Tips for Packing and Moving Delicate Furniture

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    Packing Tips - May 14, 2022

    If you want a good relocation without any damages, you need to prepare well. Everything should be in order and you should be equipped with stuff that’s necessary for a good relocation. Choosing the right movers is important. Also, labeling well is important. However, arguably the most important part is the packing. Unless you pack your items well, they can get destroyed, lost, or ruined. So, you need to really pay attention to how you do it and the situation becomes even more delicate when you’re supposed to move delicate furniture. So, let us give you a few tips on packing and moving delicate furniture.

    Professionals are the best at packing and moving delicate furniture

    It might sound like an obvious idea, but hiring professionals like Boerne TX movers is the best way to prevent any damage to your delicate furniture. A lot of people wonder why would they do that. If they avoid movers and do it themselves, they could save a lot of money. That’s true but most people have no clue how to handle delicate furniture. It’s not the same as the furniture you would usually buy in IKEA. The material it was made out of requires special treatment while it’s transported. So, don’t be stingy if you don’t have to, and hire good movers. Give them insight into the situation and what they’ll be expected to transport. They have special equipment and packing supplies that will make your furniture as safe as it gets.

    A mover is disassembling a piece of furniture.
    Movers are much quicker and more experienced at packing and moving delicate furniture than you are.

    Don’t try to do it just by yourself

    A lot of people think they can do this alone. Why not? It’s just furniture. Well, not really. Even if you want to avoid hiring great movers like Live Oak TX movers, you should still get a friend to help you. First of all, if your furniture is big and heavy, you might get seriously injured. Lifting heavy stuff without proper form can damage your back. Also, there are big and fragile items. For example, carrying mirrors and chandeliers by yourself can often end up in those items breaking. Just one friend who will help you out will make a big difference. They can help you carry stuff, as well as direct you and steer in which direction to move. Other than that, if you have friends experienced in packing and moving delicate furniture, you can ask them to help you out too.

    Take your time when packing and moving delicate furniture

    Anything that’s done quickly and in a rush often won’t end well. You can get the best residential movers NB possible, if they don’t have the time needed to do the job well, something will go wrong. So, it doesn’t matter if you are DIY moving or hiring movers, provide enough time for the relocation. If you need one month, take it. You will have enough room and time to give special attention to each piece of delicate furniture. If you do it all in only a few hours and in a rush, something will break. And, since those pieces of furniture are very valuable, you will lose a lot of money. So, take your time. It might take you a few hours to properly pack a single piece of delicate furniture. Don’t be discouraged.

    A window is removed from its frame.
    Remove windows from the frames if necessary so that you can make room for the furniture to be properly removed from the house without getting damaged.

    Don’t force it if it doesn’t work

    Older pieces of furniture, especially higher valued ones, are large and heavy. So, let’s say you have to move an oak working desk. If it won’t fit through the door, don’t force it. You will either damage the furniture or the house. Neither of those options is acceptable. Take your time to remove the glass from the windows and take the doors off their hinges. Provide more room so you can operate more freely. If there is no way to get your furniture out without damaging it, call professionals for packing and moving delicate furniture. They’ve been in those situations many times and will be more than willing to help you out.

    Get some furniture slides to help you out

    If you don’t want to carry your furniture, slide it. There are furniture slides in all shapes and sizes in any specialized store, so don’t worry about availability. They can often be lifesavers because of how much time they tend to save. If you can’t purchase furniture slides anywhere, you can always make your own. It’s actually pretty simple. Make them out of plastic or carboards and you will have a great way to keep your furniture safe during the relocation.

    You can disassemble most of your furniture

    One thing that people tend to forget is that a lot of furniture is made of smaller parts. No matter how old or delicate your furniture is, it probably has at least a few screws and parts that can be properly removed. The best thing to do is to ask your movers to do it for you. However, if you can’t, you can try to disassemble the furniture by yourself. It will take you no time if you know how to use a screwdriver and disassembling your furniture makes the relocation so much easier. It’s always much more convenient to move a few smaller pieces than one that’s large and heavy.

    An old table is in a dark room.
    Plan where you will put your delicate furniture in advance. That way you will make movers’ jobs much easier.

    Think about the end of the relocation

    A really important aspect of the relocation is the end of the relocation. So, even before your move with Evolution Moving Company NB begins, you should pay attention to this. Make a drawing of the new place and decide which piece of furniture will go where and you will have a much more well-organized relocation. Some of the stuff will go to the living room, some to the kitchen, and some to the bedroom. Make the decision on time so that your movers can immediately move it to the position you want it in. Otherwise, they might leave it in the middle of the room and you’ll have to carry delicate, fragile items. That usually doesn’t end well, so plan in advance. Planning is the key to successfully packing and moving delicate furniture.

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