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Top 6 places to retire in Texas

Top 6 places to retire in Texas

This is what you have been working for all your life. Even though people say you should live your entire life without compromise, sadly for most people this is not always possible. With kids, grandkids, mortgages, expenses, and everything else, life throws your way - you really need to work your behind off. All up until you retire. And when you get to your retirement, you deserve the very best! There are many things to plan, but for the first time ever, there is no rush. Step by step, you will get there. This is why we prepared the list of best places to retire in Texas!
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Remember, this is your time!
This is, of course, if Texas is the destination of your choosing. If not, there are plenty of other interesting destinations, Florida being a fan favorite. But still, this article will try to constantly focus on the positive, and that is the fact that your time has finally come. Time for you and nobody else, unless you desire otherwise. Choosing amongst the abundance of places to retire in Texas will have numerous factors, such as the convenience of the town, the proximity to your family, and so forth.

The list of places to retire in Texas

Texas has plenty to offer to those of you who are leaving the working world behind. It all depends on what you are looking for. Is it more of a peaceful retirement, with nature and a lot of quiet, or are you still looking for a more of a busy pace? When presenting you with this list we took more than a few factors into consideration. There are elements such as the retiree tax burden, given that your retirement savings will definitely need protection, as much as possible. Another very important topic to many seniors is the healthcare that the region and/or town provides. Also, staying active should be on everyone's top list, and this is why it made it to ours as well. Last, but not least, a calculation was made to determine the senior citizen population of each of the offered places. If there is a higher grade of senior citizens living there you will have both socialization options as well as another proof that the place is fitting of your needs. Regardless of your choice, know that we can provide support, whether you are moving to Dallas or anywhere else within Texas.


If you were thinking of moving to Fort Worth, we have the next best thing. How about moving to Granbury for your retirement! Granbury is located just west of Fort Worth, and has made it to the list of top 50 places for retirement in the entire United States! Of all the places to retire in Texas that we are going to suggest, this town has the highest density of retirement communities / 1000 residents. This means that there is an abundance of built communities that will be perfect for your needs. Senior residents make up a total of 30% of the population. Given the numbers, there is very high access to healthcare as well as senior resident activities all year round. The tax burden of Granbury is 15% which means that it is on the lower part of the lists of places where you can retire in Texas. Last but not least, this place is located just 1 hour away from Dallas, meaning that as a fallback to your plans you can always easily retreat to a major city and enjoy all its perks.

Fredericksburg is a fan favorite of all places to retire in Texas

If you had your heart set on a larger city and was planning on moving to San Antonio, this town offers the best of both worlds. You will have all the nice benefits of a smaller community, while still being very close to both Austin and San Antonio.
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You should try to have an active retirement.
This town is well known around Texas as the peach capital and takes a lot of pride in its bountiful agritourism. In addition to this, the town boasts the same tax rate as Granbury, sticking to 15%. However, of all things a retirement town has to offer, the healthcare system here is amazing. Fredericksburg boasts an incredible number - 4 medical institutions per 1000 residents. Another very important aspect, the community, also has about 30% of senior citizen population.


Located in Waco suburbs, Woodway simply couldn't avoid our list. Boasting 10 medical institutions per 1000 residents, this place is truly a gem. The tax burden is at 16%, just like Katy. Finally, the city is located 10 minutes away from Waco, a university town, which brings all the bells and whistles of a little unit town nearby!


Livingston is a Houston suburb. The tax burden is again back at 15%, it boasts 7 medical institutions per 1000 residents, 2 recreation centers per 1000 people, and is an impeccable place to retire in if your prime hobbies involve boating or fishing. The proximity to Trinity River made it possible.


Yet another Houston suburb, boasting the lowest tax burden of all the towns on the list! The medical institutions are at 7 per 1000 citizens, which is not as great as some other contenders but still good enough. The element where Richmond shines and the reason why it is on our list of places to retire in Texas is the number of recreation centers. A total of 3 recreation centers per 1000 citizens!

The winner of our list of places to retire in Texas - Katy

Half an hour drive away from Houston, we have Katy, possibly the best out of all places to retire in Texas. On the scale of the United States, Katy made it into the top 20! If four medical centers per 1000 residents sounded satisfying, wait until you hear what Katy has to offer. A total of 18 medical centers per 1000 residents, amazingly enough. This is the highest number of medical centers of all the towns on our list. Another element that Katy is leading on is the number of recreation centers. An astonishing 4 recreation centers per 1000 residents!
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Remember, make sure you can do everything you wish to do!
The tax burden here remains at 16%, which is not much worse than the other two contenders. If there are other services you might need for your relocation, do not hesitate to contact us! Best of luck!


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