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    Want to speed up the process of tedious packing? Then make sure that you have the best and most suitable boxes for every single room in your house. Believe us when we say that your moving supplies can make or break (literally) the entire packing process. Below, we list some of the main moving boxes New Braunfels recommended for safe packaging of your home (most of which we can supply you with). Needless to say, if you contact our Evolution Moving Company NB you can rest assured that your belongings will reach its new destination intact.

    Moving boxes New Braunfels
    Evolution Moving Company can provide you with moving boxes in various sizes

    Best moving boxes New Braunfels has to offer

    Corrugated boxes for the kitchen

    Anyone who has packed their pots and pans knows that the kitchen is one of the most demanding areas to pack and move. With larger items, such as a crockpot, panini press, and coffee maker you can worry about, it is easy to lose sight of your more fragile items (i.e. dishes and utensils). But if they are not properly protected, these important and often expensive items can become nothing more than glass fragments by the time you arrive. Bubble wraps and foam bags are not always sufficient so that your delicate dishes and glasses do not break.

    If you are going to pack your dishes correctly, you will need to invest in thick double-walled corrugated boxes along with dividers. And with us, getting those boxes has never been easier. You can get the dividers as separate sets for your dishes. Adding cell dividers to your drawers will protect and separate all your fragile plates, saucers, bowls, crystals, glasses and dishes. Just make sure to add an extra layer of protection (foam bags, newspaper or bubble wrap) to each dish.

    Wardrobe boxes for the closet

    The move is quite stressful, even without worrying that you will end up with wrinkled costumes and clothing. To avoid high bills for dry cleaning and tedious ironing, invest in several cabinets with hanging bars. It will take extra minutes to assemble the boxes, but they are well worth it. Each of the hanging rods allows you to leave clothes on a hanger, just like in your closet before going. The boxes can also contain other random items in the closet and bedroom, such as yoga mats, pillows, and shoes. And you can also check some other tricks for packing clothes for a move.

    Television and telescope boxes for den

    Even if your art is not quite the same as Van Gogh, it is still important to carefully pack all your works. We can provide you with several moving boxes large enough to hold your canvas, mirrors, posters, and large prints. Otherwise, these items may scratch or break during the move. For especially large jobs you should get telescope boxes. These two-piece boxes are large, flat and can be pushed together to form one large box. They are perfect for those longer paintings and wall mirrors.

    When packing a TV, we suggest using a heavy, corrugated flat panel TV box. We can offer them in all different sizes to accommodate a wide range of flat-panel television screens. You want to make sure your protected TV is snug against the box. If the TV box is too large, the flat-screen TV may stumble, scratch and erode before reaching your destination.

    corrugated moving boxes
    We can offer you boxes strong enough to protect your TV

    Plastic bins for the bedroom

    When moving, we strongly recommend investing in some durable plastic bins. Not only are they useful for large things, such as bulky sweaters, winter coats, and bedding, but they can also be reused later as storage boxes. In this way, you can store items such as toys, seasonal clothing, jewelry, and tools — all organized after the move. Many plastic bins can also be stacked, which makes them convenient to store and is ideal for placing in a closet or garage after the move. We recommend using transparent plastic containers, rather than opaque ones since you can see what is packed inside more easily.

    Moving boxes in different sizes for the living room

    When it comes to basic moving boxes, we recommend using more average moving boxes New Braunfels than larger ones. Small and medium boxes are perfect for books, knick-knacks and heavier items that you will find in your living room. Moving boxes of all sizes can be found with Evolution Moving Company. Tip: while it is tempting to fill larger boxes with heavier and larger items, chances are you will end up with a lot of torn boxes and damaged items. We recommend packing large boxes with more lightweight and bulky items such as blankets, toys, small rugs, litter baskets, and pillows.

    Home office boxes

    Boxes for packing files are durable, reliable and portable. However, they are also a little more difficult to assemble than an average cardboard box. Fortunately, YouTube tutorials can teach you a lot here. Once you have mastered the shuffle, these elegant boxes are a terrific way to transport books, files, stationery, picture frames, and all paper objects.

    red home office box
    Moving boxes New Braunfels for packing your home office can be found with Evolution Moving Company

    How many of our moving boxes New Braunfels do you need?

    Now that you know which boxes you need, it’s time to figure out how many of them to buy. Boxes can be expensive, so before calculating the costs, make sure that you have correctly calculated how many of them you need. Or you can simply take our packing services New Braunfels. That way, you are sure you will get enough appropriate boxes with the services they match. And you can also be calm knowing that your belongings are in the right hands of Evolution moving company NB. Give us a call to inquire about our special offers and deals.