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Tips for negotiating a moving package

You got your dream job - in a completely new city. And you will definitely accept it. At this point, you are tempted to shout: “Yes, I can move around the country as soon as possible. Can we start on Monday?!“ However, as an intelligent person, you know that moving is much more than jumping into a car and blasting ABBA when you drive to your new home. When moving to Texas for a job, one of the main things you should consider is negotiating a moving package. That is why we have compiled this guide for you.

If there is no resettlement policy, negotiate

Making an agreement
In cases where your company does not have a policy for moving employees, you may need to start negotiating a moving package from scratch

What is included in the package? Or better: how much does a good package for relocation cost?

This is necessary to find out realistic transportation costs. Compare availability so your employers are more satisfied with paying fees. Pro-tip: This moving calculator accurately shows how much it will cost to move depending on several factors. Before entering into negotiations, no matter how good a working relationship is, there will be results if you enter into the right negotiation tactics.

Here are 3 tips for negotiating a moving package

1. Speak less

This Washington Post piece claims that there is one piece of advice that is the biggest and most important secret to negotiations: the power of silence. Using silence, you hope the other side speaks (in your favor). Silence not only can transfer power but also implies that a quiet person is another person who is ready to leave the situation. In the end, the one who cares more is the one who is more likely to come to an agreement.

2. Know your numbers (or at least where to get them)

Always be prepared! No matter how silent you are, at some point, you will have to speak. That's why you want to spend time in advance on calculating the cost of moving. Uncertain details will not affect the employer. They will be more impressed and likely to agree if you come with detailed information, rooms and a plan.

3. Do not ask yes or no questions

When tables are turned and you get the chance to ask some questions to your employers, ask open-ended questions. According to the experts, yes or no questions narrow the results. When you ask broadly, this provides an opportunity to work out and tap deeper into emotions. For example, instead of asking “Can I get funds for a truck rental?”, try to formulate the question like this: “I have found 3 companies and their packages. How do you feel about one of these options?”
People shaking hands
This last formulation opens them much better to agree on one thing, and not to throw on a simple "no"

If there is a resettlement policy, still negotiate (only differently):

Sometimes a company already has a policy for moving employees. In this case, when you enter the belly of this beast, remember that moving assistance is part of your benefits package, such as vacation pay and health insurance. Therefore, you must review your employment documentation to find out exactly what your employer is offering and arrange a relocation from there.

First ask: “How much does the package for moving cost?”

Depending on the employer and the specific situation, your moving expenses may be taken into account. This may include:
  • Professional long distance movers Texas
  • Truck rental
  • Moving materials
  • All your new home fees for set up – from the Internet to cable
But there are other factors that need to be communicated with your employer. For example, if you are given only 3 weeks, this is not enough time to sell and move. So, introduce these additional financial details and discuss with the foregoing. Costs include:
  • How much money will you lose on an overlapping mortgage
  • Travel expenses - such as your vehicles, children and any pets
  • Personal relocation costs

What if you have to cover part of the cost?

Depending on your way of negotiating a moving package, you may cover some costs. If so, you will want to explore tax opportunities. Although tax law may not be the most interesting topic, the good news is that there are potential savings. There are three main ways to save:
  • The move is for your first job, a new job, or you are moving to the same company.
  • Moving is at least 50 miles from your own home. (So ​​if your company moves two blocks down the street ... alas, that won't be valid!)
  • At workplaces where you will work for at least 39 weeks in that first year of work (Self-employed? The rules are slightly different. In the first two years you will need to work at least 78 weeks in a new house.)
If you meet these requirements, you can ask for tax deductions for expenses associated with packing and moving, travel expenses for moving to a new house, expenses for moving with close relatives, and even some Texas storage costs.

In the process of corporate relocation, always remember the following

Throughout your experience, remember that this employer wants to transport you because he believes in your skills and talent. Under stress, you already have the strength based on their desire to invite you to your company. Use this to your advantage.
Business man
Keep in mind that they need you more than you need them
Moving for a job is a difficult process since it is something that you did not choose yourself. Or maybe you did, but your children had no idea about that. With all the work with preparing your kids for a long distance move, you do not have time to think about your moving costs. Therefore, the most important part is negotiating a moving package. If you do that part right, you can conduct your move without problems or stress.


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