a specific technique. Some people can do it by themself, and some need professional help. If you really end up struggling, you can always hire packing services New Braunfels. However, if you want to do it on your own, here are some useful tips. Some people pack by dividing essential and non-essential items. However, the best option for packing is to pack room by room. By packing this way, you are making sure to remember everything and are saving your time and energy. The best way to pack is to start and finish one room and then pack other rooms. Of course, you do not need to pack one room at once, and it is advisable to take breaks. The rooms you need to pack are:
  1. Bedrooms
  2. Bathroom
  3. Kitchen
  4. Living room
  5. Attic
A kitchen shelf
Packing room by room will help you save time and energy.

Packing your bedrooms

When packing your clothes, feel free to leave things on hangers. If you are in a rush, leave everything off the hangers and fold it. The clothes that are already folded can be packed into cardboard boxes, and the ones on hangers can go in a trash bag. No, you are not throwing them away; it is just the easy thing to do. If you do not want to use many boxes, you can use your purses, backpacks, shopping bags, and suitcases as packing supplies. That way, you are saving space since you will be packing 2. things at the same time. For accessories and underwear, use one big box. If you are moving with your children, you need to label boxes or alternative packing supplies not to mix them up when packing. Next, pack lamps, books, beddings, toys, etc. Wrap fragile things in bubble wrap, cloth, or newspapers, and then put everything into boxes. Be careful when packing books, especially if they are your children's books. Wrapping them with bubble wrap and wrapping paper will protect them from possible damage. As for beds and worktables, if they are assembled, you can disassemble them and relocate them individually. However, since beds, the closet, and all the other furniture is bulky, your best option might be to hire packing service Austin to pack them and move them to a moving truck.

Packing essentials

Apart from packing up all the rooms, make sure to pack an essentials bag and keep it handy on moving day. These are mostly clothes you will be using for a couple of days, your beddings, personal belongings such as phone, laptop, wallet, toothbrush, makeup, personal documents, etc. These things should be close to you 24/7. Make sure to choose the things you really need in everyday life, since packing and bringing many things can be exhausting, especially if you are moving long distance. Another great tip is to hold your small valuables close to you 24/7. If you fear your bigger valuables might get damaged during long relocations, it is best to put them in short-term storage.
A room by room packing guide for your Texas move with family
Moving can be an exhausting job. Therefore, do not forget to relax every once in a while.

Packing bathroom

The bathroom is full of toiletries which can be tricky to pack. If you do not pack them properly, toiletries can make a mess. The last thing you need is to get your belongings covered in shampoo. So, to prevent that from happening, pack all the liquids into plastic bags and then into one big box. Then, separate that box and make sure they are not crushed. Moreover, put them far from heat and sun, especially if you have flammable liquids. The next thing to pack is your electronics. Pack them in their original boxes if you still have them. Also, you might want to wrap these up before packing them. As for bigger electronics such as washing and drying machines, it is best to let packing services New Braunfels handle them. If you are moving long-distance, putting them in storage until you figure everything out is a great option.

Room by room packing guide for your Texas move- bathroom appliances

Are you one of those people who keep their hairdryers in the bathroom? Well, it is time to pack it up along with all the other small electronics. Of course, the obvious thing to do is pack your electronics into their original boxes. However, if you do not have the original packaging, you can use regular cardboard boxes. Just make sure that you do not use boxes that are too big – do not leave space for your electronics to fly around the box. Also, you might want to wrap these up before packing them. Other things you need to pack are bathroom shelves, mirrors, toothbrush holders, laundry baskets, etc. As for towels, pack them into moving boxes or into suitcases and bags. Treat towels like you would bedding and clothes. Also, you can put them and your toiletries in your laundry basket. That way, you are saving time and space.
Packing supplies
A room by room packing guide for your Texas move suggests using bubble wrap for delicate items such as plates, glasses, mirrors, etc.

Packing your kitchen

The next room on the room by room packing guide for your Texas move is the kitchen. Firstly, be careful when packing glasses and plates. As you know, these things are incredibly fragile, and the last thing you want is for them to break into the moving truck. So, when packing the kitchen, pay extra attention to these items. Wrap them up in a bubble pack, newspapers, or towels before putting them in a box. You can even line the box with a bubble pack for extra protection. Categorize cutlery before packing them and wrap them up, as well. You do not need your other belongings damaged by a set of knives.

Room by room packing guide for your Texas move- kitchen appliances

Clean your fridge, oven, and coolers before packing them. Dispose of any perishable food and clear out your fridge. Do not worry - you do not have to throw all the food out. You can take cans and boxed food along with you. If there is some food left, pack it in plastic containers. When packing spices, it is best to put them in plastic containers and seal them shut with wrapping tape. That way, they will not open and spill out. You pack kitchen appliances, pots, and pans and put them in their original boxes. It is best to pack them in their original box or a cardboard box of a similar size. When packing smaller appliances, remove their sharp blades. Then, tie the cord and wrap the appliances. Pack cookbooks of the same size in a box together. Careful, though! Do not over-pack cardboard boxes and risk tearing them. As for dining tables and chairs, the best way to pack them is by tying them together and letting professionals deal with them.

Packing living room

The living room is the last room to pack. The best thing when packing TV is to let packing services San Antonio take care of it. TV is delicate and expensive, and professionals will take care of it. In case you want to do it alone, pack it in its original box and wrap it up nicely. Make sure the TV is protected from possible damages. And when it comes to packing any other electronics in the living room, treat them the same way. You can ask your residential movers to help you with your couches, sofas, glass coffee tables, etc. As for the furnace, put them all in one big box. You can use soft fabric to wrap lamps, photographs, candles, etc. You can wrap lampshades in tissue paper and pack them in a box separately from anything else. When packing CDs, tapes or records, put them in their cases and then stand them in a box. Protect them with some paper and label the box ''fragile''. Do not forget to check your shelves and cupboards to make sure you have packed everything. The last thing to pack is rugs. Roll them and ask professionals to move them if they are too heavy.
Two women following a room by room packing guide for their move
Do not lift heavy items and let professionals take care of them.

Packing your attic

The additional part of the room by room packing guide for your Texas move is the attic. If you have an attic, you probably use it to store your belongings. They are probably already packed, which makes your job much easier. All you need to do is check everything once more, declutter if you do not need something anymore, and seal shut the boxes. If your belongings are not in boxes, declutter and then pack them with your packing supplies. Do not forget to label boxes since that will help you distinguish them. After that, all you need to do is let your movers San Antonio transport your boxes into a moving truck. Since some people use the attic for storing their valuables, consider taking a picture of everything valuable before handing it to movers. That way, you will have proof if something unfortunate happens to your valuables. If you are afraid of them getting damaged, you can always insure them.

The best packing guide for your Texas move- conclusion

To summarize, a room by room packing guide for your Texas move suggests packing bedrooms first. After that, pack the bathroom and kitchen since they are similar. In the end, pack your living room and additional rooms such as the attic. After you pack everything, check each room once more to check whether you forgot something. Good luck, and we wish you a nice relocation! Welcome to Texas!  


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