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Tips for moving cables and electronics

Packing items for moving can be quite complicated. Aside from all the furniture you have, there are miscellaneous items all around the place you must tend to. Some of them are extremely fragile and complicated to handle. Such items are your electronics, cables, and accessories. And today, we will show you how moving cables and electronics is easier than it seems. You will pack and prepare everything for your Texas movers and all they’ll have to do is just load the box into the moving truck. Let's get right to it.

Prepare for packing

When moving cables and electronics you must start with a thorough home inspection. This goes as well for all the appliances in your home. You should firstly take photos of all the cables and the previous setup just to be sure that you are patching it back correctly. Then, note down all units you have on your inventory list and place them in categories. Figure out the way and order you’ll pack them and calculate how many packing materials you need to pack everything. Once you are done with the first step, you can contact your San Antonio TX local movers to provide the basic details so they can calculate further and provide a precise moving quote.

Moving cables and electronics – Create backups for everything

Now, this step is mainly for your laptops and tabletop computers. You must create backups for all your data. We do not have to explain much about why this step is important. In case something gets damaged, lost, or stolen, you will have all your data with you. Use an external hard drive or a flash drive and always keep it with you.
create your data backup when moving cables and electronics
Create your data backup when moving electronics. Just in case.

The best packing solutions for moving cables and electronics

You will easily pack your electronics for moving. But a better question is – what kind of packing materials to use for this occasion? Well, the options are vast but we will make a shortlist for you to get along easier. Check the following:
  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Packing tape.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Labels.
Those are the basic ones and you’ll need small baggies to keep smaller parts inside. You can obtain all of these materials online, at the nearest hardware store, or from your local movers Texas. Figure out what is most convenient for you and purchase everything on time.

Pack your boxes safely

As we already stipulated, when moving cables and electronics the most important stage of the whole process is packing. If you pack and secure your electronics, they will surely reach the other side undamaged. Unless something unforeseen happens on the road. But let’s stick to the packing process and quickly cover the basics. Ok, the first step is to shut down the unit and unplug it from the power source. Remove all cables and detachable pieces and lay them on the flat surface so you can have a nice overview of all the content. Then, clean each piece along with the unit thoroughly. Take an appropriately sized box and place bubble wrap inside or a blanket before you place the unit inside.
cardboard boxes on the floor
Use higher-quality carton boxes to pack your electronics.
Wrap the cords and secure them with the tape and place them inside the box as well. Small pieces should go inside those baggies we mentioned earlier and you should label them adequately. Once everything is inside the box, close it down and apply tape. Label the box with the name of the unit and you are good to go. One more thing, if there are sharp objects or blades on the unit, remove them if possible, wrap them individually and pack separately. Also, if your appliance was holding liquids or chemicals, you must empty it, clean it, and dry it out before packing. But if you simply want to skip the entire packing process, ask your movers, and purchase the packing moving services New Braunfels. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Load the moving truck and hit the road

Such content is extremely fragile and delicate for handling. Your movers know this but if you are the one who is loading the moving truck with your movers, then you must take special care as well. Remember never to drop those boxes on the ground, never to toss them from hand to hand, or to slide them into the truck. You must carry them with caution and load them with care. One small bump can damage your electronics beyond repair. Especial microchips in your computer or hard drives that are extremely fragile. Therefore, you should either let your movers take care of this part or carry these boxes like they are nuclear bombs. Moving cables and electronics is easier than it seems. As you can see, all you need is a good strategy, proper packing materials, and a bit of patience. Moreover, if you find a good moving company, nothing can stop you. Hopefully, you will. Good luck.


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