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Hiring professional movers has many advantages. To benefit from this move, it is important to be ready and prepare your home before the movers arrive. Here is a quick checklist for the morning of the move to make sure that you are ready for affordable movers New Braunfels to do the hard work for you.
Professional movers
Your movers will appreciate your help

Sort your things and decide their fate before the movers arrive

Decluttering before moving and organizing your belongings is a task that you should complete a month or two before the day of the move. So that you have enough time to sell or donate unnecessary things before the move. Making last-minute decisions about the fate of your property will not only lead to confusion and frustration on the day of the move but also delay your move and increase the final cost of the relocation. Therefore, we strongly advise you to sort out your things and decide what to do with them in advance:
  • Throw away damaged and worn items that you can never use again;
  • Make a donation pile of things in good condition that you no longer need or like;
  • Set aside more interesting things that you can sell on Craigslist to put extra money in your pocket.

Separate items professional movers cannot transport

By law, there are some things that professional movers cannot transport. From hazardous materials to certain types of plants and some others, this is what you want to know about. As soon as you learn about the items that you need to move yourself, you should separate them from other content. And there are also some items you should throw away before the move, so make sure to separate them, too.

Make a detailed inventory of items that you are going to entrust to movers

As soon as you decide that you are going to move to your new home, create a detailed list of the inventory of items that you intend to entrust to the movers:
  • Record all important information about each individual item that will be in a moving truck. Type, number of items of the same type, material, brand, serial number, estimated cost, or any other distinctive signs depending on the situation;
  • Indicate the current state of the object - describe in detail the actual state of the object and record all the previously existing damage;
  • Include photographs of the item (taken shortly before the move) and all relevant documentation (warranties, service receipts, certificates of authenticity, evaluation statements, etc.).

Label your boxes before the movers arrive

The next thing you should do is label your moving boxes if you have not done so already. You should do this during the packing process to ensure that you organized everything properly. It also allows movers to place boxes in the appropriate rooms once in a new house.

Protect your home

So, you have planned all the details, have done everything possible to facilitate the process of moving to Austin, and have prepared your goods for shipment. Now, how to prepare your house for the movers so that it remains in good condition after the chaotic day of the move?
  • Cover floors and carpets with tarpaulin, old sheets or blankets, large pieces of cardboard or any other suitable protective materials. This will not only protect the floor from damage and dirt. But also improve the grip of your movers with heavy furniture. Consider the use of specialized protective films for carpets or plywood sheets for more expensive carpets and better floor finishes;
  • Place mats in front of the entrance to your home to prevent dirt from entering;
  • If it is raining or snowing outside, put old floor mats on doors and corridors to avoid rainwater, snow, and dirt on the floor;
  • Cover the stairs with protective, non-slip materials;
  • Wrap the railing with moving blankets or other thick fabrics;
  • Cover the walls with old sheets;
  • Use wall corner rails and stair rails to prevent dents or chipped corners;
  • Protect the doorframes with foam before the movers arrive.
Door frame
You don't want that door to be ruined when the movers arrive, right?

Measure doors before your movers arrive

If you have extra time, measure the doors and record the information. Professional movers will be glad to know the size. If you expect any difficulties when maneuvering large pieces of furniture through the doors, consider removing them from the hinges for a while.

Prepare your furniture

If you are going to use moving blankets or wrap your furniture in packing materials, now is the time. When the movers arrive, everything must be ready for them to grab your things and pack them into a moving truck.

Remove art from walls

You can have a great work of art that you are going to move as is. Remove them from the wall so that the movers can easily grab them. However, it is recommended to wrap the works of art in protective layers to ensure their arrival at your new home in the same condition. So you can take this step of packing your artwork in advance.

Unplug everything before the movers arrive

From mobile phone chargers to large home appliances, it’s important to turn off everything. When movers pick up heavy objects, hooking the plug still in the wall can cause injury. So turn off everything. Even if the main devices are not being moved, they should still be turned off.

Start cleaning

You will be surprised how much cleaning needs to be done on the day of the move. While you are waiting for the movers, start working with small cleaning tasks. Clean countertops, clean empty rooms and wash cabinets.

Say goodbye to your neighbors

Finally, go to the neighbors and say goodbye. Although you may plan to visit them soon, it may be longer than expected, depending on how busy you are when you arrive at your new home.
Empty house
As your current home becomes empty, double-check each room to make sure nothing is left behind
Summing up, the best way to prepare before the movers arrive is to do everything possible to speed up and facilitate their work. Proper preparation will help you avoid delays, accidents, misunderstandings, and failures on the day of the move and ensure you have a successful move. Good luck!


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