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Does your everyday life also include regular exerciseDid you invest a lot of money and time to buy and install sports equipment in your home? Now, when you decide to move to another home, for example, like relocating to Texasyou might want to take your sports equipment with you. When you are organizing relocation, your pieces of sports equipment are probably not a priority. For this reason, it is probably the last thing that is left to pack and move. At first, it might look complicated as sports equipment is usually big and bulky, but with these tips for relocating sports equipment to a new home, it can be quite easy. 

The key for relocating sports equipment to a new home is preparation 

For every move, and that also includes moving the sports equipment, preparation is the first step to easier packing. For the sports equipment, moving preparation includes sorting, arranging, and cleaning. First, assess all your sports equipment that you own and arrange them by size. Then, you should not skip cleaning your equipment properly. Hygiene is always the most important, and sports equipment are ideal place for germs to grown. For this reason, you must wash all the sports clothes, wipe all surfaces and handles of any equipment you own like a treadmill, stationary bike, etc. For the cleaning, you can use an all-purpose cleaner or you can buy wet wipes for cleaning a household. In almost every store, you can buy wet wipes for all different types of surfaces. Additionally, you can hire professional cleaners. 
coffee on the table
You should make a good plan for packing your items

Relocating sports equipment to a new home - how to pack

After preparing your pieces of equipment, it is time to pack for the move. For easier packing, you should not skip the step about sorting by the size. That way you can start packing from smaller and less complicated things to the bigger and more complex ones. For this reason, you should start packing together your yoga mats and accessories, such as blocks, towels, and blankets. For the yoga mats, the best way is to roll them and secure them with a strap. This way, you will save more space for other items and also prevent yoga mats from unrolling during transport. If you plan to use storage services, you can use any cardboard box that is big and strong enough to carry the weight. First, put yoga mats in the box and after that, you start filling the rest of the space with towels and other sports accessories. 

How to pack heavyweight sports equipment 

When packing equipment, like dumbbells, it can be a little bit tricky. If you are packing them in cardboard boxes, you must find sturdy ones that can support the weight of sports equipment. Additionally, it is better to use smaller boxes rather than large ones. In the smaller boxes, you can put a smaller number of heavyweight sports equipment, so it will help to distribute the weight of equipment evenly. Also, it will be easier for movers from best moving company Texas to carry the boxes. If you can't find a suitable box or you want more security for moving, you can buy plastic bins. You can pack your sports equipment directly in the bin or pack them first in the cardboard boxes or plastic wraps. That way, you will protect them from damage and you can also keep them safely in storage when moving. 
pink dumbbells to pack when relocating sports equipment to a new home
Make sure to find a sturdy box for your dumbbells

Preparing the stationary bikes for the move 

For the home workout, one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment is a stationary bike. Even if they can at first look complicated to pack, moving them is not a difficult thing to achieve. First, if you own an electric bike, you need to unplug it, secure and save all the cords in one place you won't forget. Next, wrap the bike with some protective material. For this, you can use plastic wraps, bubble wrapping, or simply some blankets. This way, you will protect your stationary bike from any damage when moving to a new home. Also, when moving them, you must think about the floors in the house. The best way to prevent scratches on the floor is to put something beneath the bike like towels or furniture sliders. 

Packing your treadmill for moving 

Packing treadmill can be a taxing thing to do. But with these steps, it can be less complicated than you think. 
  • Prepare the treadmill - find the manual for the lock/unlock mechanism. 
  • Disassemble your treadmill - unplug all the wires, secure and save them. Also, follow the manual on how to fold down the standing section of the treadmill. 
  • Moving the treadmill - treadmills usually weight considerably, so you will need help transporting them to a moving truck. Also, you will need to protect the floors as well. For the protection, use towels or furniture sliders. 
  • A dolly for moving the treadmill- the best and most effective way to move a treadmill from one place to another, in this case from your room to the moving truck, is by using a dolly. 
treadmills and bikes
Treadmills can be harder to move due to their size

Hiring movers for relocating sports equipment to a new home 

If you don't feel confident or simply if you don’t have enough time, you can hire professionals who can help you. There are many good moving companies in every city. You can find them on the Internet. You should search for fitness movers or similar. Most movers have experience in relocating every type of equipment and that also includes sports equipment. You will feel better and more peaceful if you have professionals to help you. Staying healthy is always a priority when moving to a new home. Moving can be stressful but if you are prepared and know what you want and how to do it, moving is just one step of your new chapter in life. 


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