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Guide on preparing small appliances for relocation

When you decide to relocate, it is normal to take with you all of the belongings that are in a good condition, especially the ones that you use regularly. Small appliances fit into this category. For example, if you are a coffee lover, you probably can't imagine your day without using the coffee machine. However, when it comes to the time when you need to pack all of your small appliances for a relocation, you would rather leave them all behind. Organizing a move is complex enough, You should contact Evolution Moving Company NB first. Then you need to take care of other logistic tasks and prepare everything for the moving day. It is no wonder that preparing small appliances for relocation seems like an endless task. Don't worry. With our guide, you will finish it in no time.

Make a list of the appliances you own and gather necessary packing supplies

Making a list of all your small appliances will make the task of preparing and packing them much easier. You will know exactly how much time you will need for packing, and you will be better organized. Also, that means you will know what packing supplies you need and how many boxes you will have to buy. The best option is to go room by room, write down the items, and put them in one place.
Woman using a food mixer and beating eggs
Preparing small appliances means cleaning them well first
When it comes to gathering packing materials, you will need a lot of boxes of different sizes. The good thing about small appliances is that they are usually not that heavy. Of course, there is some unusual shape, but they are regularly not too heavy, so they can fit into regular boxes. Living in Austin means that you probably have options to gather packing supplies other than buying. You can ask at your local store, online, or take them from people who have moved recently. In addition to that, many reliable moving companies Austin offer packing services, which means they will bring their own supplies if you hire them. In addition to moving boxes, you will need markers or labels, tapes, towels or wrapping paper, and bubble wrap.

Sort your appliances into groups

Kitchen appliances are usually the most numerous and ones that you use frequently. Of course, you don't use all of them on a daily base either. Packed them into categories from those you will need to use right away, to those you won't be using for a few weeks after your relocation. It will be much easier for you to unpack this way when you know that you will be able to use the most needed item straight away. After sorting the items, you will need to:
  • clean them well;
  • disassemble all the parts;
  • protect them;
  • prepare the boxes;
  • pack the appliances.

Preparing small appliances for relocation means cleaning them well

You may think that it is better to clean your appliances after you come to your new house because you don't want to lose time before packing. We recommend that you take your time and do the cleaning before you pack the items. After your move, you will probably have even less time to go into details and clean each device thoroughly. It is better to clean them before you put them in a box. Wash the blenders and mixers, clear the hand vacuum, and clean your iron and coffee machine for example. Don't forget to dry the items well. Leave them for a few hours after cleaning in the air, before sealing them in a box.
Man preparing small appliances for relocation
Disassemble the smaller parts of your items

Remove the smaller parts of each item

If there is a way, disassemble all the items and remove smaller parts. Of course, you have to be careful not to lose them. The best solution is to put the smallest pieces into bags or plastic boxes and keep them next to a device they belong to. You can try to move the devices in one piece. You especially won't have to worry if you have hired movers South Austin previously because they will manage your small appliances with the utmost care. But, when preparing small appliances for relocation, it is always easier to disassemble them. That way you won't have to worry about losing pieces in the transport, or them getting damaged.

Protect and wrap your small appliances

Protecting more fragile appliances is a must before you pack them in a box. It is advisable to bubble wrap each item, even if they are not that easily breakable. Extra measures can never harm and it is better to have your items safe than having to pay for a new one as soon as you get to your new home.

Prepare the boxes and pack the appliances

Since you have gathered all of your moving boxes before, now it is time to prepare them. Line them with soft materials or at least a few layers of packing paper. This way your items will have more protection and if they have sharp edges, they won't cut the box. Consult with professionals from moving services Austin Texas, but they will tell you the same. It is never a bad idea to double protect your small appliances. After you have put your belongings into a box, fill in all the space. Your item mustn't move around. Add some towels or a lot of wrapping paper. Each item should be nestled.
Toaster with slices of bread
Protect the appliances well
When you finish putting the appliances into boxes, add some layers of paper on the top. Then close the boxes and seal them well. Use as much tape as you need, the boxes must be firmly closed. Finally, label the boxes. Apart from writing the name of the room in which the appliance will go, it's important to write that those are fragile items.

You are ready to transfer your small appliances

If you follow these steps, preparing small appliances for relocation won't be a dull task. You will be well-organized and you will finish in no time. After relocation, it will be easy for you to put those items in the use again.


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