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    Hiring Moving Experts - November 16, 2019

    Regardless of their professionality, there are always things that professional movers will not move. If you have not informed about that before, it could be a non-pleasant and stressful situation. It is the reason why you should ask movers San Antonio about these things earlier. They surely have reason to avoid to move some types of stuff.

    • Professional movers will not move things that are dangerous in any circumstance, like explosives and acid;
    • There is a regulation that permits carrying and running of the things that are not safe for moving;
    • Movers should follow the law, and it depends on the country where you are planning to move;
    • Many companies do not want to take a risk and move valuable things – it is much better to organize it on your own;
    • Fragile and sensitive items will never be in a moving truck, at least not without preparation and protection.

    However, many moving companies will warn you on time about their limitations. You will find it on the contract, too. If you have things that movers will not move, you should organize moving alone. In most cases, they could recommend a company that can help you with that.

    Plant in soil that are one of the things that professional movers will not move
    The soil could be infected by bacteria so law forbids moving of them

    Professional movers will not move things that they cannot protect

    In cases when movers cannot promise that your items will be protected, they will reject to move them. It is much easier and safer than making a mistake or even worse. Of course, the company will inform you of which things they cannot take care of. Do not hesitate to ask before you make a contract.

    Movers usually do not move plants

    There are numerous reasons why movers will not move plants. In most cases, small animals and bacteria could infect the soil, so transport them to another part of the country. There is a law that forbids moving of the plants for more than 150 miles. Before proceeding, ask about it, or your moving to Dallas could end badly.

    Pets are also on the list of forbidden stuff

    It is not usual to organize the moving of the pets, separately from the owner. Moving companies will not take that task efficiently. They are sensitive and small and demand a particular behavior of the person who is with them. Even residential movers New Braunfels will not receive a risk. The best is to take your pet with you.

    Perishable items

    It is for sure that a moving company will concern your perishable food or liquid as sensitive or even dangerous for moving. In most cases, they will not accept moving of those things. Those are mostly food from the refrigerator that people do not want to leave behind, like frozen food or open cans. In that case, you should take a small cooler with you.

    Safety is on the first or professional movers will not move your stuff

    It is for sure that nobody will take a risk and move things that can harm anybody during moving. Things like explosives or dangerous poison movers will not accept in any circumstance. However, some companies could follow regulations and provide safety and well-protected transport.

    Hazardous materials

    Not only that, they are extremely dangerous for the workers as well for you, but there is also a special law about the carrying of dangerous substances. It is mostly things like aerosol cans or bathroom cleaners. However, the most important is to learn how to dispose of old batteries. You should learn that you cannot leave behind or throw in the trash bag.

    Explosives are on the list of the things that professional movers will not move for a reason

    Things like explosives are hazardous to people. In that case, movers will not even consider transporting them. Not only that, they will not move explosively; there are similar products on that list. It includes ammunition, black powders, and primers. Luckily, some companies have special permits for transporting this stuff.

    Movers will not move weapon for obvious reasons

    Flammable items

    Like we said, everything that is dangerous, you cannot transport with you. Most houses do not have kerosene, charcoal, or lighter fluid, but those who have it cannot take with them when moving. The best is to recycle or leave the places named for that. Just be careful, even a small mistake can cause serious troubles.


    Although they are not particularly dangerous in the short term, some liquids and materials could harm workers or damage other parts in the truck. It is for sure that you should not take nitric acid or muriatic acid with you when moving. Those also include batteries that you should dispose of, as we said above.

    You should dispose of old batteries as law recommends

    Professional movers will not move dangerous stuff, but sometimes they can take a risk

    There are things that movers will not move, but they can organize moving if your material does not represent a danger. In most cases, they have reason to accept jewelry or bulky items. However, they should follow the law and organize moving correctly. Luckily, there is a regulation on how to organize moving of those things, and with permits, they will safely help you.

    Professional movers will not move valuables

    Nobody wants to deal with your valuable things for many reasons. It is not easy to control the transportation the whole time. There are a lot of people that touch things in the truck. Sometimes moving takes longer, or accidents happen on the way. So, moving companies have protected them with this rule. On the list of the valuable things are jewelry, cash, and market stocks. However, many movers will not take your documents, either. It is much better to have those things with you, though.

    Hefty items

    Although companies like piano movers of Texas have specialized moving of heavy things, not every company will accept this job. They need a unique tool and transport vehicles for them. Also, it includes many more workers and possible insurance in case something happens. That is why professional movers will not move heavy items.

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