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If you ever wondered what to expect from full service movers, the answer is rather simple. Everything. This may be a bit rich for some pockets, but if you are not really bothered by prices or costs, you can really expect everything. And this is what you wished for in the first place. Hiring professional movers to provide a full service means that you will not have to move a muscle. This will be saving a lot of your time. Furthermore, this will be very comfortable. You will be able to actually enjoy your relocation since you will have your work done for you. Of course, for a certain price.
A person holding a home sign.
All you have to do is look forward to your new home.
This price is not sky high, and its something most people moving can afford. As the moving industry developed, this type of service has become more frequent. In this article, we will be covering what to expect from full service movers. The answer to this question is everything. But, what does everything entail? You should be aware of everything that you are getting for your money before you begin considering such an option. Of course, this costs more than any other moving service you would wish to purchase, but to a very large extent, it is worth it. So, without further ado, let's dig into the list of things you can expect from full service movers.

What to expect from full service movers - the golden list

This service can be considered premium. But, some people don't see it as such. The fact of the matter is, to us at least, anything that you can do on your own - but wish to hire someone to do it for you is a premium service. This is one such example. There are numerous things you can do on your own when you are relocating. However, your decision is not to do anything and to rather go on a vacation or rest with your family. While you are doing so, a team of highly trained professionals is taking care of everything else for you. This type of service, obviously, costs more than any other. And this is fine. You are getting your money's worth, by far. Even if you have a piano to move, our piano movers NB are there to provide assistance. But, what does a full service entail? What are they covering and are there bits and pieces that they are not covering? We will try to provide answers to all these questions.

What to expect from full service movers - begin by asking the chosen movers

Before you can proceed to do anything, you need to get in touch with the said moving company. There are various definitions of what full service is, and they will vary from company to company. This is why your very first step should be getting in touch with the company and starting a discussion. This is beneficial to you for several reasons. The first and more important reason is the fact that you are trying to get a moving estimate. This is something that should be of highest value to you, especially when you are in the process of picking a moving company. This moving estimate can be a binding one and a non-binding one. And the one you receive depends on the moving company.
Moving trucks.
Our trained professionals can take care of absolutely everything for you.
The one that is the most beneficial to you is the binding one, as this is something that you can rely on, and more importantly, make plans based on. This estimate is made based on the information you give. The moving company would ask:
  • Where you are moving from
  • Where you are moving to
  • How many items you are moving
  • How soon you need to move
  • Is it a house or a flat?
The more information you provide them with - the better the moving estimate. The second thing you should talk about is what it is that they will do for you as a full service.

After you receive the estimate - talk about the service

The estimate should leave you with a certain price. This price will be something that may or may not change, but the fact remains. For this price, you get a list of services that you will be getting. The more you ask for - the higher the price will be. Still, the most usual full service move provided by a moving company will include:
  • Packing and preparation
  • Transportation
  • Unloading at the new destination
  • Storage service (if needed)
  • Unpacking and sorting everything in the new home or office
This full service basically covers everything that you may need. This means that, once you leave clear instructions, you could simply not be present at all. You could take your family on a vacation, and once the vacation is done you would return to an already completed move. Luxurious, isn't it? This is what to expect from full service movers. A complete service, a pretty comfortable thing. And it doesn't' matter whether you need commercial movers or residential movers NB. We have it all covered.
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So, sit back and relax.
This means that you will not have to dabble with packing or preparing anything for the move. You would just leave a very clear list of instructions for them to follow and complete your relocation for you. All you need to do is try to enjoy and look forward to your relocation, as this is something people rarely do nowadays. People usually get very stressed and frustrated by their move since there are too many things to think about. However, if you have a trained team of professionals armed with good equipment, to them this will be a breeze. Something that you can never achieve on your own.


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