Common mistakes when moving a piano

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    Home Improvement Guide - February 24, 2021

    Are you planning to transport your grand piano from one home to another? Lifting and carrying large objects is everything but easy. Besides damaging the instrument, there are many complications that could occur during this process. If you already started planning this process, reliable movers from Evolution Moving Company will be able to help. Whether you plan to hire movers or try to handle a DIY move, take a look at the following guide. Here’s how you can avoid common mistakes when moving a piano.

    How to avoid mistakes when moving a piano?

    Moving a household is not easy to organize, but some items could be more difficult to relocate than others. Sensitive inventory like musical instruments requires careful planning of the moving process. If you want to avoid mistakes when moving a piano, you should make a plan for this relocation. First, you should consider the size of the instrument and the distance of the move. If you decide that this task is too difficult for you to handle, you can always hire professional moving assistance.

    piano keys
    Without professional moving assistance, moving a piano can be a dangerous task.

    On the other hand, it’s possible to move it with some help from your friends. The point is, this task is not something one person can handle. This is why you should think twice about whether you should try a DIY relocation of your piano or not. The best way to avoid mistakes when moving a piano is to hire a reliable moving crew. With some of the best piano movers San Antonio has to offer, the piano moving process will be safe and efficient. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when moving a piano:

    • Not using the right equipment
    • Hiring an unreliable moving company
    • Wearing the wrong clothes on a moving day
    • Moving a piano in a cluttered room

    Not using the right equipment

    The biggest concern with moving large items is not only their size. With instruments like a piano, disassembling into smaller pieces is not always an option. This is why professional movers use special equipment in order to move the instrument safely. Since the grand piano cannot be disassembled, movers use additional equipment to carry it from one place to another. Professional equipment is one of the reasons that you should consider hiring a moving company. No matter how skilled and strong you are, moving oversized musical instruments is not a one-man job. Before you decide to relocate your piano, consider looking for companies that specialize in moving special items.

    broken piano keys
    Wrong handling of your musical instrument during the move can cause damage or even serious injuries.

    Handling a DIY piano relocation

    Moving your household without professional movers is doable. However, one of the biggest mistakes when moving a piano is avoiding hiring professionals. If this musical instrument is the only oversized item in your home, you can easily hire movers just for the sake of moving it. Many moving companies in the US provide piano moving as a separate service. All you have to do is to let them know when and where to come and pick up your instrument. Keep in mind that professionals have experience with this process, so they’ll know how to plan the process, one step at a time.

    Hiring unreliable moving assistance

    Unlike most furniture pieces, a piano is not easy to disassemble. Moreover, it’s often impossible to do so. Hiring movers could be a good idea in this situation, but there will be another decision you’ll have to make. Choosing between cheap and quality movers is not easy, which is why you should consider the value of your instrument. To make it simpler, we can put it this way. Saving money on a moving service sounds appealing, but losing the value of your instrument during transportation can also be a big loss. This is why you should look only for reliable companies who have years of experience in the moving business. Movers who know how to handle a piano relocation will save you a lot of trouble.

    Wearing the wrong clothing and footwear on a moving day

    With all the mistakes when moving a piano you could make, this one doesn’t seem obvious. However, if you plan to assist your movers or relocate a piano with help from friends, you will need to wear the right clothing. For example, wearing slippers or open-toe shoes could cause you to slip and injure yourself. This is why you should prepare comfortable and safe clothing and footwear for the moving day.

    Moving a piano in a cluttered room

    When planning a piano relocation, there is another part of the plan you should consider. Since we’re talking about a large instrument, making room for it can be a challenge. If you are moving from a small apartment, it will be important to clear the space around the instrument. In case you move it around furniture pieces and other items on the floor, you could scratch the piano or make even bigger damage. If you decide to hire some of the reliable professional movers San Antonio has to provide, they will advise the same. In order to avoid common mistakes when moving a piano, you should prepare the room for the moving process.

    piano in a big room
    Before moving your piano, make sure you have a clean space to work in.

    How to stay safe while moving a piano?

    One of the main challenges of piano relocation is safety. Since it is a heavy item and it’s not regularly shaped, it’s not easy to lift and carry it. In order to stay safe and avoid dangerous mistakes when moving a piano, you should seek professional moving assistance. Your movers will know how to plan the moving day one step at a time. Besides, hiring them will save you a lot of trouble, and more importantly, keep your instrument safe.

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