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5 things you will love about living in San Antonio

San Antonio offers many exciting possibilities to its citizens, from entertainment, great food, and culture, to job opportunities. Therefore, it’s no wonder many people decide to become residents of the famous Countdown city. If you are one of them, there are many things you will love about living in San Antonio! Just take the first step, and reliable Texas movers will make your dream of relocating to San Antonio come true. 

There are some essential facts you should know about San Antonio.

San Antonio has developed from its humble beginnings in the 1800s to become a massive residential and industrial center. Currently, it’s the seventh biggest city in the US by population, and the second in Texas, after Houston. Since it’s lively and thriving with all kinds of activity, more people are considering moving to San Antonio than ever.
This beautiful panorama is one of the things you will love about living in San Antonio
As the second biggest city in Texas, San Antonio attracts many new residents every year.
Another trivia about San Antonio is that locals have an appreciation for the military, which has many bases in the area. In fact, this love is so great that one of the most popular nicknames for San Antonio is "Military City." So, if you’re a part of the army, you’ll certainly feel at home here! 

A more affordable housing market is definitely one of the things you will love about living in San Antonio

Housing is becoming more difficult to secure across the United States, especially keeping in mind the rising cost of owning property. However, even though real estate prices in San Antonio are also going up, the median house price is around $265,000. That is still significantly below the national average, which makes San Antonio a good place to buy a home.  However, other people might have the same idea in mind, because homes in San Antonio are usually sold within a month. Therefore, if you find the perfect place for yourself, you'd better grab the deal before someone else does! For other steps of the moving process, just ask furniture movers San Antonio for help.

Living in San Antonio means living among history 

What you’ll love about living in San Antonio is that it’s both a rising, modern metropolis and a historically significant city. As a local, you get to see historical landmarks like the Alamo every day. Alternatively, you can frequently explore some of the historical monuments on the San Antonio Mission Trail
The Alamo is also one of the things you will love about living in San Antonio.
When you live in San Antonio, you can see significant historical monuments every day.
However, if you’re more interested in art, you can visit the San Antonio Museum of Art instead. There, you will be able to see notable works by American artists as well as relics excavated from Latin America. It’s safe to say that San Antonio has a rich history to discover no matter what your interests are!

San Antonio has many family-friendly neighborhoods

San Antonio is more of a conglomerate of small towns and suburbs than a huge concrete jungle. So, even though it’s quite urban, San Antonio still hasn't lost its neighborly and family-friendly mentality. That makes it a perfect city to raise a family and make new friends. That being said, there are a number of great residential areas in San Antonio to choose from, depending on your preferences.  For example, Alamo Heights and Helotes are excellent choices for families searching for a great school district. If you are looking for a prestigious area to live in, Stone Oak is the right neighborhood for you. No matter what you decide, residential movers San Antonio will be there to make your relocation much easier.

Culture and diversity are just some of the things you will love about living in San Antonio

San Antonio is famous for its bustling culinary scene, with authentic Tex-Mex food and barbeque among its most well-known attractions. Moreover, it’s a very diverse place to live, with a large young and Hispanic population. So, it’s no wonder people here love to celebrate, as seen by city-wide festivals like Fiesta and Dia de Los Muertos.
River Walk, one of the San Antonio most famous attraction.
Hanging out at River Walk is one of the things you will love about living in San Antonio.
Many of the city's cultural checkpoints are in the heart of San Antonio, along the famed River Walk. Popular among residents and tourists alike, it’s the best place to go for dining, culture, and shopping in the area. Also, if you love amusement parks, you’ll always be entertained at San Antonio’s Sea World or Six Flags!

San Antonio has great job and networking opportunities

Despite its size, San Antonio is a close-knit community where everyone seems to know you. From a professional standpoint, this proximity can be a huge benefit, because networking is so much easier here. Building a positive, hard-working reputation can help you land a job where you can achieve your maximum earning potential! Speaking of jobs, one of the things you will love about living in San Antonio is its vibrant job market. In San Antonio, you can easily find a job in health care or bioscience. It’s also a good place for people looking to find work in the aerospace and information technology fields. However, perhaps you’re not interested in working for someone else, or in a big company at all. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that San Antonio is very friendly to entrepreneurs!

Final verdict about living in San Antonio

San Antonio is one of those cities that you fall in love with the moment you arrive. There are so many activities and adventures to enjoy that it appears that living here is the best option. So, we are certain that there will be so many things you will love about living in San Antonio!


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