Are Thanksgiving open houses worth the hassle?

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    Texas Housing - November 2, 2019

    Having an open house or not having an open house for Thanksgiving weekend: that is the question! Many sellers suggest that Thanksgiving weekends and the week between Christmas and New Year are not the right time for open doors. Some real estate agents do not agree. Thanksgiving open houses have many advantages since people will have enough time to visit them carefully. But, they also require some extra work, and not to mention interrupting your family time. In this article, we will see if having an open house on Thanksgiving is worth the hassle.

    Not the best time to list your home … or is it?

    Historically, most home sellers will wait to list their homes in January after the entire holiday season and New Year’s frenzy. However, if you ask several real estate agents, they will tell you that they always do very well when they place their houses on the market between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The theory is that competition and inventory are much less present. Sellers get all the traffic for themselves, as there are fewer houses on the market for preview.

    Open house sign
    And when they come across your sign, potential buyers will be glad to see that there are some Thanksgiving open houses

    What are the advantages of Thanksgiving open houses?

    As we already said, having an open house on Thanksgiving can be pretty beneficial. Although you might think that people will avoid leaving their house on that family holiday, that is not completely true. When people are planning to move with one of the moving companies in Texas, every day they can spend on looking for a new house is a good day. So, let’s see what are the benefits of opening your house on Thanksgiving.

    Less competition

    Often, due to the fact that both sellers and their agents assume that the holidays are closed if you have an open day on Thanksgiving, you will have fewer competitors. Typically, the number of open houses during Thanksgiving is less than half what a regular weekend can have. This means that your home may receive more exposure than with more competition on the same day.

    Thanksgiving open houses attract more serious buyers

    Since many people have a day off, for them this may be the best opportunity to go out and see. When the buyer and seller are both serious, the Thanksgiving open houses may be effective. When shoppers are motivated, they are more than happy to stroll through Black Friday shops in the hope of finding a suitable home. A recent survey of real estate agents showed that two-thirds of them believe that the seller of real estate on Black Friday is more serious. And more than sixty-one percent believe that buyers on Black Friday are more serious.

    Year-end time

    If the buyer, for financial reasons, needs to complete the transaction before the end of the year, Thanksgiving weekend is the last opportunity for great progress towards this goal. Homebuyers who expect their bonuses at the end of the year to add to their down payment often use holidays for home hunting.


    Young couples seeking to move closer to their families most often “come home” for the holidays. Since they are in this area anyway, they take the time to see what is available on the market. Exposing your home to customers during this time can give them the incentive they need to make the move with movers Seguin TX that they already want to make.

    House in suburb
    And your house might be just the one they need

    It is quiet even where the sun does shine

    It is not all perfect. Organizing Thanksgiving open houses has one big disadvantage – a lack of potential buyers. Obviously, warmer states have an advantage over colder states when it comes to home sales in winter. In fact, for many in Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, and even parts of California such as Palm Springs, it is the high season. Cities are crowded with a lot of vacationers, but in most cases, the same holiday trends apply.

    People are still more interested in holidays, relaxation, and putting sunscreen than in home shopping. Thus, although homeowners are not racing the upcoming weather to close the sale, they know that they won’t get as many viewers until January.

    Thanksgiving open houses – the best practices

    Having an open house in the winter has both advantages and disadvantages. But, to make sure people will come to your open house, you should prepare your house for sale. So here are a few recommendations that will help you ensure the success of your open house.


    • Do not overdo it. Although buyers may adore your holiday decor, they also want to see the features of the home.
    • Do not forget to remove the remains of the festive feast. This includes airing cooking odors from the previous day. When the house closes in winter, these stale smells persist, although those who live in the house no longer smell them.
    • Do not hang around. Find a special place to take your family while your agent is in your open house. You can check one of the family-friendly activities in New Braunfels. Buyers, even serious buyers, may be uncomfortable asking serious questions if the homeowners are present.


    • Do put your pet in a safe place. Strangers in the house can be troubling to your pet. And potential buyers may find the animals intimidating or repulsive, especially if you have rats or hamsters.
    • Do turn on all the lights. In winter, the sun sets early, and even daytime Thanksgiving open houses can find a cloudy day. Potential buyers prefer bright rooms. This means that windows and shutters must also be open.
    • Do keep warm to a comfortable temperature. Although your family may prefer it to be cooler, or you decide to save energy by putting on sweaters and extra layers, do not think that your potential buyer will appreciate these efforts.
    Open house
    Basically, you should set your house as you would on any other open house day

    Bottom line of Thanksgiving open houses

    No matter where you live, Thanksgiving is a holiday you should spend with your family and friends. But, that does not mean that you cannot also do some other things. Thanksgiving open houses are great if you want to find serious buyers for your house. Or if you want to find the perfect home for yourself. Who knows, maybe Thanksgiving can offer you something more than just quality family time.

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