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Tips for writing a good moving review

Choosing a moving company is probably the most important decision you need to make when moving to Texas. Although it is important to ask questions, some details can only be learned first-hand. Writing a good moving review is beneficial to everyone.

Why take the time to write a good moving review

Give to receive

If you possess information that seems valuable, and you share it with other people so that they can also benefit from it, then you will become a double winner. You won once because you get a complete sense of satisfaction that only selfless actions bring. And you won twice because by providing useful and timely information, you have the right to receive help the next time you need it. This is the way things usually balance - you give to receive.


Six hands holding
Each of us has an obligation to contribute to improving the world for us and our children
Suppose you had a very good experience working with a specific moving company. Trouble-free, smooth and honest move from start to finish. You are happy that you found such credible long distance movers Texas and that everything went according to plan. Would you not like to spread the word and tell others that there is a reliable moving company that they could use if necessary? On the other hand, you can have a really bad move when everything just doesn't work as expected. For example, your moving company may have been terribly late on the day you moved. Or perhaps it never arrived at all. The guys may have been rude or poorly handled packing or loading. Your items may have been damaged or even stolen, or you may have been overloaded. Bad case scenarios can be endless. And yet, you must raise a warning flag, tell your bad story and save someone else from a headache. You never know who could take your advice and actually use it.

Regulatory power

The strength of the online community is growing in direct proportion to the number of participants. And sometimes such large circles of people can exert great power and influence to achieve a specific common goal. For example, strong communities can well regulate a local moving market, greatly reducing the role of fraudulent moving companies in certain areas. And, of course, writing a good moving review is a great way to combat any moving injustice.

Dispute solver

If you have an unresolved problem with your moving company, your sincere report that they did wrong may prompt them to contact you again and try to solve this problem accordingly. After all, no one likes to be criticized or receive negative reviews. Therefore, writing a good review can only be useful to you.

What you should pay attention to when writing a good moving review

Here are a few key points to consider before telling the world about your relocation experience and evaluating the services of your chosen relocation company:
  • Provide as much detail as possible about your relocation experience. However, try not to overdo it, as people don’t read very long reviews.
  • Strive to achieve maximum objectivity so that your review looks more reliable. If possible, avoid being too personal or overly emotional when writing a good moving review.
  • Keep track of spelling and grammar. Reviews with multiple spelling and grammar errors are difficult to read and can make people take your story less seriously.

How to write a good moving review

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to actually post an effective online review of your Texas movers:
Leaving a good moving review - five stars
These steps will help you with writing a good moving review

Step 1

First, make sure you spell the name of your mover correctly. There are many moving companies with similar names, and a misdirected negative review would be completely unfair to any of them.

Step 2

Usually, at this stage, you need to provide the basic facts about your move: the starting and ending points of the move, the date and end price of the move, the condition of your goods upon delivery, etc. This information is very important and gives readers a general idea of ​​the nature of your move.

Step 3

When evaluating your mover's services from poor to excellent, be as honest as possible. Things that you will be asked to evaluate may include honesty, professionalism, responsiveness (reliability), communication (customer service), appearance, value, etc. In addition, you will probably be asked to give them a general assessment.

Step 4

And then comes the white box where you need to tell your happy or sad story of the move. The first thing you are advised to do is write your story in chronological order. Start from the moment you contacted the moving company and continue your journey until the moment they delivered your goods. Otherwise, readers may get confused and do not fully understand the message you are trying to convey. You can then follow your own train of thought in a logical sequence or use the following sample questions as a guide:
  • First impression: an important general criterion that can be based on a number of factors.
  • Before you move: What was your first contact? Were they polite on the phone? Did they answer all your questions to your satisfaction? Did they provide you with all the necessary documents, including a bill of lading?
  • Moving day: Did they arrive on time? If not, how late were they? Did your mover bring in the right packing materials and equipment? Did your movers seem neat and professional? Were they polite? Did they work a lot? How carefully did they handle your household goods? Did they finish on time?
  • Delivery: Were household items delivered on time? How about their condition after moving? Was something damaged, broken, or missing? Did they ask for a previously agreed price or did they overcharge?
  • After the move: If you had an unresolved problem with a moving company, how did they deal with this? Will you again use the services of that mover? Do you recommend the same moving company to friends and neighbors and why?

Step 5

The last step for you is to press the PREVIEW & SUBMIT button, which will allow you to view the entire review as it will be published on the Internet. You can view it again and edit any information that needs to be fixed. And then, as soon as you make sure that your moving review is exactly the way you want to see it, click the SUBMIT REVIEW button.
Quality control
And now you have contributed to better control of movers' quality
If you feel that your voice will not be heard, even if you spend several minutes of your time writing a good moving review on Yelp, think about how many times you found useful information on the Internet. Perhaps the author of that information hesitated to provide it, like you now. Note that a few minutes of your time can now save another person hours and even days of trouble. Your moving review can make all the difference!


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