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    Not a single person has not experienced the stress and pressure that come with packing up and moving to another location. Whether it is a personal home move or an office move, we all know how much tension can arise once we find out a move is inevitable. Our goal as a moving company is to help you efficiently and effectively pack your belongings and get you settled into your new destination. Meanwhile, you are free to sit back and let all the worries roll off your back. Before you let yourself become buried in boxes, call the professionals at Evolution Moving Company to handle the much-dreaded packing process. You can sit back and relax while watching our professionals safely pack and prep your belongings for your move. Our packing services New Braunfels guarantee peace of mind for your move. 

    people using packing services New Braunfels when moving
    When you are moving your entire household, give us a call to book packing services New Braunfels

    What Evolution Moving Company can do for you

    The process of packing is often the most daunting concern when it comes to moving. We all have a mental game plan. More often than not, plans happen to fail. Our company has made it our goal to help you execute this game plan in the most effective way possible. 

    Packing is never an easy feat because countless things surge in our minds. For example: 

    • How to organize each room? 
    • What will you immediately need? 
    • How are you going to get this done in time? 

    All of these worries are valuable and local movers Texas make sure to show the importance of these thoughts by being your right-hand man. 

    With the process that packing involves, it is crucial to have all of your ducks in a row. There are certain supplies and steps that are needed in order to execute a successful move. Evolution Moving has perfected the methods that are required during this time. We look at packing and moving as a science, and this is what sets us apart from any other moving company out there. 

    Why should you consider our packing services New Braunfels? 

    Moving is not as simple as throwing stuff in a truck and driving. The preparation process can be much more complex than the move itself. Hours of packing, among other things, precede every move. However, why let packing give you a hard time if you can leave it to someone else? Our movers can have you packed and ready to go in no time. By using the best packing services New Braunfels has to offer, you’ll have a smooth, stress-free move. Find out why we are the best! 

    Located in New Braunfels, Texas, we work with many of the surrounding areas and cities in the state, offering affordable prices for all types of moves. We are highly trained and experienced no matter the type of move – local, private, or commercial. We also have a knowledgeable sales team that works to get you the best savings while making sure your packing and moving needs are met. Evolution Moving Company executes the moving process and alleviates your worry and stress by implementing these crucial supplies and services. 

    a box on the bed
    We are using quality moving boxes and packing supplies for every relocation

    What do our packing services include?

    You might be wondering what exactly you receive if you use professional packing services. It is a fair question, especially if you have never moved before. We understand that you are concerned and worried about your upcoming relocation. Therefore, our packing services New Braunfels include: 

    • Taxes and Insurance 
    • Trucks and Gas 
    • Moving Boxes 
    • Pads 
    • Appropriate boxes 
    • Storage Pods 

    These are the reasons why you should choose Evolution Moving Company. We are here to help you achieve and complete your packing-moving goals in order for you to feel worried and stress-free! Let these moveologists take care of your dirty work, and you can sit back and kick off your shoes! 

    Relax and let us do the hard work 

    Usually, you have to start packing for a move weeks in advance and live buried in boxes all that time. You have to pack after coming home from work or even take a few days off just to prepare for the move. But not with us! When you use our packing services New Braunfels, you can spend that time relaxing or taking care of other moving tasks. Besides, years of experience are on our side. We can do it more efficiently than anyone else. We have also prepared a wide range of other services for a full moving experience. Check out what else we offer to our customers. We can assure you that our movers and packers are trained for every type of relocation. For this reason, you just need to give us a call, and we will prepare a moving plan for you. 

    person carrying a box
    When you use our packing services, you can skip lifting and carrying heavy boxes

    What our packing services New Braunfels include 

    Moving is tough, and packing is a huge part of it. It usually does not matter if you need to pack one room or your entire household. You still need to get all the necessary packing supplies, protect your items properly, and seal the boxes for transportation. However, different items require different packing strategies and different packing materials. it is not the same when you need to pack your clothes or kitchen appliances. It is quite easy to fold your clothes and put them in your luggage. It is different when you have two properly secure kitchen appliances so they will not get damaged during transport. Our packers are trained to handle all of your belongings, regardless of their material, shape, and size. There is practically nothing they cannot pack. Moreover, packing services New Braunfels include quality packing supplies, such as boxes and pads.  

    You can choose what to do with your items 

    When you choose to use our packing services, this does not mean that we have to pack everything. For this reason, you can have us pack everything for you or just some of your belongings. When moving on a tight budget, people often leave the most breakable or valuable items to the professionals and pack the rest by themselves. At the end of the day, you choose exactly what you want us to do. We are aware that relocation can be a financial burden, which is why we are one of the most affordable commercial and residential movers Texas has. If you are concerned about your moving budget, you can always use our free moving calculator. This should give you an approximate estimate of your moving cost this way; you can see whether you want to use professional packing services or not. 

    person packing
    You can pack some part of your household while we take care of the rest

    Breaking down the packing process 

    Improper packing is one of the top moving mistakes to avoid. It can be quite expensive to replace or repair items that get damaged or lost during the relocation. Most people are usually concerned about money. It is not cheap to organize the entire relocation, especially if you are moving your entire household to a new city. This is the main reason why people decide to pack everything by themselves. There is nothing wrong with this. However, something might go wrong if you do not have previous moving experience or skills. If you damage your valuable items, you will spend more money on replacing or repairing them. For this reason, it would be better to hire packing services. We are here to help with your packing process and ensure the safety of your items.   

    Preparation for packing 

    Before you pack your first item, you need to declutter, organize and gather packing supplies. First, get rid of all those things you won’t need in your new home/office. Thus, you can save or even make money. Also, the less you have, the less you’ll pack. Second, sort your belongings by category – clothes, shoes, books, etc. Then, make an inventory of your belongings. 

    Finally, make a list of moving supplies and start searching for them. You can borrow the supplies you don’t already have from friends and family, rent, or even get for free. However, the easiest and safest option would be purchasing moving supplies from us because there is no doubt about their quality, plus, you can find everything in one place. 

    You’ll need: 

    • Boxes 
    • Sheets/blankets/towels 
    • Plastic wrap 
    • Newspapers, blank newsprint paper 
    • Heavy-duty packaging tape 
    • Scissors 
    • Markers 
    • Labeling stickers 

    How to pack different items 

    • Start packing from the least necessary items, such as pictures and other decorations. 
    • You’ll have to clean your new place before your stuff is unpacked, preferably before it even gets there. Pack a box of cleaning products, a mop, a broom, sponges, and everything else you’ll need to clean up before (and after) unpacking. 
    • To avoid leakage, unscrew the cap of toiletry bottles, put a small plastic bag over the top and screw the cap back on. 
    • Empty and defrost your refrigerator at least a day before you pack it. Make sure it is clean and dry before you start moving it. 
    • Pack an essentials bag with whatever you need for the first day or night in your new place (a toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, towels, etc.)
    • Protect your fragile items with a lot of padding. Packing paper, plastic wrap, towels, blankets – everything works. Use padding to cover each fragile item separately from all sides, stuff it between items and inside all gaps. 
    • Never put heavier items or boxes on top of lighter ones. 
    • Put smaller items inside bigger ones whenever possible. Thus, not only do you save space, but you also protect your belongings from damage. 
    • It is safer to stack dishes, such as bowls and plates vertically. 
    • Also, place the TV/PC monitor vertically, with the screen facing one of the inside walls of the box. 
    • Pack computer cables separately in plastic bags to avoid tangling. 
    • If you still have them, use the original boxes they came in for packing appliances and electronics. 
    • Use smaller boxes for heavier items and large boxes for lighter items (pillows, linens, towels, etc.)
    • Wrap furniture and other large pieces in heavy blankets. 
    • Do not put tape directly on your items. 

    Labeling the boxes 

    Label the boxes by category and also by room when moving to New Braunfels. Instead of writing just “mirrors”, write “mirrors – bedroom” and “mirrors – living room” in large, bold letters. Label the sides as well as the tops of the boxes. It is a good idea to use color-coded tape for labeling. This will speed up the unloading process significantly. In case you have the time to take it a step further, number each box and make a list of all the items inside it. This way, you will know for sure if something gets lost or stolen. When you’re loading the moving truck, load boxes in groups – one room at a time, according to their labels. If you decide to let us partially pack your items, this will help us immensely when loading the moving truck. This way, we will know whether some items are fragile or not.  

    people packing a box
    It is important to label the boxes so we can know how to stack them in the moving truck

    Call us today to book your packing services New Braunfels 

    When you are moving to New Braunfels, make sure to contact Evolution moving company NB. We will explain each step of the move and all charges involved. Depending on your situation, we can recommend using our packing services New Braunfels, for your relocation. If you give us a call, we can start planning your relocation and packing process. We will listen to your concerns and wishes related to your relocation. You are more than welcome to ask us any question about your relocation.