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No matter how big or small a moving truck is, it’s important to prepare the inventory before loading it inside. The moving day can be a complicated process, so handling inventory the right way is something you should plan ahead. There are rules of loading a moving truck, and they exist for a reason. Wrong placement of items inside of it can cause friction, damage, or even loss of some inventory. In order to avoid this, you will need to assess your inventory and make a plan. For example, items like furniture, large mirrors, and other bulky items will need to be secured by quality packing supplies. Also, these items should be loaded first, since it will help you distribute the weight inside the vehicle. Before you hire the best moving company Texas has to provide, take a look at the following guide. It might help you prepare for loading your inventory without any complications.

Rules of loading a moving truck - planning the process

If you are moving to Fort Worth and plan to rent a moving truck, you might need at least one other pair of hands. Loading heavy furniture and other bulky items is usually a two-person job. If you don’t have a family member or a friend who can help, hiring professional movers will be a great idea. The first step in making a plan for loading inventory is to delegate tasks and calculate who is going to handle every part of the process. After this, you should come up with a plan and the right order of loading the truck.
boxes inside the moving truck
It's important to distribute the weight evenly inside the moving truck.
When it comes to the rules of loading a moving truck, they are there for a good reason. If you don’t plan this process the right way, you might damage your inventory during transportation or end up getting injured during the process.

Use the right packing supplies

Since the packing process can take a lot of time during the move, it’s important to get the right type and amount of these supplies. First, you should assess your inventory and make a packing plan. Second, if you don’t plan to hire professional packers, you should make sure to safely pack each one of your belongings. For example, fragile items might require double-packing, while furniture pieces will need to be secured with styrofoam corners. Packing inventory the right way will help you load the moving truck with ease and avoid any potential damage.

Load bulky items first

When it comes to the most important rules of loading a moving truck, this is the one you should remember for sure. After you pack and prepare all the bulky furniture for moving, you should load it inside the truck first. There are two reasons why this is important to do. First, loading items like furniture and carpet rolls will help you organize the space inside the truck. Since these items will take the most space, you will have an easier time placing smaller items on top of them.
red moving truck
When loading heavy furniture pieces, you will need to use special moving equipment.
While loading bulky inventory, you should try to avoid furniture moving mistakes. If you try to load them inside the truck without any help, you might risk injuring your back. Make sure to have a friend or a family member to assist in case you don’t have professional moving assistance.

Double-pack fragile items

Once all the big furniture pieces are inside the moving truck, you should start bringing in smaller items. However, some of them might be too fragile to just place on top of the other inventory. One of the most important rules of loading a moving truck is to double-pack and secure all fragile items. Pieces made out of glass, dishes, mirrors, artwork, and antiques are easy to damage if not packed properly. This is why you should make sure to pack them in bubble wrap and then place it inside the moving box. Try to fill the remaining space inside the box so your belongings cannot move during transportation. 

Distribute the weight inside the truck

There are two reasons why you should do this. First, the truck will be much stable if there the weight is evenly distributed. Second - you will avoid any friction or moving of the inventory during transportation. You can achieve this by placing larger items on the bottom of the truck and then put smaller items in between or on top of them.

Use additional moving equipment

Rules of loading a moving truck are there to keep you safe and secure your inventory during the moving day. In order to avoid possible moving injuries, you should prepare additional moving equipment for this process. When moving heavy inventory, you will need to use moving dollies, straps, and blankets. Not only will it help you load the moving truck way more easily, but it will also prevent items from falling, damaging, or breaking. If you don’t have these pieces of equipment, you should consider hiring professional movers. They will handle this process efficiently and save you a lot of time and energy. All you have to do is look for the best moving quotes New Braunfels has to offer and choose a company that fits your needs.
moving truck on the road
If you don't have someone to help during the moving day, it's better to hire professional moving assistance.

How to avoid troubles on a moving day?

If you plan your moving day the right way and take one step at a time, you should be able to avoid some complications. The night before the moving day, you should make sure to get enough sleep and prepare some snacks and refreshments for the moving day. Also, don’t forget to pack your personal belongings and valuables so you don’t lose them during the move.


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