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Top San Antonio neighborhoods for families

Choosing the right San Antonio neighborhood to live in is challenging. And this is even more challenging when you move with a family. There are always various factors you have to consider. First, you have to check the real estate prices in the target San Antonio neighborhoods. And chose those where you can afford purchasing or renting. Also, you have to check the safety, quality of the utility services, etc. Also, there should be schools, playgrounds, and parks for children. And you must have easy access to your workplace. While checking top San Antonio neighborhoods for families, you can use some advice. Turning to residential movers San Antonio TX is a good choice. They know San Antonio very well and can be of great help to you.

What makes San Antonio so popular?

Many consider San Antonio as a very attractive place for living. It has numerous parks, great shopping centers and an excellent choice of schools. It also has many affordable and safe neighborhoods. All this is making San Antonio an attractive place for families. It is also attractive to retirees. The city is big and has an urban aura. Yet, the atmosphere of the city is calm and relaxed. Life is slow, without rush, and without stress. So, it presents a beautiful place to raise children.
Downtown San Antonio with high buildings and many other houses and top San Antonio neighborhoods for families.
There are many top San Antonio neighborhoods for families.

What else do people consider attractive in San Antonio?

San Antonio has a rich colonial heritage, which is bringing many tourists. However, it is also a major south-central Texan city, that offers a modern lifestyle for its citizens. And it has a fast-growing job market. Still, housing and living costs are affordable in San Antonio. All this is a guarantee that you can have a comfortable life in this nice city. As having a family, you would like to know that there are available a lot of outdoor activities.

Choosing the top San Antonio neighborhoods for families

When you decide the San Antonio is the right place for you and your family, you can start checking its neighborhoods. If you, by chance, have friends or relatives in San Antonio, you can go for a visit. That will give you a chance to explore the city. Of course, your friends will know what could be the best place for you. In case you have nobody there, you can organize a family trip. And use this short holiday to walk around with the family. This way, you can decide together what you like the best about the city. At the same time, you can visit a few real estate agencies. The real estate agents can show you available homes in the neighborhoods you like. When you decide to move into San Antonio, the Texas movers will do it easy and effortlessly.
Two small girls are holding hands and walking over the bridge, in one of San Antonio parks.
Kids' safety is one of the main issues for families.

Top San Antonio neighborhoods for families –  which are the best to live in?

When you have to check many neighborhoods, it can be a daunting task. By doing it on your own, you will visit many places. Most of them are not so good for families. This article will spare you from losing time and energy. How is that so? Well, we have checked the best family-friendly neighborhoods in San Antonio. Following our list, you will have to visit fewer places. As of course, you will have to see them for yourself too. So, here is our list of the five best neighborhoods in San Antonio for families!
  • Alamo Heights
  • Great Northwest
  • Northwest Crossing
  • Oak Park-Northwood
  • Terrell Hills

Alamo Heights

  • Median home price - $513,900
  • Median monthly rent - $1,307
  • Crime rate - safer than 69% other neighborhoods
Alamo Heights is a bit more expensive than other San Antonio neighborhoods. Still, it is a nice neighborhood with a lot of greenery. And there are located two of the best schools in the city. These are Alamo Heights High School and Cambridge Elementary School. Also,  the neighborhood is full of family-friendly activities. They are enjoyable for both, kids and parents. And, the parents working downtown will need merely 15 minutes to reach their offices. Moreover affordable movers San Antonio will easily move you to this nice place.

Great Northwest

  • Median home price - $119,009
  • Median monthly rent - $1,081
  • Crime rate - safer than 51% other neighborhoods
Great Northwest is excellent for those who want to escape from the big city. This is another safe San Antonio area that is excellent for families and children. There are available split-level and ranch-style houses at affordable prices. And they all have spacious yards, which are excellent for kids. In the area are also available some excellent schools. Some of them are Timberwilde Elementary School and Knowlton Elementary School. This neighborhood is a bit further from the city center. But it is a self-sufficient neighborhood with shops and restaurants. It also has many family-friendly activities.

Northwest Crossing

  • Median home price - $127,582
  • Median monthly rent - $806
  • Crime rate - safer than 57% other neighborhoods
With a lot of greenery and budget-friendly housing, this is one of the best San Antonio neighborhoods for families. It has great schools like Northwest Crossing Elementary School and James L. Carson Elementary School. There are available luxury apartments and large single-family houses. It also has great local parks. For those loving to spend a lot of time outdoors, this is a perfect place. If you decide to move to Northwest Crossing from another part of the town, consider hiring furniture movers San Antonio. With them, your relocation will be fast, easy, and stress-free.
A teacher is sitting in front of the classroom and talking to kids in front of her.
Best San Antonio neighborhoods for families also have great schools.

Oak Park-Northwood

  • Median home price - $278,430
  • Median monthly rent - $1,430
  • Crime rate - safer than 51% other neighborhoods
From Oak Park-Northwood you need about ten minutes drive to reach the San Antonio International Airport. This is a perfect place when you have to make frequent business trips. The neighborhood also has very affordable housing prices. It is a nice, self-sustainable society, perfect for families with kids. The most popular schools here are Northwood Elementary School and Alamo Heights Junior School. The neighborhood also has quick access to San Antonio Downtown.

Terrell Hills

  • Median home price - $635,100
  • Median monthly rent - $1,542
  • Crime rate - safer than 53% other neighborhoods
Terrell Hills is the perfect place for those giving priority to safety. This is one of the safest places in San Antonio. Although housing prices are higher, it is still attractive to families. And this is mostly because of its highly rated schools. The most popular schools are St. David’s Episcopal School and Southwest Preparatory School. It also offers a lot of family-friendly activities. And it is only 15 minutes away from Downtown San Antonio.

Are you ready to move to top San Antonio neighborhoods for families?

We hope this overview will help you when deciding about a place to move in. When checking the top San Antonio neighborhoods for families, you will certainly consider the other elements too. Such are your lifestyle, the available budget, etc. And maybe you will decide to look up few more available places. So, here we include a more detailed overview of the family-friendly neighborhoods of San Antonio. The final choice will be yours. However, we are sure you will be satisfied with life in San Antonio.


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