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Useful tips to help you prepare pets for relocation

If you have been planning to move recently you should prepare pets for relocation first. Pet owners know that the worst thing for them is changes. They are used on a daily routine, place that they like and smells of the home. Traveling, however, is even more stressful than changes itself. Knowing that they are our lovely parts of the family, you should make an effort to alleviate consequences as much as possible. After all, they deserve the best. You can prepare them successfully, by making small steps and adapting to them.

  • You should first care about their health - if they are healthy for traveling and how they will survive it;
  • Of course, if you are moving to another country, make sure that you have prepared proper documentation;
  • Your pets will change literally everything, so learn how to prepare them for that huge step;
  • They need to adapt to a completely new situation and living - things are worse if you need to move them to different climate and state;
  • Finally, you will be frustrated the most trying to prepare pets for relocation.

Many of the things you should know and do people have already described. Maybe is the best to start from advice on forums and sites about that. Ask people in your neighborhood who have moved with pets recently. Their experience could be precious. Or you can always ask your Texas movers - the decision is all yours.

A cat that you should also have in mind when you want to prepare pets for relocation
Cats are also hard for preparing for traveling

Prepare pets for the relocation before starting to pack

It is highly recommended to start with preparation for moving before moving starts. You should act like you have a small and extremely stubborn child. You may think that pets do not understand a thing, but you will be surprised at how much they know. Try to change small things in their environment firstly. Change parks for walking routes, for example. Prepare yourself for pets moving, too.

Inform and research about documentation

You will need a passport to your pet if you travel to a different state. It includes a report from the veterinarian about its health. Do not forget vaccines, too. Make an appointment with a veterinarian at least a month before traveling. Some states insist on a report about pet's health made 48 hours before traveling. Also, he will help you to prepare pets for relocation properly.

Choose the best time for traveling

It is obvious that you should avoid things that could make your pet nervous. Choose a day during the week for traveling. It should be the least crowded for the trip. Also, avoid holidays and weekends. As you know that pet will not like extreme temperatures, avoid them, too.

Hire professional help for your pet

Maybe sounds like too much effort, but it is the best to move your pet from the home in days when you are packing. The best option is to hire professionals and they will know what to do. We are sure that movers Wimberley TX are professional and know their job. However, it is much easier if they do not need to care about somebody’s paw and tail.

Prepare pets for relocation if you have to travel far

Your pets do not love to travel. Maybe you already have experience with that. When moving is about, you should prepare pets for long traveling as well. Choose the best transportation and make sure that it is comfortable for them. Also, prepare pets for relocation a couple of days before.

Cut claws before traveling and prepare pets for relocation

Whatever transportation is, your pet will become nervous when it is boring. In those cases, they scratch things around. In order to prevent it simply cut claws day or two before traveling. If you are in the car, use special protection for pets.

Do not forget an emergency bag

As in any other traveling, you should have an emergency bag with you. Make sure that you have all needed there, like water or food. Use the food and snack that they love the most. Also, take the first aid kit with you. You should have towels and tissues, too. Pets could make little accidents when they are nervous.

Dog food
You should prepare favorite food when moving with a pet

How to prepare pets for traveling by plane?

You may have heard that pets should not travel by plane. It is especially worth for pets with short noses. Having in mind that they must be in the box with suitcases you may feel disappointed or even scared. The best option is to choose alternative transportation. If you really must travel by plane, make sure that you have prepared pets for relocation properly.

Learn more about diseases that affect your pet while traveling by plane

Many people forget that pet's anatomy is different than humans. During the take-off, the plane makes a pressure in the cabin which not everybody can stands. Especially dogs with short noses have problems. Due to the high pressure of oxygen, they can literally die from a heart attack. It is extremely recommended to avoid transporting the pets with short noses (like pugs) by plane.

Choose as short traveling as is possible

If you really need to travel by plane, choose the shortest relations. You can even choose two or three connections during traveling. When moving to San Antonio from a different state, you will be able to choose alternative transportation as well. Keep in mind that your pet is in the box alone during traveling and you will know what to do.

A pug
Maybe you should consider traveling with pug with another type of transportation

Do not forget to put a collar

People forget that they can lose their pets when moving. So, after you prepare your pet for relocation make sure that you cannot lose the pet during transportation. A collar is actually important because of the information you will put there. Pet shops have specialized collars for traveling where you can put your name, address, and phone number. It is important because you and your pet are separated during traveling. If something happens, people at the airport will easily find you. Also, those collars cannot make troubles to your pet, like chocking.


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