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Top reasons why people refuse to hire movers

When you are moving, you should always hire movers. In addition to this, you should try to find the best moving companies in San Antonio. Your relocation deserves only the best moving services. However, some people choose not to hire a moving company. Here are all the top reasons why people refuse to hire movers. Also, this might not be the best idea after all. After you see why people do not hire movers, you should see why you should hire them as well. Then, you can decide what to do for your relocation.  

Reasons why people refuse to hire movers – money 

Professional moving services are expensive. Hiring long-distance movers San Antonio might not fit into your budget. For this reason, some people opt for a DIY move. Why are professional moving services expensive? Movers are professionals after all. They will bring their own truck, moving equipment, skills, and experience. Lifting and carrying heavy and large boxes is demanding. Transporting your items across the country is not easy. When you calculate all the efforts, moving equipment used, money spent on gas, the final cost is not small. In addition to this, if you add professional packing services, your bill will increase. On the other hand, most people do not like the idea of hidden costs. This includes special moving services, such as moving piano, pool table, aquarium, etc., as well as flight fees when movers cannot use the elevator, parking fees in a busy street, etc.  
person using laptop
Movers are expensive so many refuse to hire them

The counterargument for money issues 

You might think a DIY move is cheaper. However, is it really? You can save money on the packing supplies. There are several ways. 
  • Cardboard boxes – you can get them from your local supermarkets, offices, etc. 
  • Protective materials – you can use your old clothes, sheets, blankets, towels, etc. 
  • Packing peanuts – use shredded paper instead. 
  • Tape and markers – most people already own these supplies. 
However, what about disassembling furniture? You need proper tools for this job and help. If not, you can easily injure yourself. Treating injuries can be long and expensive. In addition to this, you can also cause property damage when you carry heavy and large items without using the proper equipment. Property damage is again very expensive. It can cause you many problems, especially if you are moving out of a rented property. Lastly, you will be held responsible if you lose or damage something. 

Reasons why people refuse to hire movers - Time management and more freedom 

Moving is all about timing. You have to start preparing in advance, at least two months in advance if you want to organize everything properly. In addition to this, hiring moving companies in San Antonio also can be difficult depending on the time of the year. Summers are the busiest period for movers as most people do move during the summer months. Therefore, you are forced to book your moving services well in advance. This all means you are not free to manage your time as you want. When you book your moving day, everything should be ready by then. When you are working full time, it is hard to organize your day. Furthermore, people moving with children or pets, need to dedicate time to their needs as well. This all leaves you with a little time to spend on packing the entire household.  
reasons why people refuse to hire movers due to time constraints
Some people don't want to have deadlines

The counterargument for time and freedom 

Even though it is not the most comfortable feeling in this world to have a strict deadline, it has its merits as well. If you do not have a deadline, you might relax too much. This means procrastinating until it is too late. A last-minute move is not fun. Just on the contrary, it is extremely stressful. You will have to pack your entire household in a short time. If you start on time, you can pack one room a day. However, if you keep postponing the packing, you will have to pack two or more rooms in a day. In addition to this, when you are in a hurry, you are more prone to misplace or damage your items. Since you will be rushing to complete everything on time, the level of stress will increase. As you might know, stress can have negative consequences on your health.  

Reasons why people refuse to hire movers – fraudulent movers 

Unfortunately, fraudulent movers exist. They will try to take your money or disappear with your items. Neither of these two scenarios sounds appealing. For this reason, you should make sure to find only reliable movers. Here is how. 
  • Channels to find movers – ask your family and friends. If not, search on the Internet, ask in your local FB group, check your local newspapers, etc. 
  • Official websites – you should visit movers’ official website to see if they offer moving services you need.  
  • License – all reputable moving companies should have a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Association, or the FMSCA for short. 
  • Moving reviews – you can visit Yelp and similar websites. Check moving reviews of your potential moving company.  
  • Professionalism – check if movers have their own trucks, moving equipment, uniform, address, contact information, etc. 
two women looking at their phones
Be careful when looking for movers on the Internet

 It is hard to move without help 

Moving is a huge task. It is not just packing your items in the boxes. You have to disassemble furniture, pack your fragile and delicate items carefully, carry all the boxes to the moving truck, load the moving truck properly, etc. It already sounds hard and it is only beginning. Transporting your items is also a risk. You have to think about the weather and road conditions. If you are moving long-distance, then you have to make several stops. Think about hotel rooms, food, gas. It is expensive. Then, you cannot accomplish everything alone. You have to ask your family and friends to help. Will they have time to help you? Consider everything before deciding not to hire movers.


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