How to help your parents declutter

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    After the Relocation - November 18, 2021

    Reasons for declining your parents’ home are various. At their age, they can easily lose balance and fall. It is important that there aren’t too many things in the rooms. So, they will not hit them and get hurt. Or they simply need a smaller home, which they can maintain. If so, Evolution Moving Company will provide them with an easy relocation experience. Also, you might be bringing them to your home, and you can take better care of them. In case of certain medical conditions, you will have to relocate them to a nursing home. Whatever the reason, you will have to find a way to help your parents declutter. However, be ready that decluttering will take time. Elderly people want to keep their possessions. So, even when the decluttering idea is their own, they will try to keep too many things. 

    Helping your parents to declutter won’t be a one-day event

    The first thing you should do is an inventory. Make the inventory of every room in the house. That will give you an idea of what has to be organized. And doing the inventory, you will spot some pieces of furniture that must go out. Also, you will probably see stacks of dusty magazines. Or flowerpots with dried-out plants. Such thing they don’t need in their home. Such things you won’t move out on the inventory day. Decluttering of years of pilled possessions will take time. So, mark such things on your inventory list. Later on, it will help you spot and move them faster.

    Woman is sitting with elderly couple, holding hands with woman, discussing how to help your parents declutter.
    Help your parents declutter.

    Explain the decluttering process to your parents

    Make sure your parents understand the reasons for decluttering. They need a cleaner house. Or they need fewer things if they are moving. Also, explain to them the idea of donating and helping others. And they might be happy when you propose yard selling. They will participate, enjoy meeting many people and earning some money. Understanding decluttering as a kind of game will make them feel good.

    Elderly people can’t decide fast, so be patient but resolute when helping them to declutter

    If your parents are just getting rid of the excess things, there is no deadline. However, if they are moving to a smaller home, you must start with decluttering early. Don’t rush them too much. However, don’t let them consider endlessly should they toss something away or not. Otherwise, they will constantly change their mind. The best is to help them declutter room by room. You can show them things and they can decide “stay” or “go”.

    What to do with “go” things when helping your parents declutter?

    You can complete this part of the job on your own. It will be emotionally too hard for them to decide about the same things again. And they can start changing their mind. So, go through the “go” pile and decide what is good for selling or donating. The rest of the things movers Lockhart TX will haul away.

    A couple of elderly people are sitting on the shore of the lake and resting.
    Money from the yard sale, they can spend in some nice resort.

    Ways to help your parents declutter their home

    When helping your parents to declutter, you have to keep in mind their emotional state. Parting from many things is hard. For them, these things are related to memories. Such things may be:

    • Old photos
    • Books
    • Pieces of clothes
    • Various gifts they got from people they care about

    The most common explanation will be – “we might need this someday”. So, start by decluttering the items they are not emotionally attached to.

    Start by decluttering the least sentimental items

    Not all things have the same value for your parents. So, if starting with such items, they will get used to decluttering. Also, you will involve them in making decisions. Knowing your parents, you will surely know what is not so important to them.

    When decluttering your parents’ house, keep an eye on them

    Decluttering is both emotionally and physically hard for seniors. During the process, keep an eye on them. If you notice they are exhausted, call for a break. Do the same if you notice signs of depression. It can easily be provoked by decluttering. Make some tea or coffee and enjoy it while chatting with them. Lead them into a conversation about plans for their future. Ask, how they are going to spend the money from the yard selling? Are they are planning to enjoy in some nice resort? That should brighten them up. Such positive thoughts will give a whole new meaning to decluttering.

    Discuss with your parents about putting some things in storage

    There could be some things that your parents like so much. Still, they are surplus. And especially if they are moving to a smaller home. In such a case, explain to them the possibility to store things. You can even take them to see storage Texas. Some of their valuable possessions will not be all the time in the home. Still, you can go and bring them when they wish. That will make them feel even better about decluttering. And of course, the decluttering process will be less painful for them.

    A couple is sitting and watching something on tablet.
    Inform yourself about the best ways to help your parents to declutter.

    Hiring a third party to help your parents declutter

    There are many companies doing decluttering for seniors. They are kind people, experienced, and they know how to do it efficiently. And without hurting the feelings of elderly people. If you don’t have time for decluttering, you can hire such a company. They can also help your parents with donating or hauling away unnecessary items. And they can organize a nice yard sale. Of course, you will have to be present when they come. And until they establish good communication with your parents. Also, you will have to visit them daily, so your parents will not feel abandoned.

    Invite more members of the family to help your parents declutter

    Decluttering, packing, and moving is demanding work. And, as it is progressing, the tension is usually rising. So, it is a good idea to invite your kids and grandchildren to visit occasionally. They will make the whole atmosphere fun. They might also like some things they see. And for sure, your parents will be happy to gift such a thing to their grandchildren. Also, when downsizing for seniors, the youngers can help with the yard sale. With all this, your parents will not feel lonely and abandoned. Moreover, they will accept downsizing much better.

    Before you start with decluttering, prepare your parents

    Downsizing is never an easy idea. Even the younger people have a problem deciding what to give away. So, when you are dealing with elders, make sure they are ready for downsizing. You can occasionally mention the idea. However, only when they are ready you can help your parents declutter. In the meanwhile, you can inform yourself about the best ways to do it. You can talk to friends who already helped their parents to downsize. Or you can read the articles like help parents downsize, to prepare yourself.

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