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Why Is El Paso the City of Your Dreams?

If you want to experience a great vacation, or if you are looking for a new place to live and work, then you should know why El Paso is the city of your dreams. It is the largest American city on the border with Mexico. However, it is always difficult when you have to decide whether you want to move or not. It is not easy to organize the entire relocation, move to an entirely new city, start fresh, and build your life all over again. Organizing a relocation is another challenge for everyone that plans to move. It would be quite unfortunate to start your life in El Paso with a bad moving experience. For this reason, you should hire professional movers Texas for your relocation. Once you hire your movers, here is everything you can expect when moving to El Paso. 

Get to know your future city before moving to El Paso 

El Paso offers beautiful desert landscapes and a huge variety of flora and fauna. Temperatures are average to low 80s during the summer and above 40 during the winter. The atmospheric, sunny climate of El Paso and the mountains of Franklin is the backdrop of a young, culturally diverse population that has a rich heritage that embraces the past and builds the future of the city. Residents have the luxury of great city amenities without the big trouble of the city. The high quality of life is provided by affordable housing, low crime rates, and minimal travel on major highways and interstate highways. For this reason, you can enjoy all the benefits of living in this city by hiring local movers Texas. This is by far the best way to start your new life in El Paso.  
moving to El Paso to live in a big building
El Paso has the luxury of large city amenities without the trouble of the large city

What do you know about El Paso? 

El Paso stands on the Rio Grande across the border of Mexico and the United States from Ciudad Juarez. The two cities and Las Cruces in the neighboring state of New Mexico constitute a united international metropolitan area. A region of over 2.7 million people is the largest bilingual workforce in the Western Hemisphere. Since it is close to the Mexican border, it would be a huge advantage if you spoke Spanish. You will be able to find a job pretty easily in this case. As you can see, this region alone has 2.7 million people. The city itself is the most populous city, with almost 700 000 residents. Lastly, El Paso is one of the safest places in the country, despite the negative assumptions associated with living in a border city. Therefore, you can safely live here when moving here with residential movers Texas.

The job market in El Paso 

Are you relocating to El Paso and looking for a new job position? The economy and employment market of El Paso are well known for being diverse. Numerous essential industries, including manufacturing, financial services, the military, transportation, logistics, and retail, are present in the local economy. More than 70 Fortune 500 corporations call it home. In addition to this, the city has the headquarters of Western Refining, a Fortune 500 company, and three publicly traded companies. As well as home to the Medical Center of the Americas, the only medical research and medical complex in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. The University of Texas at El Paso, the main university in the city, is also here. The city hosts the annual post-season football game, Sun Bowl, the second oldest bowl in the country, perfect for visiting after moving with long distance movers Texas. 
person working with a cup of coffee
Many people are moving to El Paso because of its booming job market

The low cost of living 

The affordable cost of living in El Paso is one of the top reasons to relocate there. There is no need to search further if you want to find a place where you can receive great value for your money. In reality, El Paso has a 10% cheaper cost of living than all of the US. Rent, food, transportation, and utility costs are all below the national average. Additionally, people may save even more money because there is no state income tax. Living in Dallas is 23 percent more costly than living in El Paso, while Austin is 46.6 percent more expensive when moving with local movers Austin. Despite having an annual income of $$48,866 on average. El Pasoans should earn around $50,150 on average to live comfortably in the city. Top earners in El Paso typically make approximately $36 per hour, compared to the city's $7.25 minimum wage. 

Moving to El Paso because of affordable housing 

In addition to having a low cost of living, housing is also reasonably priced. El Paso's housing costs are 22% less than the national average. El Paso's real estate market is well known for its cheap mortgage rates and affordable prices. However, it is nevertheless highly competitive and in high demand. Since it has become a seller's market, there do not appear to be enough homes available to keep up with market trends. Future homeowners will probably find themselves in a fierce battle to obtain the house of their dreams as more and more people relocate into town from out of state. El Paso's average property price is around $170,000, significantly less expensive than purchasing a home while relocating to other major cities. As of this year, new houses in El Paso are selling on average in under 62 days. 
houses in a row with colorful roofs
El Paso offers affordable housing and low costs of living

The real estate market is well-grounded and valued 

El Paso's home values are growing, and this makes real estate a worthy investment. In the city, more and more people are looking for property. If you are a resident and you see a bargain, then you can find companies that buy homes in El Paso, the city of your dreams. Therefore, this will allow you to quickly free up capital and make the purchase of a dream. Residents live comfortably, and the weather is good. El Paso recently received high marks for being one of the safest metro areas in the country. Another good point is that El Paso has an excellent education system, and some schools and universities received high marks. When moving with kids, this is an important point. For this reason, get yourself movers and packing services Texas for your relocation to El Paso.

What El Paso, the city of your dreams, has to offer 

There are numerous reasons to move to Texas. But why should you move to El Paso, the city of your dreams? In classic western style and geography, this family town has many attractions and wonderful places to visit. So, here are some of the main reasons why you should search or even move to El Paso, the city of your dreams.

El Paso, Texas - a culturally rich city

This city has strong Latin American influences. And the fact that it is so close to the Mexican border makes El Paso a multicultural, cosmopolitan area, rich in culture and mixed traditions. The Museum of History of El Paso contributes to the development of a multicultural and multiethnic way of life in the city. And visitors can better understand the value of such a society. This city has a rich, mixed history that is worth learning. Art lovers, history buffs, and people who like to visit historically rich neighborhoods should plan a visit here. Interactive exhibits at the El Paso Museum of History provide information about the last 400 years and the history of El Paso. The Chamizal National Memorial Cultural Center houses a museum, an amphitheater, galleries, and exhibitions.
moving to El Paso to visit a small dinner
El Paso is culturally very diverse and interesting to explore

It has several attractions

El Paso offers the following wonderful sights: 
  • El Paso zoo 
With 35 acres of green space and exotic animals, the zoo is one of the favorite places in the city. The zoo hosts special seasonal events, such as the winter holidays. 
  • El Paso Street 
The first and oldest street in the city is popular among tourists and history lovers. 
  • Downtown El Paso 
As in many other urban areas of the city, you can find many shopping centers, squares, public buildings, restaurants, and museums where holidays are celebrated and where numerous events and shows are held annually. Visitors love to walk, go sightseeing and take lots of photos.  El Paso is a cultural crossroads with a large culinary scene. And special gastronomic exhibition events are held throughout the year at which visitors can explore Mexican culture and cuisine, as well as authentic southern food. 
  • National Park of Guadalupe Mountains 
If you like outdoor activities and nature, this may be one of the best places to visit. This place is quite popular among tourists and bikers. And tourists come to see the wildlife and beautiful landscapes in the park.

Gastronomy El Paso

Due to the mixing of cultures, you can be sure that Tex-Mex food is common in El Paso restaurants, bars, and cafes. The food is really tasty. We can tell you that you will not regret trying rich food in the city. In addition to this, according to legend, the margarita was created in 1942 at a tavern named Tommy's Place in the El Paso region. The margarita is, without a doubt, one of the best cocktails in the world. However, no one is precisely sure how it came to be. Order a margarita in El Paso to honor the city's founding fathers. Not only is it extremely popular here, but residents also love their margaritas. This would be the best way to meet new people after your relocation. Nothing is better than enjoying a margarita or two after a stressful moving period.  

The weather in El Paso

El Paso's residents should anticipate hot, dry summers combined with brief, chilly winters because the city is in the desert. With an average high temperature of 95 degrees, June is the warmest month of the year and one of the hottest areas to be in Texas. January is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of just 30 degrees. Due to pleasant temperatures and sunny days, April, May, and October are regarded as the most comfortable months of the year. El Paso has 297 sunny days per year, which is much higher than the national average. Additionally, it only has 10 inches of annual rain, compared to the national average of 38 inches. El Paso gets an average of three inches of snow throughout the winter, despite the fact that the region may not get much of it. Do not forget to bring your ski gear! 
a house with the flag of Texas
It can be quite hot in El Paso, but you can expect to see snow as well

Why should you move to El Paso? 

All these factors mean that El Paso, the city of your dreams, remains a fantastic and vibrant place to live, work, or visit. The city offers the most amazing combination of sights, culture, safety, and infrastructure right on your doorstep. One of the only dangers you can experience is the amount of Tex-Mex food you consume. Take our word for it - this is an amazing place that will continue to surprise you in the years to come! So, wait no more and take that next step to your future life in El Paso. When moving to El Paso, hire professional Texas movers and start your new life in this perfect place. 


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