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Useful tips when packing kitchen appliances

You are in the middle of a relocation process. You came to the kitchen and met all the kitchen furniture, appliances and dining utensils. Now you are wondering what to do next and where to start. Here you can find some of the tips for packing kitchen appliances. To make the whole relocation process easier, you need to hire the right company. Our moving companies in Texas, can help you deal with any difficulties. That is why it's very important to have a good company by your side. That you can rely on at any time. Even when it comes to packaging kitchen appliances. 

How to pack kitchen appliances

Before you start packing kitchen appliances, you need to make a good plan. Because the relocation process can be very difficult. If you don’t have a good plan, things can go wrong. This can cause unnecessary stress as well as high costs.  So if you have decided to move quite far from your home, long-distance movers San Antonio are the right solution to all your problems.
White kitchen, with kitchen appliances
The packaging of kitchen appliances requires a carefully planned process
Before you begin the packaging process, it's important to do some of the following steps:
  • Clean all kitchen furniture
  • Separate fragile and non-fragile items
  • Put aside the things you will need for the first few days
  • Separate bulky kitchen appliances and clean them (refrigerator, stove, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave)
  • Separate smaller kitchen appliances and clean them (mixer, blender, coffee maker, juicer)
  • Sort glasses, cups, plates, and cutlery separately

Pack your kitchen appliances properly

We finally got to the packaging of the kitchen appliances. So pay attention to our advice. Before you start packing, make sure you clean everything. Turn off the appliances, refrigerator and freezer for about 8 hours to defrost. Be sure to drain excess water from them. You can do this by putting a towel to soak up the water. As for dishwashers and washing machines, they must also be excluded. Remove the dishes from the dishwasher. You can also remove the baskets to prevent damage during transport. Drain the water from both machines and tape the power cord and hose to drain and supply water to the machine. Provide appropriate packaging, as boxes, bags, foils, foils with bubbles, etc. To pack and protect your belongings from breakage and damage. Moving and packing bulky kitchen appliances can be an extremely difficult task. Because it requires a lot of energy when it comes to loading or unloading.

Useful tips for packing kitchen appliances

When you're done sorting and cleaning, it's time to pack. It's important that you do this in an organized and proper way. So you have to have the right packaging. It would be best to have the original packaging. But if you don’t, you can improvise. Use a box or bag, but don’t forget to protect them from damage. Wrap them in bubble wrap.
A man and a woman are packing kitchen appliances
Moving the kitchen can be very difficult, but when you do everything right, there will be no problem.
You can use this useful tips for packing kitchen appliances:
  • Move the washing machine. If you want to move the washing machine, unplug it and drain the water. Tape the cable and water hose to the machine. Wrap the machine in suitable foil if you do not have the original packaging.
  • Move a dishwasher. As already mentioned, it's necessary to completely empty the machine. Remove the baskets from the machine and other parts. Unplug and drain the water. Protect it with a suitable foil and put it in the transport truck.
  • Move a fridge. It's necessary to remove all food from the refrigerator or freezer. A few days before you start packing, you can start using the food you have stored inside. This will prevent unnecessary food waste. Then clean. Then glue the door. Because in this way you will prevent the door from opening during transport and damage.

Small kitchen appliances

They also need to be cleaned. Because that way you will save time when unpacking things in your new home. After cleaning, it's time to pack. You can pack small kitchen appliances in boxes. Protect them with bubble wrap. Be sure to mark what is on the boxes. If you have difficulties with packaging, you can always contact our professionals for packing services.

What to do with those things you no longer need

Kitchen appliances you no longer need don’t have to end up in the trash or in the trash. You can give them to someone who needs them or sell them at auction. Or, if you want to do a good deed and make someone happy, you can donate it. Donate them to charity, but if they still do not qualify for donation, you can sell them. You can donate money from sold appliances or buy something else.

Your company is always with you

You are not good in the packaging process and that is why you need a professional packaging service, you are in the right place. Our movers Austin are here to offer you a wide range of services, such as packaging services, local and long distance movers Texas, loading and unloading, and secure storage solutions. We will be there for you throughout the relocation process. We will help you plan your move. And make sure to meet all your expectations and follow you with every step you take. We will avoid creating unnecessary stress as well as unnecessary costs.
Profesional movers
Professional movers will do their best to meet all your expectations during the move


Let us note once again that the most important thing is to be organized. A good plan, where you have planned each step, will be of great help to you. It's important to clean them all well before packing kitchen appliances. This way you will avoid creating unpleasant odors during transport. Another important thing is to remove excess water from your devices, thus avoiding spillage during transport. If you use some of our tips, everything will go smoothly. And if you have any difficulties, you can always contact us.


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