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Guide to packing IT equipment

No matter if you move to another city, state, or just a couple of blocks, moving can be challenging. And sometimes also stressful. Electronics have become an essential part of almost every household. Packing IT equipment can be a risky job due to the extremely fragile and sensitive nature of all electronic equipment. Whenever you decide to pack electronics on your own, you need to take special care when packing your electronics for a move. Especially for those hi-tech gadgets which are expensive as well. On the other hand, you can always hire professional help and search for long-distance movers Texas has to offer. They will provide the help you need if you don't have the time for packing the equipment. The key to successful packing and relocation is preparation. Always have a plan and put everything on a piece of paper.

Prepare for packing your IT equipment

When packing your IT equipment, as with your other things, clothes, you should try to downsize it. The more electronics you have, the harder it is to move them. You might consider getting rid of some of your IT equipment. You can donate working electronics to an organization or sell the things that no longer work for parts. Always back up your important files and documents. You can never be sure, what can happen during transit. Your things might get damaged. Then you will probably lose all the important information stored on the hard drive of your computer or laptop. And by backing up your data and storing them you will be safe. Either on an external hard drive, USB stick, or online cloud service.
back up all data when packing it equipment
Make sure you back up all the data before you pack all the equipment.
Some of the things you should also think about are:
  • insure your devices
  • remove batteries
  • detach wires and accessories
  • find manuals before you start packing IT equipment
  • provide packing supplies
  • label the boxes
Make sure you have all the packing supplies. The ideal case scenario would be if you have the original packaging box. Because those original boxes were designed to keep the item safe. If you don't have the original packaging then you should consider getting thick-walled cardboard boxes. And they should be a bit bigger than the dimensions of the electronic gadget you want to pack. You will also need other packing materials to get the job done! Buble bags are a must when it comes to packing IT equipment. Make sure the sheets of bubble bag anti-static rather than ordinary foam peanuts. Because they conduct electricity which is a potential threat to your electronic devices. And it can harm them seriously. Also, you can use blankets to secure your things during the move.

Organize all the wires

We all know how much time and nerves we sometimes lose when we try to find the right cord that fits the right device. To avoid this, organize and label all the cables and wires that come in and go out of your electronic equipment. Use colored stickers and tape as you disconnect the cables. Also, a simple yet effective trick that will save you time is simply taking a photo of the way your electronic items are wired up. And the way the cables are currently organized. An important thing we don't recommend is to place all the cables and other accessories in one box. Just keep them together with the matching electronic device. All electronic devices are sensitive to temperature changes. That is a fact, that you have to know when preparing and packing your IT equipment. Don’t forget to take out all removable batteries from the electronic devices and their respective remote controls. They may overheat during the move and leak, which is something that nobody wants! Also, the corrosion can damage your electronic devices. When it comes to your laser or ink printers, always remove the toner or ink cartridges. Be sure to pack them in a plastic bag. Disconnect external hard drives and flash memory sticks. Remove all CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays from their video players and pack them together with your disk collection.
Organize and label all the cables and wires.
The most vulnerable part of your monitors is their screens! Do not use bubble bags directly onto the screen. It will leave nasty marks on the displays. They are not suitable for protecting such delicate things. Instead, wrap the entire monitor in soft moving blankets, then cut out a large piece of clean cardboard that matches the screen size. Use packing tape to secure the newly-installed cardboard protection.

Moving company for packing your IT equipment

If you don't have the time and nerves to pack your things, you can always hire a moving company. They have adequate packing supplies, and also a skilled team which provides a packing service. That will pack and relocate safely tour items. They can also unpack your items when delivered and install your devices. Do your research on the internet, visit several websites to get a free estimate. The more info you have the easier it will be for you to make a decision. You can also find reliable moving companies when relocating to Texas that suit your needs and budget. One thing that is a MUST is that the moving company offers insurance in case your items get damaged or stolen. We don't need to mention how important this is when it comes to your belongings.
insurance when packing and moving IT equipment
If you hire a moving company they will offer you insurance for your equipment.

Careful when unpacking your electronic devices

After transporting your IT equipment to your new home, comes the unpacking! When you arrive at your new home, make sure you unpack your one item at a timeDo not unpack everything at once, you can get confused. Associate the cables with the appropriate item. Set the item up and plug the cables in. If you are not sure what goes where you could use a manual for a certain device. Once you set up your devices you should test them to see if they work. Packing IT equipment doesn't have to be a nightmare. Preparation is the key to success. So be sure to follow the guide, and enjoy your new home after all is done!  


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