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How to settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown

Oftentimes, when moving, people are so focused on preparing and packing for the relocation that they forget to plan for what comes after. This is a mistake. All your belongings being transported to your new home is not the end of the moving process. We at the Evolution Moving Company can attest to the fact that there are quite a lot of things that need to be done after the boxes have been unloaded from the moving truck. While the job you have hired movers to do is almost at an end, your work is just beginning. And if you are trying to settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown, we can provide you with a few pointers. Unpacking and arranging your furniture is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adjusting to your new home.
A family opening boxes, trying to settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown
Here is what you need to do to settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown

Before you settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown, make sure your new home is ready

You need to think well in advance. Even before the movers Leander TX have come to transport your stuff. You need to go to your new home beforehand and make sure everything is ready. This way, you will have an easier job once your things arrive at the location. It will also help the moving process run more smoothly. Preparing your house or apartment to settle in should usually include most of the following activities:
  • Cleaning your new home
  • Checking all the utilities
  • Repair and remodeling if necessary
  • Checking and unpacking the boxes
  • Connecting electronic appliances
  • Changing the locks

Cleaning your new home before you move in

When boxes with your things get to your new address, you'll want to be able to put them down somewhere. Since Leander is not far from Georgetown, you should have plenty of opportunities to go to your future home and make sure it is ready for moving in. Cleaning everything beforehand is important. Firstly, it is much easier to do the vacuuming and disinfecting without furniture in your way. Secondly, when you start the unpacking process, you will need most of the rooms in the house. Beginning with the bathroom. Trying to find cleaning supplies among all the chaos and boxes won't be simple. If you haven't cleaned your new house in advance, it will slow things down. So, to settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown more easily, make sure that you prepare your new home ahead of time.
a woman holding a mop, cleaning
Clean your new home before you bring in the furniture

Check up on all the utilities

Another thing you should do before movers bring the things to the house or apartment you bought is to check the utilities. As one of the more experienced movers Georgetown TX can offer you, we can tell you that a lot of times water, electricity, etc., have been shut down in houses for sale. Turning off utilities is the safest thing to do when the house or apartment is empty. It reduces the chance of something going wrong. Such as the palace flooding without anybody noticing. Also, it is a way to make sure that there are no unexpected bills to pay. While turning off the utilities in an empty house is a good thing, you will need to turn them on before you move in and start settling.  

Necessary repairs and remodeling

Unless the real estate you have acquired is brand new, chances are that you will need to do some repairs. This is also much more simple to do before you put in the furniture. Repainting the walls in the colors that you like will also help you settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown. Adding a personal touch to your new residence will help you fill more at home. If you are planning on having carpeted floors, this is also best done without any stuff in the way. You might want to check if any major or minor repairs are necessary and whether all the electric outlets are working properly. Are water pipes rusted? And other similar issues.
tools on a table
See if there are any major or minor repairs before settling

Unpacking the boxes to settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown

At last, after you have prepared your new residence for habitation, it is time to move in. This won't be an easy task. As well-established apartment movers Austin has to offer, we can tell you as much. At the same time, most moving companies provide packing services on top of the relocation. You will have to do most of the unpacking yourself. Movers can bring the boxes to your house and place them where you want. You might also get some help in placing the larger and heavier pieces of furniture. But most likely, you will need to take care of details by yourself. Labeling boxes beforehand will make this process go more smoothly.

Connecting electronic appliances

During the unpacking, you will have to find a place for all of the household appliances that require electricity. So when you are arranging the furniture, take note of where the electric sockets are. It is generally a good idea to place your appliances near them. Avoid using extension cords as much as you can. If you are not particularly tech-savvy, ask somebody else to help you with setting up your computer correctly. When moving into a new place, also make sure to set up an internet connection. Whether you use your phone or PC, you will likely need to look up the instructions for properly plugging in some of the electronic appliances.

When you settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown, change your locks

One more thing you might want to do when you buy a house or apartment is to change the locks on the doors. If you are not the first person to own the place, there is a chance that somebody besides you has a key to it. So, to fully settle after moving from Leander to Georgetown, you would need to change the locks. While it is not likely that previous owners of the house will come to intrude, you never know who could have a spare key. Maybe even somebody who is not aware of the house being sold. Therefore to make sure that your home is truly yours, it is a good idea to be the only one with the key to it.  


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