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While moving can be stressful, it can also be liberating. This is the case when moving with moving companies in Texas to a smaller home. From a house to an apartment, for example. Moving into a smaller home is an excellent opportunity to live in accommodation that truly reflects your image, by keeping the essentials thanks to better-designed and easier-to-maintain spaces. Don't know what to keep? Are you wondering how to keep your comfort despite the fewer square meters? Here is a guide for those who have chosen to live in a smaller setting.

Use the four piles method to help you start downsizing to move to a smaller home

The first thing to do before you start doing anything else is to clean out your closet before moving into a smaller home. First of all, start by distributing your items in four piles. This will save you a considerable amount of time.
A women and a man organizing clothes before moving to a smaller home.
Use four piles system to sort out your clothes.
  • For Sale: As the name suggests, these are items that you will resell online or as part of a garage sale. The money you gain will allow you to buy stuff for your new home.
  • To give to loved ones: the pile of items you want to give to family or friends.
  • To give to charity: many charity organizations will be happy to collect items you no longer want. In every city, you will be able to find them.
  • Disposal: the pile of what you intend to throw away in the trash or the recycling bins.
Use Marie Kondo’s technique to help you make piles. If peace doesn’t spark joy and it doesn’t serve you anymore get rid of it. You will realize how many things you have that you don’t wear and that are only collecting dust in your wardrobe. Once you do this the rest of the downsizing will be easier.

Use a storage unit for things that you can’t bring with you when moving into a smaller home

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, at least one space in your home has likely been allocated for simple storage. Most of the time, this is the case of the garage, the cellar, or the cupboards in the bathroom. Start to declutter these spaces. Use the same method that you used for your clothes. However, if there are still things that you want to keep but won’t fit into your new place, think about renting a storage unit. Your belongings will be in a safe place and they will be accessible any moment you need them.
measuring tape against the wall
Make sure to measure your old furniture before moving to a smaller home.

Organize your move

As with any type of move, it will first be necessary to determine the date and book movers and packers in San Antonio as soon as possible. This will allow you to know the cost of your move and to make decisions later on what will be useful to keep or not. To see more clearly quickly, start with very large objects, furniture, and large appliances. The most important thing to do is to measure. Take the time to measure your new home down to the last detail: room surface, dimensions of openings, ceiling height, etc. Moreover, do not hesitate to make a plan of the premises to help you to better project yourself in your new home. Make sure that your old furniture can fit into your new place. This is an important step before you decide what to keep. Once you measured and saw what things fit, go through each of your rooms, and ask yourself what will be useful in your smaller home. The feelings may come to put their two cents in this stage. We know that your piano has sentimental value but measure it first! Piano movers of Texas can help you relocate it but check if it fits before you hire piano movers. This will prevent you from unnecessarily moving furniture that you will not have the choice to dispose of once there. However, to quickly come to your senses, ask yourself if your chandelier is encumbering you. If this remains too difficult, obtaining the last square meters you need by renting a box will allow you to give yourself extra time to think without sacrificing your budget.

Optimize your space

When you move into a smaller house, optimizing storage becomes important! It would be good to have built-in storage. This is much more functional than our old bulky cabinets. For example, in the kitchen, it would be more practical to have "intelligent" furniture. Their storage has been designed for optimization and good storage ergonomics. Also, you can get beds with storage (drawers, etc.), extendable tables, wall-mounted storage units, coffee tables with movable surfaces, corner storage units, wardrobe organizers, or wall beds. They allow you to save space by combining several functions in a single piece of furniture.
a mirror against the white wall and next to the white cabinet
A mirror will bring more light to your space and make it larger.
Furthermore, there are some tricks that you can use to make your new space look bigger. A large wall mirror will bring more light and enlarge the room. Also, walls entirely painted in white, parquet strips placed parallel to the smallest side of your room, smaller furniture, and open windows will give the same illusion. Do not hesitate to hang plants, or kitchen utensils, this will free up space while providing a decorative touch. However, be careful not to overload the decoration. On the contrary, make sure to create the space with a light and identical decoration. You have to tend to create a subtle and unobtrusive decoration so as not to turn your limited space into a stuffy space. It could make the room smaller.

Moving into a smaller home has its perks

Living in a large apartment or a house means spending a lot of your time cleaning. By moving into a smaller home, you will spend less time in maintenance and cleaning: fewer surfaces to clean, fewer objects to maintain, fewer expenses… You will save time for activities that you may have long put aside! Moreover, you will refocus on the essential!


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