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Tips for helping kids settle into a new home

Moving to a completely new home is an exciting experience for everyone. The dog explores his new backyard, you meet and chat with your new neighbors. And your children find new first-class ways to build pillow houses during the night. Everything “new,” no matter how exciting it may be, can also be a bit intimidating and cause some anxiety, especially in children. If you have recently moved to a new home or are thinking about moving to New Braunfels, it is important to consider the experience that your children will receive as a result of this transition. Another house in a new place may be a little unfamiliar, and therefore difficult to accept. So, you need to try helping kids settle into a new home. Keep reading to find out how.
Brother kissing a sister
Here are some of our favorite tips for helping kids settle into a new home

Be open and honest in talking about moving

Sometimes kids just want to know what's going on. If you are leaving the city for a new job, moving in search of a better home or moving with new family members, give your children the most honest explanation you can. Particularly if your children are old enough to understand and ask questions about the situation. It’s better for them to feel that they are involved in this change. You can work on getting them excited about moving. Instead of just surprising them with news when local movers New Braunfels come to your place.

Finish their rooms first

Before you begin to complete the arrangement of furniture for the living room and unpacking all kitchen utensils, unpack and organize children's rooms. Providing them with their own space will help them adapt and feel at home.

Prepare their favorite meal as soon as possible

Of course, the last thing you probably want to think about after long days of moving and cleaning is cooking a big meal. However, as soon as you get a little comfortable and you have time, try to prepare a favorite dish for your children and gather the whole family in your new home for dinner. Making this new house a bit familiar will help your children feel at home. Family dinners will also give everyone at the table time to re-chat and discuss what they like in the new house. Or solve any problems that anyone may encounter.

Start with the everyday work

No matter how crazy it sounds, working at home will be great in helping kids settle into a new home. Start with simple, useful tasks that will allow your children to take over their new space. Giving home chores to your children is a good way to teach them timeliness and responsibility when they are young. And can be a good way to make this step just a small part of a wider growth opportunity.

Get into the old routine

Part of the fun of a new home is all the changes: new neighbors, new favorite restaurants, a new courtyard. It's nice to shake things up, but children also react positively to the routine. To make your children feel more comfortable in their new home, try to resume your old routine as soon as possible.
Boy reading a book
Keeping the old habits is crucial when helping kids settle into a new home

If possible, visit the new home and community often before moving

To create excitement for the whole family in connection with the move, visit the new area where you will be staying before the date of the move. Find out which clubs, sports and activities the community offers, and try to get involved. If your new home is empty before you move, take your children to the house and show them where the living room will be, where their rooms will be. And tell about all the fun things you will do together in your new home. The ability to imagine life in a new home and enjoy the relocation can help to remove some scary feelings.

What else can you do besides helping kids settle into a new home?

Write them to a class or sport

If you move to a new community, help them immediately make new friends by writing them to a class or sport they like. This is especially useful if you move during the summer months when there are no classes at school, like during moving in the fall. Otherwise, they could have been stuck at home all summer, and there would be no one to hang out with. Plus, if they start making friends in the summer, they will be less nervous when the school starts, because they will already know the people.

Go to the park

Take them to the park to catch some fresh air. And let them rest from the chaos in the new house while you are still setting up. Go at least once or twice a week so that you can get used to the new community and start meeting new people.

Get involved in the community

Find out what local family-friendly activities in New Braunfels are happening and start participating in those that attract your interest. For example, in most communities, there is a farmer’s market on Sundays. There are usually held festivals and other fun activities that will appeal to your children.


Volunteering is a wonderful thing to spend your time, and it gives you an extra bonus. To introduce your children to new people and also make them feel like a more valuable part of the community. Find out what opportunities for local volunteers are available depending on the interests of your child.

Go to the day of “exploration”

Another fun idea is to just spend the day exploring a new community. Stroll through the city, ride bicycles through the park, explore the shops and restaurants and just take it all with you.
Mother and son walking in the park
You never know what you may find!
Regardless of the reason for your move, it can be an exciting time for everyone in your family. Try to focus on the positive aspects, helping kids settle into a new home. And remember these rules when you also try to adapt to the move!


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