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Moving into smaller home can be a really great idea. When your home is smaller, there are fewer things you need to clean. Dusting, for example, won't take as much time as it is now. Decorating is easier and much more effective. There are many things you can do or add to your apartment to make it seem bigger and brighter. You will probably be forced to get rid of some of your belongings but you will see it is worth it in a while. There are many reasons to move to a smaller home, either you wish to have a smaller rent or you wanted that location and couldn't find the bigger place. Maybe you did a research and found out that utility bills are smaller for smaller apartments or you just want to downsize for your own comfort. Whatever the reason might be, moving into a smaller home is great. There are many things you can do to make your smaller apartment look bigger:
  • Make it look clean by decluttering and keeping it minimalistic, this is a great choice when you are moving into smaller apartment
  • Make it look bigger by adding the mirrors
  • House plants will make your home look fresher
  • Good painting choice will do wonders

What can you do before the move?

There are things you will need to do before you move, so the move itself is easier for you. Decluttering is one of those things. You need to downsize, and it's not even hard to do. Just make sure you pick only the things you are using. Things that are too old, damaged, or you keep them '' just in case" need to be thrown away or donated. You can give them to friends and relatives since you know, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Especially when it comes to clothes, you can downsize quite a bit. Moving companies in Texas will be great at getting your belongings to the new smaller apartment.

Moving into smaller home is much easier if you have the blueprint

If your new landlord has the blueprint of your new home, get ahold of it and make sure your furniture can fit nicely. It is a waste of money to move a couch across the city or even state, only to find out that I won't fit your living room. The same goes for closets and beds. Make sure you found a way for everything to fit. This way you can make plans on making more storage space in your home as well.
Moving to smaller home- blueprint
Blueprint can save you a lot of time

Store the extras

Not everything you don't need had to be thrown away. You can donate and give away most of your belongings. Also, you can get a storage unit in the old, or the new city. Use it for storing all of the belongings that you don't need but won't get rid off. 

You are moving into smaller home? Make it look bigger

There are re ways to make your new apartment or house look bigger and feel more opened and bright. These steps are small but can really make a huge impact on how space looks and feels. Moving to New Braunfels TX is going to be great as soon as you get to know how to make your new home seem bigger.

Windows can always be bigger

Especially if there is a nice view. Make sure your windows are big and if you don't have to, don't put curtains on them. Natural light will make your home seem cleaner and brighter.
Moving into smaller home- a window
Large windows and bright           walls can make any home                    look clean and big

Mirrors can help too

If you put mirrors on the walls, especially on the opposite side of the window, you will create an illusion and the room will look much bigger. You can put large mirrors above the couch so you create an illusion of much bigger and brighter space.

Minimalistic should be your choice

Smaller places look bigger and neater if you don't have too much stuff crammed inside. If you have too many details, the place will look messy and smaller as well. So make sure you have as little furniture as possible and make sure the colors are bright. This makes the place look bigger and cleaner at the same time.

Get the walls out

Opened space concept can do a lot for a small apartment. You can make the kitchen, dining room and the living room into one big room and it will make the apartment look much bigger and brighter. Especially if you have large windows, moving into smaller apartment will be great. Just make sure to discuss it with the landlord and the builders so it doesn't turn out the walls were baring.

How to decorate your new home?

Decorating a small home can be tricky since you want to make your home prettier but avoid cluttering it as well. This means you have to be careful with the decorating choices you make. A small home is best kept simple and neat so you should decorate according to that. There are many low-cost decorating ideas you should try.

Painting the walls

Painting the walls can do a miracle for the look of your apartment. You can choose the simple colors, the brighter and lighter, the better. You may also choose some simple patterns since they can make your apartment look bigger. Vertical stripes are a great choice or some simple pattern alike. You can try having each room decorated differently than the others.

Paintings should be minimalistic

These should be minimalistic as well, not too colorful, so the place looks neat and clean. You could get black and white paintings but play with the color of the frame for example.
Two paintings on the wall
A simple framed painting can be a great               decoration and won't make the home look                                                messy

The balcony is your place to shine

If you have a balcony, this is where you can get creative. Boho style furniture is not expensive and allows you to use the maximum amount of your space. It is refreshing and will make your balcony look comfy and safe. Put house plants as well, so the place looks fresh and green. If you have a garden, make sure you look after your plants and make a spot to spend time with your friends. Everybody loves a nice garden, and if you ever want to sell this place, having a nice garden makes the property value higher.
A balcony with a chair and houseplants
A nicely decorated balcony or garden           will increase your property value
Moving into smaller home is not always the same, depending on the reason why you are moving in the first place. But whatever the reason might be, make sure to have fun, since that is what the moving is for. Paint and redecorate, declutter and give the items you don't use away. It will make you feel better, and it will feel like a new beginning too.


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