What is the cost of renovating your Texas house?

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    After the Relocation - August 15, 2022

    When you are relocating to Texas, you probably want to live in the house of your dreams. However, sometimes, this is not possible. Either your dream house is not listed, or you cannot afford it. It happens. Luckily, you can change every single thing you do not like about your new or old house. You can renovate your house. Now, renovating your house is not simple. You will have to live in a construction zone for some time. This means saying goodbye to your comfort. In addition to this, it is expensive to renovate your house. How expensive? Here is the cost of renovating your Texas house explained. Also, remember to hire movers to move you to your new dream house. The best moving company Texas is what you need!

    The average cost of renovating your Texas house

    The exact cost of renovating your house depends on several factors. For example, how much you will renovate, the city where you live, the materials used, what you will replace, etc. The cost will be different if you plan to renovate only your kitchen as opposed to renovating your entire house. However, you can get a rough idea. Here’s an example:

    • $25,000 to $45,000 – repainting your walls and small repairs around the house
    • $46,000 to $75,000 – everything above plus the kitchen
    • $76,000 and up – everything above plus the bathroom and all the major problems, such as foundation issues, etc.

    As you can see, the most expensive parts of the house would be the kitchen and bathroom. Why? Well, household appliances commonly found in these rooms are expensive. In addition to this, do not forget the contractors. They will ask between $5,000 to $7,500 for a $50,000 renovation.

    Paint for the walls
    Combine colors to make your home beautiful

    Finances and paperwork for renovation 

    The reason for doing a renovation should not be only for aesthetic purposes. Renovation can and will raise the value of your property. For this reason, it is important to plan accordingly. If you ever end up selling your house, you can get ask for more money. First, do the market research. See what is currently popular. Then, try to combine your wishes with generally sought-after features. In addition to this, it would be wise to get advice from experts. If you have friends or family members that work as real estate agents, ask for their help. Usually, friends and family members will not ask for money for giving advice. However, experts will, so this is a good way to save money. Also, remember to get all the permission for renovation. Usually, you will have to pay certain fees.

    Make a list

    The cost of renovating your Texas house can be lower if you list important things you need to renovate. Usually, when you start renovating, you discover more problems. Are all of that problems important to do right away? Renovating your home can cost a lot of money, and you need to prioritize problems. Let’s say that the power outlet is old, dirty and the plastic is damaged. But the outlet is working properly. That is something that can be replaced later!

    Planning the cost of renovating your Texas home 

    If you plan to renovate your home even before you move in, tell your best moving company to deliver your items to your storage unit. You need to protect your furniture when renovating your house. If not, the renovation cost will increase. When planning your budget, start with permission costs. These costs will depend on your location. This means going to your local office and asking employees there. Usually, they are around 250$. Again, this number differs depending on your city, part of the town, state, country, and so on. Then, contact your contractors. Explain to them your plans. These people should come to assess your house, take measures, and so on. If you work in this field, then you already have an idea of your renovation cost. In any case, prepare your budget well in advance. Plan to spend at least 20,000$. And plan to spend money if you have to transfer big and expensive stuff. Piano movers of Texas will manage your piano relocation.

    Kitchen must be included in the cost of renovating your Texas home
    Don’t spare money for the kitchen

    Adding an extension & open concept  

    If your house is too small, you will have problems with storage space. You can rent a storage unit. However, this means monthly expenses. That is why you can add an extension. You will need permission for this feat. Usually, you will spend between $35,000 and $50,000. Again, this depends on the size of your extension and the quality of materials used. Additionally, an open concept house has been extremely popular in recent years. You can probably see the reason behind it. It is a big advantage to see your living room from your kitchen, especially when you have the guests over or supervising your kids when making lunch. If you want to go for an open space concept, first, see if your home can handle it. If the wall that divides your kitchen from the living room is supporting the entire structure, you need to leave it there.

    More numbers  

    Here are some more to consider.

    • Rewiring a house – It depends if you will rewire the entire house or just some parts. For this reason, you have a price range from $500 to $4,000.
    • Central heating – From $1,500 to $5000. Usually, older houses do not have central heating installed.
    • The kitchen – The heart of every house and also the most expensive one to renovate. You will need a couple of thousands of dollars.
    • The bathroom – The other expensive room. From $2,000 to $10,000.

    There you have all the numbers. However, remember, these are all just average costs. You need to consult with professionals. They are the only ones who can tell you the exact number of your renovation costs. However, be realistic about your wishes. You need to adapt your expectations to the condition of your house.

    Home age

    Older homes tend to hide structural issues that must be addressed when they’re discovered. An old house might have great bones, but installing new electrical wiring to current safety standards is a good idea that could save you money in the long run and save your life. Old installation can be life-threatening. Your constructor will tell you if you need to change that and tell you how much it costs. We already mentioned that it could go up to 4000$. Add 20 percent to your total budget for unforeseen costs like this. New houses usually don’t require new installations.

    The cost of renovating your Texas home in short 

    Since you are planning to renovate your home, here are more numbers to consider.

    • Structural movement – When your house is built on unstable foundations, you need to change it. It is hard to tell the cost since it depends on the condition of your foundations
    • Repairing a roof – Again, it is hard to tell. For this reason, consult your contractors
    • Timber problems – If your house is mainly built from wood, you might have problems with woodworms, rooting, etc. The cost can go between $600 to $1500
    • Repairing or replacing windows – Good insulation is important. It will decrease your utility bills. For this reason, you need to repair or even replace your windows. The cost is between $150 to $2000
    • Insulating a house – Again, insulate your house properly. The cost of this job is between $4000 to $13,000
    Renovation in process
    Renovation can be hard, and you need to plan everything right


    This is a part where your savings come in help. If you have some saved money in a bank or somewhere else, this is a time to use it. Unfortunately, the current situation in the world is changing and becoming more difficult. A loan from the bank is expensive. Wars, pandemics, and oil and energy crises around the world are shaping our world and causing stagflation. Use your savings, don’t borrow money from the bank if you don’t have to at this moment. And if you have to, sign a contract on fixed interest. A variable interest rate can be a killer for your wallet. You can call and see if you can pay in a few installments by using moving services New Braunfels and have more money for renovation.

    Calculating the cost of renovating your Texas home is important before you start everything
    Calculate everything well

    Credit Cards

    Using credit cards can also be trouble. Charging your house renovation costs on a credit card is not recommended, as credit cards come with high APRs. The average credit card APR in 2022 was 16%. And it is probably going to rise in the future due to crises that are coming. Because of high-interest charges, racking up a high balance on your card could leave you with a big debt that’s difficult to pay off. Be smart when it comes to money. Always request a moving quote New Braunfels so you know how much is everything going to cost.

    Woman holding a credit card
    The cost of renovating your Texas home can rise if you use credit cards

    Materials that you can use and lower the cost of renovating your Texas home

    When renovating, you can always speak and ask the company you have hired how you can save on materials. Some materials are cheap; some are expensive. For example, Installing hardwood flooring averages between 6$ and 12$ per square foot. On average, wood flooring costs between 3$ and 7$ per square foot for materials and 3$ to 5$ per square foot for labor. An estimate for 1000 square feet of hardwood flooring runs between 6,000$ and 12,000$. Laminate is cheaper and costs about 2.5$ per square foot. For packing your stuff, you can always use the packing services New Braunfels.

    Request Bids From Multiple Contractors

    When moving, you should request at least 3 moving quotes. This way you will know the cost of moving and who is the best mover. The same goes for contractors! The cost of renovating your new home will depend on the contractor. Ask around and look online who is the best and request from them to create a bid for your project.

    When choosing a contractor:

    • Complete interviews and check their references
    • Be very clear about both your project and your budget. If your contractor knows you’re sticking to a tight budget, they will be more likely to talk through additional expenses, project changes, and time delays
    • Make sure the contractor thoroughly understands your needs and has a clear idea of how you plan to prioritize parts of the project
    • Talk about how you will approach any unforeseen issues and how they will affect your project’s budget
    Change of wires also determines the cost of renovating your Texas home
    Check your electric installation

    Tips for saving on home renovation cost

    When creating your budget, use these tips to reduce your costs of renovation:

    • Complete demolition yourself – If you’re removing cabinets or pulling up tile as part of your renovation, consider doing this by yourself. As long as there is no expertise required, this is a good way to reduce the cost of labor and save money
    • Order fixtures and finishes yourself – Your contractor will probably charge you an hourly fee to do your shopping for your renovation. Be clear about your plans and notify your contractor that you will do this by yourself
    • Be your project manager – If you need to hire additional subcontractors for your project, do the selection and interview by yourself
    • Do your painting – Having a room painted by a professional can cost $300 or even more. If it is not too demanding and you only use one color, you can do it by yourself. New colors dry fast
    • Shop used – Instead of purchasing everything brand-new, borrow used or refurbished items when possible

    To Sum Up

    The cost of renovating your Texas house when relocating to Texas, can fluctuate. It all depends on what you want and what materials you are going to use. You should always get quality materials. If you don’t have enough money for everything, renovate the things that require your attention. If the roof is leaking, that is something that you need to finish fast. Some other things you can finish later. Always hire good contractors. You can ask around who is the best. If you don’t know anything about construction, you should let professionals do all the work! If you have some experience, you can finish some things on your own.

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