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Ways to upgrade your home for under $100

To decorate your house, you do not need to build a new wing. Or dig up space for an infinite pool (and pay endless dollars for it!). In fact, here are 15 ways you can significantly upgrade your home for under $100. It can be pretty useful if you want to increase your home’s value.

So, here are some ideas to upgrade your home for under $100

1. Paint

A few gallons of paint will cost you much less than $100, And it can make a huge impact if you are ready to do the work yourself. Sometimes fresh color is all you need to inspire you to rearrange the furniture, hang some art and change the setting. Ombre stripes or colors can liven up a boring room or a tired piece of furniture.
Painting door to upgrade your home for under $100
To instantly curb the exterior, paint the front door or upgrade the exterior trim

2. Organize

Set yourself a budget to upgrade your home for under $100 and go to a container store or home goods store and load baskets, shoe racks, tables for organizing your desktop or an inexpensive wardrobe system. By removing all this on the surface of your home and in special organizational spaces, you can make your home 10 times larger. And also better.

3. Use the subway tile

Tile has a reputation for being expensive. But the most fashionable tile of this decade — the basic tile of the white subway — is usually extremely affordable. They can cost as little as $1-2 per square foot. For $100, you can get enough subway tiles to tinker with your kitchen or bathroom. Or even re-line the shower if it starts to look outdated. That way, you can add a touch of luxury to your home. Of course, you should be ready to add a little sweat and elbow grease yourself. But the results of your work will be fresh, new and clean.

4. Buy plants

A large plant or tree in the ground or in a flower box in front of your home can instantly enhance the appeal of your home. In whatever climate zone you live in, you can find an attractive plant for about $100. Be it simple rosemary, succulents, evergreen or Japanese maple. Or plant flowers for $100, both in the land and in the planters, and your house will look instantly comfortable and beautiful.

5. Add patterned textiles

If you don’t have a fabric store near you, then you can often get great deals on fabrics on sites like You should consider the Premier Prints fabric line for home decor, which costs about $10 per yard or less. For this price, you can make a set of curtain panels, rebuild a bench or a set of cushions for dining chairs, upholster the headboard and, in general, use a drawing to give extra space to your home.

6. Install staging lamp

A staging lamp usually costs too much if you are trying to upgrade your home for under $100. But one great, creative solution is to use outdoor lighting, such as rustic metal lanterns, indoors. There is no danger in using an external fixture indoors, and many of these durable fixtures are very affordable.
Two lanterns
For example, hang a couple of lanterns over a dining table to upgrade your home for under $100

7. Plank wall

A really popular type these days is to cover the accent wall with rectified wooden planks. Check your local Craigslist for corrected lumber sources. An old tree can vary in price, but for $100 you can make a niche in an old siding barn or lay a corner by your fireplace. With light, straight cuts, this project is suitable even for DIY beginners. Can't afford enough rebuilt lumber, but you want them to look like wooden flooring? Try using laminate directly on your walls!

8. Upgrade front door hardware

If your entrance door is still equipped with copper fittings from the early 90s, consider upgrading it with a new set of equipment. Although these kits, which include locks, handles and knobs, come at different prices, you can find something good at a local hardware store to upgrade your home for under $100. Your front door makes a big impression on visitors, so this is a reasonable investment.

9. Hang a mirror to upgrade your home for under $100

You can purchase large mirrors at competitive prices at consignment stores or discount stores. Hanging a mirror above a cupboard, dresser or console table is a great way to bring more light into the room and make it more spacious.

10. Stencil something

Modern stencils are smart and fresh, you can buy them for $100. So try stenciling the wall with a geometric or Moroccan lattice pattern. If the wall is too ambitious for you, even a stencil of an accent element, such as a box or chair, can add an individual style to your home.

11. Frame your photos

Stop postponing the printing of all your digital photos! For $100, you can easily print several large-scale photos and get a few frames from IKEA or Target. Hang pictures in a group for more effect, especially if you can't afford a huge frame or picture. Hanging photos make your home cozier and more personal.
Photo frames on a desk
Just be sure not to go in the opposite direction, cluttering all side tables and shelves with unsuitable frames

12. Update lighting

Bad lighting can not only put you in a bad mood, but also make your house obsolete and ugly. Invest in a couple of sculptural lamps and high-quality light bulbs that will give a warm glow to your space, make you happier and make everything in your house look better.

13. Coordinate colors and patterns

Suitable sets make your home more complete, whether it is towels in the guest bathroom, bedding in the bedroom, or matching accent pillows. Do a few things to upgrade your home for under $100, and you will find that your home looks less cluttered.

14. Let the light in

This is a tip that people often use - roll up blinds, open curtains and let the sunshine light up your house. You can go a little further, getting rid of dark draperies, painting the walls in a light color or painting the dark furniture in white.

15. Clean

A clean and tidy house looks more upscale and stylish than a cluttered and dirty house. So find some good cleaning products and get to work! While you're at it, get rid of old knick-knacks, magazines, and other things that you no longer need or no longer use. Therefore, edit your stuff and show only the best. Hiring someone to clean your house may seem like a luxury, but often a professional look will catch the dirt and grime you are used to. Consider someone coming in and making your home sparkle. And that will help you upgrade your home for under $100.


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