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Tips for packing large furniture

When you start packing up your home for the move, you will sooner or later get to the point that you need to protect your heavy items for the upcoming relocation. That's right - all the heavy and unwieldy items you plan to carry will need to be packed in order to transfer them to a new home without damage during relocation. So, how do you handle packing large furniture when moving to another home? Well, the easiest thing to do is to simply call reliable movers San Antonio. Other than that, follow our instructions and you’ll be ready to go (pun intended)!

How to handle packing large furniture?

Packing large furniture – or moving heavy items - can seem daunting and challenging at first... But you can master the job quite easily! Let’s see how you can secure your valuables, protect your property from damage, and most importantly - eliminate any chance of getting injured when carrying heavy items due to improper packaging technique.
Packaging boxes that you are using for packaging large furniture have to be made of durable cardboard.

It is important to have proper packaging

To successfully complete the job of packing large furniture, you will definitely need the right packaging materials. Well, the obvious choice is to call your local movers and ask them about their packing services and what kind of packaging materials they offer. Here is also what you’ll need:

Cardboard boxes

The packaging boxes that you are using for packaging large furniture or any heavy objects have to be made of durable cardboard so that they can withstand all that the extra weight. Getting a solid cardboard box with multiple layers is always a good idea. When packing heavy fragile items, you can even buy plastic or wooden crates for added security.

Thin wrapping materials

Your heavy household items will need to be well protected while carrying. Achieve this protection and use multiple sheets of plastic wrapping or thicker fabric to serve as pillows in case of accidental impact or fall during transfer.

Soft packaging paper

White packaging paper can be very useful when packing smaller pieces of any heavy furniture. It is primarily used as a first layer of protection before you use the plastic bubble wrap or furniture covers.

Quality packaging tape

Provide several rolls of quality packaging tape that will provide you with the necessary reinforcement for heavy cardboard boxes and for fixing wrapping materials around your large items.
Start to disassemble beds, cabinets, dressers, and bookshelves into parts and then pack them.

How to safely pack heavy furniture

If you are moving locally, the whole packaging procedure is going to be easier. So when it comes to furniture packaging, the point is to disassemble different pieces of furniture so that they can be packed and transported more easily and safely. If you are travelling abroad or if you are getting ready for an international move, it’s best to call long distance movers San Antonio that will have all the answers to your questions. Either way, you should start to disassemble beds, cabinets, dressers, and bookshelves into parts. If possible - check their installation manuals or ask for help from professionals. Remove the drawers to make the pieces lighter, then remove the doors or panels (especially the glass ones). Protect all fragile parts first with soft paper and then with a stretch foil. Also, consider placing thick cardboard over sensitive elements as additional protection. Wrap all disassembled pieces with thick furniture covers (blankets) that will serve as effective cushions to eliminate the risk of damage during transportation. Also, cover any remaining pieces of furniture with protective covers, and then tape around them to keep them wrapped. Do not allow any packaging tape to come in contact with the surface of your furniture to avoid staining... You don’t need any additional work by trying to clean your furniture before you move.

How to pack appliances

Large heavy appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and stoves can be quite tricky to pack and carry. So here are the most important things to know when packing these heavy devices. Unplug electrical appliances from the outlet before securing them for moving. Make sure heavy appliances are empty. De-freeze the refrigerator or freezer for at least 12 hours before moving. Remove any items from the kitchen appliances that can be safely removed - shelves, drawers, etc. Then, pack the separate pieces separately in packing paper and cover with wrapping foil (if necessary). Use stretch foil to secure the doors of heavy appliances to prevent them from opening in transport. Fully wrap heavy appliances with thick furniture covers to prevent damage. Use adhesive tape over the blanket so they stay wrapped.
Fully wrap heavy appliances with thick furniture covers to prevent damage.

How to choose the right boxes

Most small but heavy items you own - canned goods from the kitchen, books, etc. - will go in boxes. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cardboard boxes that you will use to transport packing large furniture are ready to bear the weight. Here are some guidelines for preparing the box that you need to follow carefully: Choose packaging boxes that are strong and have no visible signs of damage. This is especially important for used cardboard boxes. Use mostly smaller boxes when packing heavy items. Remember the packing rule that small boxes are designed to hold heavy items while large boxes are better suited for lighter items. Use a strong packing tape to strengthen the bottom of each cardboard box you want to use. You would not want the boxes to be opened and contents spilled while carrying them. For added security, place paper or stretch-foil pieces on the bottom of each box.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that packing large furniture can be complicated because of the heavy weight and large dimensions of these items. Undoubtedly, the best way to pack heavy items is to have reliable helpers around you when doing so. Also, pack heavy, fragile items such as chandeliers with extreme care and do not overload cardboard boxes. At best, you can hire packaging professionals to pack your heavy items quickly and safely while you commit to other important tasks before you move. Most of the best moving companies offer free estimate for both packaging and moving so use that opportunity to know prices in advance.


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