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Tips for preparing your kids for a long distance move

Preparing to move can be very stressful. You will have to start making a checklist, sort out the budget, and plan everything for at least two months in advance. We all experienced the process of moving one or more times in our lives. Moving with movers Austin can also be a traumatic experience for your kids. Depends on their age, they may be embarrassed, sad and feel a little lost if they go far. That is why you need to know some things about preparing your kids for long distance move.

How to start preparing your kids for a long distance move?

Kids get used to the environment, friends, and school, so it is very important to know how to approach them and talk about moving. Of course, they will not have problems with the move if they are toddlers or children of preschool age. However, if they already go to school and are teenagers, they may have problems accepting the fact that they will have to change and adapt to a new school. Start by providing your kids with information about moving. Then try to answer any of their questions and be completely honest. In addition, respect their opinions and reactions, because moving and changing the environment may seem frightening to them. Ask for their opinion on the move and involve them in finding a new home. Take them with you if you are going to visit your new home or explore the surroundings.
Father and son
You should consider preparing your kids for a long distance move, no matter how old they are!
You may also not be very happy with the move, but you need to move because of your job or for some other specific reason. Try not to show negative attitudes towards your kids and stay positive. If you need to move because of the family member's death or divorce, try to postpone the move. Give your kids some time to adjust, especially if you are moving over long distances. Now let us give you some tips on how to prepare kids to travel long distances.

Preparing your baby, toddlers, or preschool children to move long distances

If you have a child of preschool age, baby or toddler, you will not have problems with preparing for the move. Children under the age of 6 do not understand that much, and they are not related to the environment much. They will listen and accept everything that their parents will tell them. Of course, you still have to be careful and explain to them as best you can. Try to explain the move to your child with toys and make a story out of it. When you begin to pack your baby toys, make sure they understand that you are not throwing them away. If your new home is not far away, try visiting it several times with your child so they can get used to it. If necessary, take with you a few toys from your kids every time you go to visit a new place. Try to arrange the kid's room in the same way as it was in your previous home! This is a good way for them to feel safe and comfortable and adapt to a new home faster. However, when the move comes, it is strongly recommended to hire a nanny to care for the child. This is how you prepare small kids for a long-distance move.

Preparing school children for relocation

Moving with a school-age child is slightly different from the move with children under six years old. Schoolkids understand more, and they are already accustomed to their school friends, teachers, and the environment. That is why you will need to explain to them why you are moving and answer all their questions. Remember that you need to be positive and point out all the good things that moving can bring! Also, do not forget to select a school for your child before moving. Find out which one is best for your kids. You will need to find out what information the new school will need to handle your child’s transfer. The information they may request:
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical records
  • Latest report transcripts
Kids in school
Find the school that has a good education program, as well as a lot of fun activities

Preparing your kids for long distance move - teens

It is difficult to prepare your kids for a long distance move, especially if they are teenagers. Most of these children have already accepted everything around them. They have their own circle of friends, a couple of best friends, and they know and feel comfortable in their daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. Thus, moving over long distances will frighten them, and they will react impulsively, protesting and being against the move. That is why it is very important to talk with them as much as possible, and also to accept their thoughts and suggestions. That is why you have to be patient, sit with them and talk for a long time. Explain to them why it’s good to move and how they can benefit from it. Tell them that the new school is better because they will have a better education, and after that, they will be accepted into a good college, which will lead to a good job. Also, listen to whatever they say and try to understand all their problems. After the move, let them visit their old neighborhood and keep in touch with their old friends. Also, tell them that they will be able to return to their old school for events such as prom night.

Hire a professional moving company

Hiring affordable movers New Braunfels will reduce stress and save you time, especially if you have kids that you need to prepare for a long-distance move. Call a few moving companies and ask about their services and prices. Some of them will notify you about the availability of discounts. Services provided by a professional transport company:
  • Truck and transport
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Safety and Insurance
  • Secure storage units
  • Special services
Moving truck
A professional moving company will safely pack and transport your belongings so you can take your time to prepare your kids for the move
Preparing your kids for long distance move is not easy, but this is certainly doable. All you have to do is to be patient and have time to talk with them and answer their questions. And do not forget to stay positive and in a good mood. If your kids see you are excited about your new home, they will be also. Good luck with your move!


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