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If you like your patio furniture, you would like to keep it. And move it to your new home. The patio and lawn furniture can last for years when taken care of. So, if your furniture is still in a good condition, there is no problem moving it. Packing and moving patio furniture is not so hard task. With proper tips and packing material, you can easily DIY. Still, if you are not sure how to do it, ask for help. Residential movers San Antonio TX will make sure that your patio furniture arrives at your new home safely. The same packing tips you can use later on. These tips will help you pack and store your patio furniture during the winter months.

Types of patio furniture

Not all patio furniture is the same. Depending on the material and parts of the furniture, the patio packing will be different.
A beautiful patio with sofa, two chairs, blue cushions, and shades, reassembled after proper packing and moving patio furniture.
When packing and moving patio furniture in the right way, it will safely arrive at your new home.
The most common materials used to make patio tables and chairs are:
  • Wrought iron - is light and can be easily moved around the patio
  • Cast iron - has been popular for patios for years
  • Ipe wood -  a Brazilian hardwood known for its durability and rich color
  • Rattan - very popular for outdoor furniture
  • Shorea hardwood - resembles teak or ipe wood
  • All-Weather Wicker - Synthetic resin
  • Aluminum - durable and gives your patio a modern look
Besides tables and chairs, you can have some other furniture parts on your patio. Some of them are outdoor grill, shades, outdoor decor, outdoor heating, and cooling appliances, etc. All of them have to be carefully dismantled and properly packed. Before packing, check with Texas movers if they have a list of prohibited items. Not all movers will accept to move patio potted plants or some other items.

Preparing patio pads and cushions for packing

In most cases, the patio furniture is covered by pads and cushions. Before packing, they have to be properly cleaned. This means that you have to take off the removable pads and cushions covers. Depending on the fabric, you can hand-wash them or use the washing machine. You will need to take some of them for dry cleaning.  If it is not possible to remove the covers, you will have to wash them along with pads and cushions. Also, before packing them, make sure they are completely dry. When packing, use the plastic wrap, taking care they are fully covered. Only then you can pack them in cardboard boxes.

Preparing and packing metal patio furniture for moving

Metal is strong and durable, so preparing metal patio furniture should not be difficult. Before packing, it is advisable to wash it with water and detergent. Also, rinse it properly. When you clean and dry it, make the inspection. Look for any sign of oxidation. This is a perfect moment to add a protective layer of paint to the damaged areas. When the paint dries, the furniture is ready for packing.
Black chairs and table at the patio with white fence, overlooking the beach.
Metal is strong and durable, so preparing metal patio furniture should not be difficult.

Checking the wooden patio furniture before packing

The wooden furniture you have on your patio is generally weather-resistant. It is also highly recommended to clean it well before packing. As you clean it, you will have the opportunity to inspect it carefully. In case you notice cracks, repair them promptly. You can do that by adding special wood glue to the crack. Also, use the opportunity to spray the wooden furniture with the oil-based exterior wood sealer. That way your wooden furniture pieces will last even longer.

Disassembling patio furniture

If your patio furniture can be disassembled, do it before packing. Then, you can wrap separately each part with bubble wrap. This way your furniture parts will be better protected. And will also take less space when you pack them. Make sure to pack pieces of one furniture item in one moving box. Also, do not forget to pack all belonging screws or bolts into that box. After sealing the box with the tape, label it properly. So prepared moving boxes furniture movers San Antonio will safely load and bring to your new home.

Preparing the resin weaker patio furniture for moving

This furniture is lighter and easier to move. Still, it requires careful handling. Otherwise, it can easily get damaged. Like with other patio furniture, you have to clean it properly before packing. After washing it, make sure it is dried properly. Moisture will much easier damage your weaker furniture than the metal one. This, because the moisture will cause swelling. Once a part of your weaker chair or table swells, it is staying deformed. And it will also crack easy at that point. After you properly clean it, you can wrap the weaker parts properly. It is good to use bubble wrap. After that, enclose weaker furniture in a moving blanket, or some other soft material. As a rule, you can disassemble it and packed it into boxes.  
A person grilling sausages and meat.
When you pack your patio grill properly, movers will accept it for transportation.

Packing the other patio furniture

Besides having a table, chairs, and cushions at your patio, you probably have some more things there. Some of them are movable, and you can pack them. Some are fixed, like a gazebo or concrete benches. We already said that you have to check with your moving company about the list of prohibited items. Most of the companies will refuse to move any flammable or perishable item. You will probably have to move patio potted plants separately. Maybe even some other items. Still, the outdoor grill you can pack, following the instructions. When you pack it properly, movers will accept it for transportation.

Always take care to pack your patio furniture in the right way

When packing and moving patio furniture in the right way, it will safely arrive at your new home. Patio furniture is not so cheap but handled properly, it can last for a long time. Exposed to elements, it is getting dirty easily. So, regardless of your furniture is metal, wicker, wood, or plastic, keep it clean. Also, moving is an excellent opportunity to give it a throughout cleaning. Also, you can inspect it properly for any damage. If there are some small damages, you can fix them easily. Most important, when you pack your outdoor furniture, dry it carefully before packing. Any remaining moisture can cause mold or mildew to grow. They can spread quickly and damage your patio furniture.


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