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What professional movers won’t move

Preparing for a move is not always easy. There are lots of things to take into consideration. This is especially the case when it comes to packing and moving items. However, you might be wondering what professional movers won't move during a relocation. If this is your question, then you are in the right place! In this article, we are going to cover the basic things your professional movers will not relocate. Furthermore, we are going to go over why it is important to have reliable movers New Braunfels when relocating.

The items your movers will not relocate

Perishable foods

Let us start with the basics. When it comes to items your movers will not relocate, perishable foods are on top of the list, especially if you are moving long-distance for example. The biggest problem is, movers will not be able to keep perishable foods cool during a relocation. So, you are better off emptying your refrigerator a few days before the move. This goes for items such as butter, milk and other dairy products, ice cream, fresh produce, etc. At the end of the day, everything that has been opened should probably not be relocated when it comes to food. Of course, when it comes to non-opened non-perishable items, your movers will be able to relocate them with ease. We recommend donating the food you are not able to relocate to your local charity food bank.
Fruit on a table.
When it comes to moving, perishable foods are items that professional movers won't move.


Next up on our list is plants. However, before we mention why movers generally won't relocate plants, it is important to also mention that this does not mean you have to leave all your plants behind. You will simply have to find a safe way to relocate them yourself. However, when it comes to movers, plants are often not relocated. The reason for this is due to it being impossible to safely and successfully relocate much of the different plant life out there during a slightly longer relocation. If you are moving across the block then this should not be a problem. However, moving farther than this you will have to find a different way to relocate your plants when moving to Texas. Furthermore, plants are sometimes carriers of different parasites and pests. Therefore, this is also another reason why your movers might decline to relocate your plants on a moving truck. Additionally, packing plants and loading them up onto a moving truck with the rest of your inventory is quite impossible.

Flammable items

Flammable items are a big no-no to professional movers as well as the majority of storage complexes. The reason for this is quite simple. It is far too dangerous to relocate flammable items. They pose a great danger to both movers as well as the rest of your inventory. Additionally, even if you have regular items such as lawnmowers, for example, it is extremely important to make sure you drain the gas completely before moving. Also, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, gasoline, etc. are some of the common, potentially flammable items that professional movers do not relocate. If you are looking to pack and safely dispose of these items, sell them or relocate them yourself, professional movers can assist you by offering you reliable moving boxes New Braunfels.

Hazardous and toxic materials

Similar to flammable items, professional movers will decline to move and potentially hazardous and toxic materials. There are numerous items on this list but safety is the main priority and the reason why your movers won't relocate hazardous materials. Some of the basic items on this list are the following:
  • Acids,
  • Pool chemicals,
  • Bleach,
  • Certain cleaning supplies,
  • Nail polish and polish remover.
Nail polish as : What professional movers won't move.
Professional movers will not relocate toxic and potentially hazardous materials and items.

Professional movers won't' move pets

Pets are not items and to an extent, it is quite obvious why they should not and cannot be loaded onto a moving truck. However, it is still important that we mention them here. Professional movers will not relocate your pets for you. Pets are simply not allowed to be placed at the back of a moving truck regardless of the type. You should use your own transport vehicle and safely relocate your pet to your new home.

Move irreplaceable items yourself

Certain irreplaceable items in your inventory are also considered risky to be loaded onto a moving truck. Obviously, it is not strictly forbidden for your movers to relocate the items on this list. However, the majority of irreplaceable belongings are falling into a sensitive category. For example, personal documents, cash, keys, jewelry, medicine, etc. should all be relocated by you personally. The process of moving is often unpredictable and many things can happen along the way. So, the best way of ensuring not happens to these particular items is to have them with you during the relocation process. However, if you have a sensitive item in your inventory such as a piano, always contact professional and reliable piano movers Texas to assist you in packing and moving it.

Hire professional movers to assist you with your relocation

We have mentioned already that the process of moving is quite unpredictable. Furthermore, it is also complicated and can be a stressful period for you and your family members. Therefore, to make things easier, it is best to have professional and reliable movers by your side when relocating. There are numerous benefits that you get when you hire reliable movers. Most important is the number of different moving services New Braunfels that you get at affordable prices. Professional movers will tackle the key moving-related tasks and help you safely relocate your inventory.
Professional mover.
Contact and hire reliable and professional movers to assist you with your relocation.


To sum up, the process of moving is not easy and there are lots of things that you need to take into consideration when packing your items. We have covered the basic items that professional movers won't move. Do not forget to always contact professional and reliable movers to assist you with your move to the state of Texas.


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