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Tips for verifying moving company credibility

These days scams are everywhere. On the internet, in real life, it's really hard to know what's real from a fraud. People constantly get scammed. It's just because they didn't inform themself well before engaging in some business activity. To be fair, some people try to learn more about a company or a person they are supposed to deal with, but there aren't enough sources they can learn from. So, they skip preparing thoroughly because they can't. When it comes to relocation, frauds are quite common. Let us help you avoid all those possible scenarios by giving you help in verifying moving company credibility with our guide. That way you will be ready to distinguish good, reliable, and affordable movers from someone who only wants to earn money in a dishonest way. If a person doesn't get good movers, their property might get damaged, and they might lose a lot of money because they get ripped off. In the worst of cases (but not too uncommon) their property will be stolen.

Make sure they are licensed and insured when verifying moving company credibility

Before you hire some of the most active movers San Antonio has to offer, make sure they have proper licensing and insurance. That's not hard to do. Usually, they will provide it by themselves and you won't have trouble finding them in the U. S. DOT system. An important step in verifying moving company credibility is confirming that the moving company is properly licensed and insured. A company is legally working inside the state. Thankfully, most of the companies operating on the US ground have a license and insurance. That is because legal repercussions for breaking the law in this segment can be really severe, depending on the state.
A man is signing a paper and veryfing moving company credibility.
Ask for a license for properly verifying moving company credibility.
A big thing to remember is that interstate movers have to register at the Federal government registers and you can find them in the U.S. DOT system, the state alone regulates local moving companies. Licensing regulations differ from state to state, so you should read up on your own state’s regulations for verifying moving company credibility. If you decide to check the FMCSA, you will find that interstate movers are required by law to offer two types of liability options: The FMCSA defines them below:
  • Full Value Protection means that the relocation company has to replace the value of lost or damaged goods in the entire shipment
  • Released Value Protection is the best protection for its price.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Pay attention to the number of complaints left by unsatisfied customers. The moment you find multiple complaints from different clients, make sure to take note! More than just a few bad reviews is a really big red flag. Carefully pay attention when you choose your affordable movers New Braunfels. If you plan an interstate relocation, you can see the FMCSA website and you will get more information on any kind of complaints. All interstate moving companies are supposed to obtain a U.S. DOT code which makes verifying moving company credibility much easier. This kind of information makes reviewing a company a lot easier.
A woman is using her phone while sitting at a desk.
If a company tries to give you an estimate without inspecting your apartment, it's a big red flag.

Pay attention to the moving reviews

Check internet reviews of companies on different sites. A lot of reviews might be fake but you can kind of distinguish them. If there is a lot of different reviews on the same company it is probably something you can trust. There are sites you can visit and check out reviews. Those sites are specialized for that kind of review. If you do so, make sure you take every review with a pinch of salt. Only after you've seen enough reviews on one company can you make a decision on verifying moving company credibility. Another big thing to do before you choose long-distance movers Texas that also concerns reviews is to ask neighbors and family. Some of them probably have some experience with moving. The more people you ask, the bigger are the chances for you to find the right company. Ask for the price, for the service, everything. People close to you usually won't try to trick you and you will have some trustworthy information. Ask for contacts and ask them if you can mention them as someone who recommended the company.

Be careful if the movers didn't check your place before giving an estimate

Reliable moving companies usually come to your place and inspect it before giving an estimate since there is still a need for in-home moving estimates. During the pandemic, companies introduced the video. If they didn't do so and they want to charge you, they will probably rip you off. They might try to give you an estimate over the phone. If they do so, run as fast as you can. That's a no-go and chances are they are really scammers. It's a common rule that any company that gives you an estimate without an inspection is a scam. Compare at least four quotes from different moving companies and you will get a much better picture of what you're dealing with.  
A man is readin a paper.
Make sure you read as many reviews of a company as possible.

Search for professionals

There is the technical part like licenses and insurance when verifying moving company credibility. However, every client needs to think carefully and use reason when picking a moving company. Carefully look for real professionals who act like it and look like it. They must have a real office somewhere. And a legit e-mail used for conducting business. The company should be a part of a van line at least some people know about. Real professionals wear suitable uniforms and drive tracks specially designed for moving purposes. Did you receive an official Bill of Lading from your moving company? Ask yourself if the price they are offering is a bit too good to be true. Ask for a business license and if they are real, legit professionals they will have no problem with showing it to you. At last, if your guts are telling you something's off while verifying moving company credibility, trust them. Intuition is often one of the best allies you can have.


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