Guide to packing a nursery for relocation

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    Packing Tips - May 25, 2020

    Packing your belongings is something you can surely do easily one way or another. It is an entirely different process if you are packing a nursery for relocation. We have made you a guide for such packing so that you can have an easy and carefree move. As usual, the first thing you do is call Movers Wimberley TX.

    What is first when packing a nursery for relocation?

    You’re moving to Dallas and you must pack the nursery, here is what comes first and what comes last. The first thing would be to pack anything that is not very important, small things that can get lost during the move, and everything else that is easily packed and does not require too much time and skill. By this we mean:

    1. Stuffed and other toys are not important and should be packed first when packing a nursery for relocation.
    2. Decorations and other things in the baby room that are on the walls and shelves.
    3. Extra bottles, pacifiers, and other stuff that you have lying around just in case.
    4. Clothes that will not be needed.
    5. Unopened baby food should be packed last on this list but still amongst the first things you pack.
    Toys-packing a nursery for relocation
    When packing a nursery for relocation, toys should be packed first so they do not get in the way.

    After you have packed all of these and other things you have, you can move on to the bigger stuff that might need disassembling or requires more work. All of these can be neatly folded and packed into bags and smaller boxes. It is a bit different when packing the bed and other baby furniture.

    Packing baby furniture

    You probably already have a baby bed and little wardrobe along with baby carriers, bassinet, and baby stroller. This is all baby furniture. All of these are to be packed in a unique way so they do not get damaged or broken. A baby bed should be disassembled and put into a bigger box. That is the safest and best way to relocate that. Wardrobes can but do not have to be taken apart. Since they are significantly smaller in size than regular wardrobes, you can simply tape the doors shut and cover the wardrobe with heavy and thick material. Strollers should simply be folded, as they usually have that option, and put aside. You should keep them somewhere close in case you need them. You might not want to pack your carrier and bassinet but use them during the move.

    Baby crib
    Cribs, or baby beds, are usually easy to disassemble but you might need more time.

    The emergency bag

    The emergency bag is a bag all parents keep with themselves at all times. You know what that usually holds. Extra clothes, diapers, baby formula, and similar things a baby needs every few hours. You will pack such a bag when relocating too. The only difference is that this bag should hold all of those things but double. You should have many more diapers, extra clothes, even an extra pacifier and much more. You know what your baby needs, we will not tell you that. What we will emphasize is for you to bring more than you might need because, well, you never know with babies.

    You know what to do when packing a nursery for relocation

    We have made you a step by step guide for packing a nursery for relocation. It is our hope that we have not missed any important details but are leaving it to you, the parent, to know better than we do. We wish you good luck! 

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