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When the school year starts, a huge number of students move into the dorms and apartments. For many of them, this is the first time moving and they need some help. Moving to the dorm is not always easy since there are all kinds of new experiences and not too much time. You should think about the whole process of moving into a dorm before the moving day approaches, and inform yourself on all the things you should, or shouldn't do. There is no need to worry, dorm life is the best period in life for many people, and you will most definitely do great.

What should you do?

There are many things you can do to make moving to a dorm easier. Some of these things are:
  • Get to know your new building rules
  • Declutter before packing for moving to a dorm
  • Label
  • Get a moving and packing service
  • Get the loose change
  • Ask for discounts
moving to a dorm- a man sitting on the bed
Moving to dorm will be great, just make it easier by informing yourself

Make sure you know what is ok to do

Before moving into your dorm, read the contract and make sure you know what are forbidden things to do in it. Take a look at the time frames when people are resting and stuff like that so you can blend in with no problem. Some buildings have items that are prohibited to take inside, so make sure you know what those items are. You will save time by not packing prohibited items.

Purge before the packing starts

Go through your belongings before you start packing and declutter. Pack only the things you know you will use. The move will be faster and cheaper if you only take what you need with you. Never pack things you just might need, only the necessary ones should go. Packing service is a great thing if you can afford it before moving to a dorm.

Labeling is important

Making sure that you packed everything you need is much easier if you pack and than label every box. It will make the unpacking process much easier as well. Use labels or color-coding system to make sure everything is packed well.

Should you get a moving company?

One thing is certain- getting a moving company will make the entire process much easier. Make sure that you get only the best moving company so you can have a stress-free relocation.
moving to a dorm- a moving truck
Getting a moving company will make the move much easier for you

Get some change

Dorms usually have many vending machines, and you will need coins to use them. Get the coins before the moving starts. It is easier to do it as soon as possible.

Discounts in many places

Your student card can get you discounts in many places, so you should ask for them. Many places, like restaurants, will give discounts to the new students. These discounts are not huge, but every little count. Moving to a dorm can be a great experience, and it will be much better if you inform yourself of all the things you should do before you move. Student life is great, and it will be much better if you are prepared.


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