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Packing sharp objects – tips and tricks

Preparing for the move requires a lot of time, skills, and equipment. It is not easy if you have some valuable, massive or sharp items to pack. You can make it easier for yourself and hire some movers and packers San Antonio residents highly recommend. If you want to do it all by yourself, be prepared and gather the right packing materials for packing sharp objects. Here are some tips to help you pack them with ease.

Divide objects into groups before packing

It is not impossible to pack the items on your own but you need to be focused so you can pack everything properly and not hurt yourself while packing. To pack these items successfully you will be needing:
  • boxes in different sizes
  • packing paper
  • a lot of bubble bags for packing sharp objects
  • labels
When you have gathered all the materials you can start. It is important to categorize your objects and put similar ones together so you can pack them easier. Make a list of items you need to pack, maybe it will help you to organize the packing better. If you have different types of knives, separate them into groups by their size and sharpness. Put your large, sharp knives together and group the smaller ones separately. You can do the same with other items such as scissors, staplers, forks, screwdrivers, and other tools.
pack knives
If you have different knives, divide them by size.

Packing sharp objects - safety first

When you have sorted all your sharp items it is time to pack them. You can't just put them in some bags and boxes and finish packing like that. You need to wrap each item and make sure it will not damage the box, fall out from it and make damage to other items you are moving. You’re going to need a few different materials in order to safely pack all of your sharp objects. As already said, you should get some tape, bubble bags, and packing paper. Wrap the knives with packing paper and possibly tape the paper to the blade so that it doesn’t get cut. Make sure to use extra material for packing up your largest knives. Also, you can use old shirts, clothes, towels, or similar items to pack your knives and other sharp objects. If you think that you can't do this and that this is too much work, you can hire some help. Evolution Moving company can provide you help with packing sharp items and relocation, too. We understand that moving is stressful so our team is ready to cover all your moving needs.

How to pack these items

To pack sharp items you can use cardboard boxes or plastic boxes, in different sizes. You can use separators and put them inside the box. Wrap each item and then put it in the box. Make sure you label each box with some fragile content or sharp objects. You should make sure that the boxes are lined with bubble bags so that the knives are extra protected. You can use a box from your old shoes, just do not pick some too big boxes. It’s important that the boxes are the appropriate size so that your things aren’t flying around in them.
shoe boxes
You will be needing boxes in different sizes.
Besides cardboard boxes, you can use plastic ones. Plastic boxes are much sturdier and much more secure. Your sharp objects won’t cut or damage them, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can still wrap all the objects and put them inside the box, just to be sure. Plastic boxes are convenient because you do not need that extra time to shut them, tape them, and wrap them to secure that nothing will fall out from them. The best solution is to use the original box for all these items, especially knives. You can still use some tape to make sure that the packaging doesn’t open during transportation and that your things won’t go flying everywhere in the moving van. Packing some delicate items can be exhausting, but you can hire. some of the movers Seguin TX residents recommend and ask them to help you with packing but also with other moving tasks. Professional movers can offer you some better solutions for your relocation. Also, you won't have to search for the packing supplies, they will already have everything.

Label all the boxes

When all the packing is done, make sure you label the boxes. You can write on each box what is inside of it. So, when you come to your new home, you can easily find the box you need and find, for example, forks, knives, or some other items. Let your movers know which boxes go to the moving truck, which are the boxes with sensitive content, and what will go with you. It is really important to prepare, pack, and organize everything, especially if you are moving across the state. All your items need to be properly packed. You should pay attention, especially to the sharp items. Preparing for the move is beyond stressful, but you always have that option to call for help long-distance movers Texas residents always hire and recommend. Skilled movers will know how to pack all your belongings and safely relocate them wherever you want.
labeling boxes
Don't forget to label the boxes.
In the end, you can relax, call professional movers, and let them do all the work. Just need to find reliable movers that have experience in moving all kinds of items. You can do the research, there are a lot of useful sites, where you can find reliable movers. Let them know what do you want to move and where, and a trustworthy moving company will offer you a free estimate. Just prepare well and packing sharp objects won't be a problem. Make sure you have enough boxes, packing supplies, and label the boxes. Moving can be challenging, but if you prepare well, and have professionals at your side, it will be just fine.


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