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Over the past few years, many people have moved to San Antonio. This city with 1.5 million residents boasts a rich colonial heritage and is a very attractive place of residence for various demographics. A low cost of living and a growing job market make this city an ideal place to live. Newcomers even have the best Texas movers at their disposal. As this is a diverse city, it might be hard to find the right neighborhood to rent a place in SA. Let the professional movers from Evolution Moving Company NB guide you through rental opportunities in this amazing city.

Best places to rent a place in SA

Although the surge in the local economy allowed many residents to become homeowners, renting is still very popular among the residents of SA. Many millennials have moved to SA in a recent couple of years. This generation prefers renting to homeowning; therefore San Antonio is a perfect place for them. And not just for millennials. Various types of people find their homes here. But before taking the plunge and buying their own home, many people like to try renting a flat or a house first. A big city such as San Antonio consists of various neighborhoods that cater to different lifestyles. Some of the best ones are:
  • Alamo Heights
  • Downtown
  • Terrell Heights
  • Midtown
  • Converse
  • Hollywood Park
River Walk in San Antonio
San Antonio boasts many beautiful places with plenty of entertainment

Alamo Heights

As one of the best places for living in Texas, this neighborhood offers many renting opportunities. It is a part of a Greater San Antonio area and has a population of just over 7,000 inhabitants. The old part of SA boasts upscale neighborhoods and some of the best museums, shops, and bars in the city. Rent prices are reasonable and there is a multitude of housing options to choose from. It is advisable to run extensive research on this place before hiring the best residential movers in San Antonio TX. No matter whether you want a simple abode or a mansion-like residence, Alamo Heights can cater to your taste.


If you prefer urban living with condos and high-rise apartments, then SA Downtown is a perfect choice. The proximity of the waterfront and all major amenities and institutions within walking distance make this area perfect for living. The touristy but charming River Walk within the area brings entertainment to your San Antonio lifestyle. An array of various bars, restaurants, and nightclubs makes the downtown an attractive place of residence. However, apart from the entertainment and tourist attractions, it is important to mention that downtown SA is home to many schools and colleges.
the Alamo
Renting a place downtown means you will be within walking distance of the major tourist attractions
History-lovers should know that the Alamo is located in the heart of San Antonio. For all those who are fond of urban yet a bit traditional scenery, downtown San Antonio is the area where they should seek their rental options.

Terrell Heights

Located next to the famous Alamo Heights, this small place is home to 10,000 residents. It is known to be a very safe area, which makes it ideal for retirees and families. Unlike the downtown, Terrell Heights offers vast green spaces and many great spots for outdoor activities. Also, the crime rate is low, the traffic is light, and it is 15 minutes away from the downtown, the airport, and major highways. The housing is also very affordable. For example, the median 1-bedroom rent is $700. For those fond of a serene life in a small community, Terrell Heights is the perfect place to be. In case you decide to rent a place in Terrell Heights and move there, perhaps you will need assistance with relocation. Packing is one of the most tiresome moving-related activities, but the best packing service San Antonio has may make your relocation easier. Professional movers have high-quality packing supplies, the right tools, and equipment, as well as the knowledge and skill, to seamlessly conduct your entire relocation process.


Midtown is another area of San Antonio that is ideal for people who like urban living. The median rent is just slightly higher than on the outskirts. For instance, you can rent a one-bedroom place for just over $900. The area is filled with historic apartment buildings, restaurants, and cafes. Midtown possesses a creative vibe and attracts a lot of interesting people. Most residents here rent their homes, which makes it a perfect destination for those reluctant to own their own place.
a house ideal if you wish to rent a place in SA
Whether you opt for a condo or a big house with a front yard, there is a variety of affordable options to rent a place in SA


Located on the east side of San Antonio, Converse offers inexpensive housing options. From historic buildings to new build homes, there is a variety of renting options to choose from. This large area of 28,000 inhabitants, and usually there are many available houses and apartments to rent. One of the many perks is that the best movers Converse TX are at your disposal, should you need assistance when moving to a new home.

Hollywood Park

This high-end area of San Antonio is so popular that it is sometimes hard to find a place to rent. It owes its popularity to safety and excellent schools. Hollywood Park is not as close to the city center as other areas, but here you can find very affordable housing options and have a great quality of life. If you decide to rent a place in SA, you cannot go wrong. Whatever area or suburb you choose, you are guaranteed to have a very high quality of life. From dense urban areas to peaceful suburban places, this city possesses a variety of living and housing options. Cultural and historical heritage, vast outdoor spaces for sports activities, many academic institutions, colorful and creative restaurants, shops, bars, and farmer's markets all play an important role in the everyday life of this city. Once you decide where to rent a place, check out some of the prominent attractions such as the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Enjoy your new hometown to the fullest.  


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