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    Moving Preparation - September 23, 2018

    Moving a house may seem like a big problem, but there are tested ways to help make moving easier. It should not be that stressful! Our professionals have helped many people move their homes, and given them plenty of useful tips. If you are moving across the street or in a new area, we have 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve a smooth move.

    Organize the move in advance

    When you move a house, you need to avoid taking the last minutes. If you do not have to pack your house and go in a hurry, you probably have somewhere between 4-8 weeks to make sure that you organize everything for your moving day. Always write your own moving checklist to make sure that you fulfill all your tasks.

    Planning to make moving easier
    Planning in advance will help you make moving easier

    Donate items you do not need

    When they pack their homes, many people realize that they have more unwanted things than they thought. There’s no point in moving boxes to your new home, if they just sit unused for a few months. Save yourself time and energy by getting rid of these items. Charitable organizations can help you find new homes for things like old clothes and electronics.

    Start packing in time

    Make sure that you stay organized when you start packing your home. Ensure that you have all the necessary materials for packing. This includes boxes of various sizes, tape, stickers, colored markers, and bubble wraps. Or you can take packing services from a moving company and easily solve the problem of packing.

    Hire professional movers to make moving easier

    If you do not have a very good friend who has an empty van, you probably need to arrange for a professional to help you move your house. People often underestimate the number of items they have in their home. And experts can not only help you move heavy furniture but also give advice and do it more efficiently. If you want, you can ask your movers to help you with everything from packaging to re-assembly.

    Pick the right van

    If you are moving a short distance, you can go with a small van and make several trips. However, it is easier for everyone if you could manage your move to have a few trips as possible. Taking this into account, it will be useful to make sure that you have a van of the right size to safely hold all of your things.

    Local moving specialists will know how to use a large van, or if they even need several vans. Using their services can help you make moving easier, and save your nerves.

    Pack a bag with the essentials

    Make sure that you have an overnight bag with all your essential personal items. Even if you are just moving in the neighborhood, you should have this package. Pack all the items you need to be ready for work the next day. Or in the next few weeks, if you cannot unpack all these boxes in one turn. For information, you can check our guide on how to effectively pack toiletries for moving.

    Make up
    You don’t want to go through all your boxes just to get your make up set

    A fresh change of clothes, toiletries, chargers for the phone and snacks, and even a toilet roll. They are all useful to have in a backpack or a transparent plastic box. So, when your new home is filled with moving boxes, you can easily access them.

    Let important contacts know about your new address in advance

    Make a list of utilities and companies in your existing and new home, which you will need to report on your moving date. Getting an appointment to install the Internet can take several weeks, if not months. Make a list of who should notify when moving home – from the council to the post office.

    Keep your movers in track

    Asking for packaging materials such as boxes and tape is one thing. But when you get to large, heavy objects, it is important to share as much information about your needs with your movers as possible.

    First, you must tell your movers if you have really heavy items, for example, a piano or a pool table. And if there are any access restrictions, such as a small elevator, only stairs or a narrow driveway. They will meet your needs and plan accordingly, including, if necessary, additional movers, equipment for moving heavy items or tools for dismantling your items. It helps if your movers know all the details so that they can effectively move everything on a moving day.

    Keep the children entertained

    We know that moving with children increases the stress of moving the house. Find the way to keep them occupied, so that you can worry about other things. You can, for example, give them some old toys to play. After you finish packing, you can simply throw those toys away. It is can be a good way to keep children entertained, allowing adults to focus on the task.

    Treat your movers

    Regardless of whether you hired movers or friends and relatives, be sure to get light snacks and drinks for everyone. On a hot summer day, your team will appreciate a cold drink, more than you can imagine. You can also tip your movers to show them your gratitude for the job they have done.

    What is the best solution to make moving easier?

    Moving is not a very difficult task if you plan it correctly. But, sometimes it is hard to manage planning everything in advance, especially if you do not have much time. So, our best advice is to hire moving professionals Texas. They will help you with everything you need and make moving easier for you.

    Hiring the right professionals, you will make your move much easier

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