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    Packing Tips - June 1, 2019

    Packing for college with most of the rooms small in a dorm and the lack of storage space is another challenge that you can throw on a lot of problems. By following the guidelines to pack for college that we set out, you can minimize the number of things you need to take, minimize the amount of space you need to move it. And figure out how to maximize the space in your dorm.

    Essentials packing

    Make a list of those items that you must take to college and those that you want to take. Reduce this to a few “desires” as possible. Small amounts of things will also reduce your costs for the moving companies Seguin TX. Keep your eyes on the basics: bed linen, towels, and toiletries. Before packing bedding, check the size of the bed in the dormitory and bring two sets of bedding in case one of them gets dirty.

    Remember that even if you have forgotten something or missed something, you can ask your parents to send it by mail, you can buy a new one or get it when you go home for a break. To help you determine which items to bring, sites like CollegeBoard provide convenient checklists to make sure that you are packing the basics.

    An electric kettle is a must. Think about late-night ramen when dining is closed, or about making tea, hot chocolate or soup when it is cold and you don’t want to leave the hostel.

    What to pack for college

    When using one of the inventory lists we mentioned, be sure to mark the box number in the checklist to make it easier to unpack when you are in the dorm. For example, if the bedding is packed in box No. 1, write “box No. 1” next to “bedding” in your checklist.

    Packing for college
    There are many ways to pack your things. You can find more ideas on Pinterest

    Here are the basics

    • Pack for college in cartons that can be broken, recycled, or stored for future use. Boxes are also useful if you want to write a number on them for your inventory.
    • As an alternative to drawers, use storage bins.
    • Pack the same items together to simplify unpacking.
    • Reuse containers to organize various items in your college room.
    • Pack your car efficiently by placing heavier items on the bottom and building them up. After you load larger and heavier items, place softer items, such as clothing, in open spaces.

    Packing your wardrobe

    Choose a minimal wardrobe. You have to plan a tiny closet and pack only for the current season. If you pack your winter clothing, there is no need to pack swimsuits. Take comfortable clothing and footwear for around the campus with you. But take at least one pair of fancy shoes and one outfit suitable for an interview, or a job fair.

    Pack a few basic pieces in a neutral color palette to put all your pieces together. Also, pack at least a few sets of training clothes so that you don’t have to wash your laundry after each workout.

    Winter clothes
    In most cases – if you are not moving far north – you can leave winter clothes at home until you go home for the winter holidays

    One of the tips to save time when packing clothes is to keep clothes on hangers. There is a way to pack your hanging clothes properly. Then all you have to do is hang them in the closet as soon as you arrive at the hostel. To transport them, divide them into types of clothing — skirts, shirts, etc. — and put them in garment bags or even garbage bags with a hole cut from above to allow the hangers to pass through the top of the bag.

    Purchase clothing storage accessories — shoe bags, shelving, etc. — for your dorm room to maximize storage. Call the school before you move with your New Braunfels moving company and check if the college hostel provides clothes hangers before you buy or bring your own. If you use bags, you can store in them those things that you do not need. They also protect your things from dirt, mold, odors, and beetles.

    Know what the school provides and prohibits

    Call in advance and find out what items the school provides. Dormitories can be equipped with a fridge and microwave or not. Think about what kind of electronics you might need on campus – a gaming system for entertainment, a flash drive for class presentations, etc.

    Also, find out if there are any items that you are forbidden to bring. Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are obvious. But your school may also ban items such as hot plates, heaters, and extension cords. Your school will prohibit very few items. But this is not a reason to pack things and bring everything that you have or you think you will need. For example, you have no reason to pack school supplies. You can buy them at the stationery store near campus. The same rule applies to everything you can buy if you live on campus.

    Summer clothes
    Pack clothes for only one season at a time if you plan to go home during breaks. You can switch items while at home

    Check with your future roommate that they plan to bring, for example, a refrigerator, TV, or microwave. The dorm does not require multiple appliances or electronics if you can share them. But if you are bringing them, make sure you prepare your appliances for moving properly. The ultimate goal is to make you feel at home, even if you are away from home, without bringing too many unnecessary things.

    Use the checklists that we have provided to help you narrow down what you absolutely need to take, and use our suggestions to pack for college. Effective college preparation can take off the stress you can experience and help you “accept the changes” so that you can take advantage of your new world.

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