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A quality moving company is what you need to move to Texas. For that reason, you want to make sure that everything gets done according to the best industry standards. That's why we want to help you with recognizing fake moving companies in Texas. Above all, with the best movers in New Braunfels you won't have any problem with a quality relocation. Here are just some details in order to have a successful and easy relocation.

The price of services can help you in recognizing fake moving companies in Texas

When you choose a moving company it will depend a lot on the price of their services. If you think that a price is too good to be true, then it probably is. On the other hand, if the rates are inflated, this can also be a bad sign. Be it that you use the help of commercial movers San Antonio TX or residential movers you can always have a clear picture of the rates and prices. The financial aspect of moving can really be a great way to avoid all the problems with possible fake moving companies in Texas and beyond.
A person counting money
Sometimes recognizing fake moving companies in Texas is easy as looking at their rates

Does the company have the necessary licenses to operate professionally and in the state of Texas?

In order to have and operate a moving business in the state of Texas, it's important that they have all the necessary licenses, insurances, and bonds. If your company doesn't have a license with the state, or at least with the FMCSA, this is a huge red flag. Be it that you need help with fragile items or the help of our piano movers San Antonio TX you and your belongings deserve the best. That's why it's best to avoid an unlicensed moving company at all costs. Relocating with a bad company, or getting scammed by a fake moving company should be avoided at all costs.

Getting an estimate is a must to check if your movers are legitimate

Getting a quote or estimate from a moving company is a must. That's not just in order to check out if it's legitimate, but also to help you budget for the move. If a company can't provide you with a quote or estimate it's a sign that they can't offer you legitimate moving assistance. Getting a precise moving estimate will always be a great tool for both movers and their clients. For that reason, don't forget to use that as a tool to your advantage.

They are asking for too much money upfront

Deposits are not something that any client of a moving company wants. That's why it's not something many companies insist on. However, it's something that is completely legitimate to ask for. Especially for a moving company that has a lot of work during the whole year. However, if the deposit is a large amount of money, you shouldn't pay it. In general, the deposit shouldn't for any reason be more than 20 percent of the estimate. If that amount is more than that, it should sound an alarm for you. Above all, recognizing fake moving companies in Texas will help you save money. And they really want to get as much money from you as soon as possible and deposits are a good way to do so.
a person giving moeny to another person
Deposits aren't really something elite moving companies pay attention to

Visiting websites of the companies will help you with recognizing fake moving companies in Texas

With the internet, everything needs to be online. For that reason, a moving company can't choose to have a website, it's something any reliable and successful company needs to have. That's why you need to check out the website of your company. There is so much information that you can check out on a company's website. For that reason make sure to use it to your advantage as much as possible. A website is really a great way to see how a moving company handles their business and if they are legitimate.

Visit the address of your company in Texas to ensure it is real

Of course, every moving company needs to have an address. However, there are many fake companies that will put any address in Texas to make sure they seem legitimate. That's why it's important for you to check out if it's even a real address and that there's a moving company having its headquarters there. Sometimes a simple online search will show you that one address covered multiple companies. Make sure to visit the address on your own or ask your friends to visit it. Above all, there should be all the operation with moving trucks and everything that makes a moving company real.

Recognizing fake moving companies in Texas is easier with reviews and comments from other customers

Another easy way to find out more about your moving company is to look it up online. If you see a parade of one-star reviews you should be very careful. On the other hand, a fake company can have a lot of strange 5-star reviews. That's why visiting sites like the Better Business Bureau and similar ones is always a good choice. As those websites work with legitimate companies, you won't have to deal with scammers and fake movers. Make sure to use these tools as it will be an easy and simple way to assist you.
A owman doign an online research
Make sure to use trustworthy online tools
Making sure that you're dealing with a professional and reliable moving company is very important for a successful move. That's why you absolutely need to avoid problems and scams. And with our advice on recognizing fake moving companies in Texas, it will make the job easier. Your move will be done quickly and easily with the right moving crews. By doing so, you will have an easy moving process and can truly enjoy Texas to its fullest extent.


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