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Tips for packing books for moving

Tips for packing books for moving

Moving is complex, but it's an especially painful moment for a book lover. What can be more flustering than ripped pages and bent spines? The truth is, inappropriately packed books often account for an accidental mess at the back of the moving van. If you're a bibliophile planning a move, you'll find great tips for packing books for moving in the text below. Our pro team of movers Texashas your back in any moving situation.

Packing books for moving

Books are among the heaviest items of a household for their size. Hence, they're quite a challenge to move. Also, they're delicate and easy to damage if not packed and handled correctly. Your local movers Texashave carried out numerous relocations, and they have the experience and knowledge to help you transfer your collection safely and smoothly.
Books are heavy and delicate, hence they represent a unique challenge to move
Here's the best way for packing books for moving, step by step:
  • Trim your book collection (hard though this may be)
  • What can you do with books that you can't move?
  • Packing supplies for books
  • Hardcover vs. Paperback packing

Streamline your book collection

Books are heavy, and movers Kyle TX charge by the weight and the distance of your move. We know how difficult this may be, but curating a good library means knowing what to keep in it. So, separate the books you're unlikely to read again, from those that you'd really love to keep. You'll need to let go of some stories, and this can be a tough decision. So start early, and don't rush. This should be your first step in preparing books for relocation. If you want the process to go smoothly, you simply have to trim your library a bit.
A girl looking at a book in a library
Trim your home library, to ensure a smooth and easy process, and keep relocation costs within budget

What can you do with the books you aren't taking?

Once you've made the decision of what books to keep, there are several ways to find a home for the rest. Ultimately, if you really can't let go of many books, but you can't move them with you either, a secure storagesolution may save the day. And if that doesn't cut the mustard either, invite your friends over for a little book party. Let them go through the pile, and pick what they like for their collections. This may give you some peace of mind because the books are technical 'still in the family'. You might be able to borrow some every now and then. Also, you have the option to organize a garage or a yard sale or donate the titles.

Packing supplies for books

When packing books for moving, you want to make sure they'll be safe during the transfer. Instead of scrounging, invest in some quality, sturdy moving boxes, to ensure your books reach your new home free of damages. Used boxes are often damp, and can't hold weight safely, like new boxes. So, go the extra mile and invest a bit more in good quality packing supplies, to protect your books when moving.
Books and Cardboard boxes
Use packing supplies of high quality, to ensure proper protection and safety of your books during transport

Packing books for moving - Hardcover vs. Paperback

Once you've secured packing boxes, make sure you tape them well for protection. If you're really concerned about the safety of your book collection, it's good to talk to your mover on additional supplies they may offer you, or even take pro packing services. Libraries ship thousands of books yearly, and they take extra precautions for safe transfer. Handle your with care, and you'll get them safely to your new library. Finally, here are some great tips on how to pack hardcover and paperback separately:
  • Hardcover books - place the books in the box with the spine against the side, in an upright position, just like when you stack them on a shelf. For valuable editions, consider wrapping them in packing paper, or even bubble wrap each one individually. Also be mindful to not stuck them too snuggly, as you may damage them when taking them out of the box.
  • Paperback books - play some packing Tetris and group the books by size. Then, place them in a flat stack, spine-first, with the paper side facing up. If it's facing down, you'll get lots of dog ears and bent pages. In both cases, make sure you fill in any gaps with soft packing materials, seal the boxes well with tape, and don't forget to label them.
Finally, if you follow our tips for packing books for moving above, you'll be able to transfer them safely. However, consider taking as much professional help from your mover as you can, to make the entire process less stressful, and safer. Good luck.  


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