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    Moving Preparation - September 1, 2022

    If you plan on moving somewhere in Texas, the city of Austin or Round Rock should be taken into consideration. These are the places that offer a lot of different opportunities. Downtown Austin vs Round Rock, which is better for a living? If you want to find an answer to that, continue reading! But, first, we must mention the importance of movers when you want to relocate. Especially long distance relocations. People don’t move every day, and most are not familiar with moving. Because of that, people make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that can cost a lot of money, a lot of stress, and a lot of time. If you want to avoid all that, companies like Evolution Moving Company NB are the right way to go. With them, you will never have any problems relocating.

    What can you expect in Austin, Texas?

    Austin is one of the most popular cities in this part of the USA. It offers a lot of great opportunities for people. If you choose Downtown Austin, prepare for noise, traffic jams, and good nightlife. Some people like that. They enjoy loud music, clubs, and fast life. Some people can’t handle that, so the better option for them would be Round Rock. We will talk about Round Rock later in the text. Here, in Austin, you can find a great job. This place is a moderately expensive place to live, but it also has comparably high wages to offset the cost of living. You can earn a lot if you are a skilled worker. For local moving, if you are moving from one neighborhood to downtown, local moving companies Austin TX is the way to go! They will relocate you quickly.

    Capital building in Austin, Texas
    Downtown Austin vs Round Rock – Austin is a magnificent place to live in

    Prices in Austin

    When it comes to prices, we mentioned that Austin could be a little expensive. But, that shouldn’t stop you because you have an opportunity to earn money to support that! The cost of living is based on a US average of 100. An amount below 100 means Austin is cheaper than the average.

    • Overall – 119.3 
    • Food and Grocery – 96.7
    • Health – 94.4
    • Housing – 159.6
    • Median Home Cost – 551,000$ (291,700$ USA)
    • Utilities – 99.1
    • Transportation – 109.9

    The worst part about Austin is the housing. It can be difficult to find a decent home for a normal price. Moving companies Round Rock, on the other hand, can provide a good relocation and reasonable prices.

    Woman counting money
    Housing can be expensive in Austin

    What can you expect in Round Rock?

    Round Rock is different than downtown Austin. You won’t experience such noise or traffic jams. Round Rock is known as the “Sports Capital of Texas” because the famous baseball team is training here. It is close to Austin. Austin and Round Rock are 19 minutes far apart. And the distance is about 17miles. You won’t lose a lot of time traveling here if you decide to stay here. Houses are awesome. For some people traveling every day is a problem. But the peace you have here will compensate for that! Remember to include movers when you decide to come here and have some heavy and expensive stuff! Piano movers Austin TX can help with the relocation of difficult stuff like a piano.

    Austin vs Round Rock prices

    We told you about prices in Austin. Let’s talk about prices in Round Rock. It is cheaper.

    • Overall – 105.5
    • Food and Grocery – 94.1
    • Health – 92.7
    • Housing – 119.3
    • Median Home Cost – 440,600$ (291,700$ USA)
    • Utilities – 101.3
    • Transportation – 109.9

    Prioritize things and see where you want to live. Is it Austin, Round Rock, or some other place in Texas?

    Is Texas a state good to live in?

    Texas is a state that is good for living. Many great houses and apartments, good job opportunities, and everything is well connected. The times are changing. Some things go for better, some get worse. Inflation is present. And prices are going up. With that in mind, we need to decide what our priorities are. If you want a cheaper and quieter place, you should go with Round rock. If you want fast and exciting life without losing time on travel, you should go with Austin.

    Overpriced housing in Austin

    According to researchers at Florida International University, housing in Austin is the second most overpriced market in the USA. The problem is that the demand for houses and apartments in Austin is huge. A lot of people are buying and renting homes here. Supply is not enough to sustain such a demand. And when this happens, the prices rise. The other new thing is inflation. All around the world, the prices are skyrocketing. Especially energy. Electricity, fuel, gas, and coal. These things influence everything. From production to transport and real estate also. Maybe in the future, the prices will get stable, but we are not sure that they are getting lower.

    Moving companies

    Moving companies are important when it comes to moving! It is possible to move on your own, but you need to prepare yourself for that! Downtown Austin vs Round Rock is the question. Whatever you decide, include movers. It is easier for you and all the people that are moving with you. How to choose one? The best advice for that is to request at least 3 moving quotes from movers that have good reviews online or from your close friend’s experiences with movers. Investigate before you request a moving quote from them. Don’t hire the first one you find. You can end up with a rogue mover.

    Movers moving a green couch
    Remember to hire movers when relocating

    Conclusion about downtown Austin vs Round Rock

    Prepare yourself for moving! Learn about moving and movers. Downtown Austin vs Round Rock – choose wisely. In Austin, you will have the perks of not traveling every day to your job, everything is close, and you will have a lot of opportunities for progress. Round Rock is a quiet neighborhood with beautiful homes. This is a perfect place for people who are not used to noise, clubs, fast life, and increased pollution. You need to see for yourself what is the best option! Be careful, learn and plan everything. Ask for help if you need one.


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