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Stand-up piano moving guide

Many people do not seem to understand that moving a piano is a rather dangerous job. Some will think it only takes a few of their friends, and the work is done. And although help is appreciated (and also necessary), it is not the only important thing. In fact, pianos are very difficult to move. If you want to avoid injury and damage to the piano or your home, you must do it right and hire Texas moving professionals to help you. That's why we have some tips to help you move your piano. This stand-up piano moving guide will help you with your task!

Before you start

Pianos come in all sizes and shapes. Let's say you own an upright piano that is narrower than the width of your doorway on the first floor. It'll be easier to move it into a moving truck compared to it to move a baby grand piano. This is because the baby grand piano has to go down a flight of turning stairs. Even though no piano-moving task is without risk, homeowners might have more luck moving the upright piano. In contrast, you might want to consider hiring professional piano movers to handle the task. Also, it's usually recommended to tune the piano after relocating it because the new environment and moving process might affect the piano’s sound and performance.
stand-up piano moving
You might want to consider hiring professional piano movers to handle the task.

Consider hiring professional piano movers

You can save a lot of time as well as effort in moving a piano by hiring professional movers to do the heavy lifting. Moving a piano is not an easy task. If you are wondering how much an upright piano weighs, the answer is anywhere between 300 and 800 pounds. When it comes to grand pianos, they can weigh even up to 1400 pounds! Piano movers of Texas will have all the needed tools for transporting a piano, as well as the experience to know how to figure out an efficient pathway. Also, they have techniques to move, lift, and store the piano with minimal or no damage.

For a successful stand-up piano moving, gather a group of friends

As we have mentioned earlier, the piano can weigh quite a lot. That means you can't do it yourself. Even if there are two people, it is quite difficult. It is best to gather a group of four friends or family members. Remember that you want to avoid not only possible damage but also any injuries. Be careful not to ask people who have a history of injury. Ask your friends if they can spend two to three hours on a mission. If you decide to hire Texas moving professionals, try to avoid cheap movers. Cheap means they will try to cut costs from different angles. This includes both personnel and equipment. If you want your stand-up piano to arrive safe and sound, make sure to avoid such moving companies.
friends carrying a big box
Ask friends to help you with your stand-up piano moving.

Get the equipment necessary for the stand-up piano moving

If you end up deciding to move your stand-up piano yourself, you will need certain things. Before attempting to move it, purchase the following items:
  • Moving blankets
  • Several rolls of duct tape
  • Furniture trolley
  • Piano board / metal ladder
  • Furniture straps

Measuring doorways and hallways and clearing the way

Before you start moving the piano, make sure to measure all of the places in your house that the piano is going to pass through to make sure it will fit. Begin by taking the measure of the piano itself and the piano skid board. After that, take measures of doorways, staircases, and hallways to understand how easy it'll be to maneuver the piano and piano board. Open all the needed doors the piano is going to pass through, check if floors are properly protected, and make sure to remove all furniture that might hit the piano before moving it. If you worry about the piano hitting a corner or getting scratched while you're moving it, you can cover any sharp edges of the doorway using extra towels or baby-proof bumpers. Also, you need to make sure kids and pets won’t get in the way. Close pets in a room or put them in their crate before you start lifting the instrument. Young kids should be supervised by an adult who's not involved with the move. Or even better, you can schedule a play date at another location. You really don't want to stumble over a kid or pet as you and your group are moving a 500-pound piano through the house and to the moving van.

Get a moving vehicle

If you want to do this in the best way possible, you should contact the moving company. They can provide the best car for your stand-up piano moving work. However, if you want to cut costs, you can borrow a van/truck from a friend. Remember that the vehicle must have a ramp for easy loading/unloading.
A vehicle on a highway.
Your friends might have just the van you need.
However, keep in mind that if you have the necessary equipment and rent a car, moving the stand-up piano can take a lot of time and money. That is why sometimes it is best to hire professional piano movers. In fact, it is highly recommended if you are trying to move the stand-up piano for the first time. Moving the piano is not a joke and may require the help of piano movers Austin TX. They will know how to do this in the simplest and most efficient way. And they will save you from having to organize everything yourself.

Protecting the keyboard lid

When moving a piano, it's very important to close and lock the keyboard lid. This is going to prevent it from opening during the relocation process. The keys are breakable, and they need to be protected. If you can't lock the keyboard lid, make sure it's closed after you wrap the instrument. However, don't use tape to close the lid because it will damage the wood surface.

Wrap the piano in blankets

Unlike grand pianos, stand-up pianos have a clear form and are slightly easier to protect. However, this does not mean that this step should be done poorly. First, make sure the keyboard cover is down. If there is a key, lock it. Otherwise, use adhesive tape to secure it, as it will prevent damage or staining on the wood. Do not forget about the piano pedals, as they can also be damaged during the move. Wrap them tightly in a piece of cardboard or towel and secure them using scotch tape. Cover the piano with moving blankets, which have to be on your list of moving supplies. For extra security, you can use gaskets to protect its corners. Remember that you want to avoid any damage while doing the stand-up piano moving. Use the tape to secure the blankets around the piano.

Put the piano on the cart and secure it

This is best done if several people help. The easiest way to do this is to get two or three people to pick up the piano while the other places the cart under it. Thus, the probability of injury and damage will be less. Remember that you want to lift from your knees to prevent back injuries. Make sure the piano is in the center. Then attach it to the cart as best as possible. This will help you later when you move it, as it will be much stronger.
Piano Movers Austinpiano with a music sheet on it
Make sure to lift the piano from your knees to avoid back injuries!

Roll it to a van/truck and load it

There must be at least two people slowly pushing the piano to get to a moving vehicle. The other person should slowly pull the piano, and another should guide him. Moving the stand-up piano is impossible without it. That is why we recommended attracting about four people. If you need to go down the stairs, use a metal ramp. When you get to the van or truck, make sure that two people push it up the ramp. One person must be in front to lead as well as pull at the piano. Don't forget, the pianos are quite heavy and will require all the power you can offer.

Secure it on the wall of the van/truck

You have to put the piano against the back wall of the moving truck. Most likely, this will be one of the first things you or your movers Austin load. In addition, it will be one of the last that you unload in a new place. Another tip is to place it on the board, as many trucks and vans have uneven floors. Secure the piano with moving belts on the wall. Make sure there is no more than an inch of moving space.
the road in Texas
Remember that there may be a lot of bumps on the road.

After you move the piano

Pianos need special care after a move to get them back to tip-top condition. If you have a grand piano, ask the group to help with reassembling it. At the very least, you will need help to keep the instrument steady, so you can set it back upright and reattach the legs. After you reassemble it, wipe it with a soft cloth or feather duster to remove any dust collected during the relocation process. Dust might scratch the instrument's finish and create noise or dull the action of the hammers inside it. It'd be for the best if you only cleaned the exterior of the piano. Let the professionals who specialize in piano cleaning clean the piano's interior. Also, you can wipe the piano's exterior using a mild soap solution. However, be careful not to get the cloth too wet because excess water might cause water damage. Finally, call in the professionals. If you didn't clean the interior of the piano cleaned in a long time, it's a good idea to do it now. Also, it's a good idea to get your piano tuned as well. Every time a piano gets moved to another location—whether in another room in your home, a new home or in and out of storage—changes in the environment will affect the tune. Also, a piano can get out of tune during a move if it's bumped around too much, causing parts to move.

Other options for your piano

If you're having second thoughts about moving the piano and if you are not using it as much as you would like to, it might make more sense to rehome it. Here are the options:
  • Online marketplaces. List the piano on online marketplaces such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. However, make sure to specify in your listing that the buyer has to pick up the instrument; you won’t deliver it. After all, the work and cost of moving the piano play a big role in why you won't take it with you
  • Family, friends, and neighbors. The moment you decide you won't move the piano, tell your family, friends, and neighbors you want to get rid of it. Whether you're thinking of gifting it to someone or charging them for it is your choice. Again, let them know they will have to move it to their home
  • Resell it to the music shop. Even though you won’t get a good deal on your piano, you can sell it back to the music shop where you bought it
  • Donate it to a church or school. It should be quite easy finding a school or a church wanting to take a free piano. The problem may be finding one willing to move it to their location or with the funds to hire someone to do it for them

Final words

If you follow our stand-up piano moving guide, you’ll be able to move the instrument efficiently and safely. But remember that this type of move needs all hands on deck as well as the help of special equipment. Do not move the piano with less than four people or use moving straps that are not meant for the piano’s weight. It’s best to look for a packing service Austin or professional piano movers. They possess the skills and equipment needed to move the piano easily and with no injuries or damage, so get your moving quotes New Braunfels, today.    


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