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A Complete Guide On San Antonio Neighborhoods

When you decide to move to a certain place, the more you know about it, the better. And since San Antonio is one of those places you simply must love, it deserves a proper introduction. No matter if you decide to move alone or with your entire family, you have to find yourself in a perfect neighborhood. Because of that, we are presenting you with a complete guide on San Antonio neighborhoods and everything you should know!

Where to begin?

If you are searching for some of the best San Antonio suburbs for families, you have come to the right place. Our moving company will help you out with this one. There are some things you should keep in your mind, however. For example, think about the prices of your relocation. So, you should make sure to find really good professional Texas movers once you find your San Antonio suburb. However, since the suburban areas are cheaper, you can even hire some of the best professionals around to help you. There is a lot more to this one, thus make sure that you read our guide until the end!
white brown house in a suburb
A complete guide on San Antonio neighborhoods must include Oak Park as it is one of the most notable places in the city

What is it like to reside in San Antonio?

One of the nicest places to reside in Texas is San Antonio, which is located in Bexar County. With its  1,529,133 residents, this city is proudly presented as very welcoming to everyone. The median house income is 53,420$ and most of the residents own their homes. Judging by the testimonials of San Antonio residents it is a very friendly and inclusive place to live with a great environment. A good review is the best proof of satisfaction! Researching general information about this city is helpful for newcomers. As a newcomer to Texas considers hiring long distance movers San Antonio for professional assistance for your residential relocation. Whether you are already familiar with this town, today we will uncover the following:
  • Best neighborhoods to buy a house
  • The most desirable neighborhoods to reside in San Antonio for families
  • Best areas for moving after retirement
When it comes to moving and relocation, you should know that it is in your interest to make the best decisions. When dealing with a family move, especially if you have smaller kids, you want to have all the help that you can find. The best way to ensure this is to find the right moving company with enough moving experience. It can be hard to prepare all the items for the move when you have smaller kids so it is the best decision to always use packing services San Antonio where your movers will take care of your items. You will have less responsibility and more time to be with your children. Once you settle that, make sure to check out our top San Antonio suburbs list:
  • Terrell Hills
  • Alamo Heights
  • Hollywood Park
  • Oak Park-Northwood
  • Olmos Park
skyline of san antonio
San Antonio has a lot of offers to families!

Best neighborhoods for buying a house in San Antonio

You’ll be pleased to learn that the San Antonio real estate market is one of the top markets in the nation. After purchasing a new home, moving companies in Texas will be at your service for the journey of relocation with their versatile service offers. The median home value in San Antonio is 56.000$ and the rent is 1,025$. Alamo Heights neighborhood is a beautiful area with architectural styles varying from the renaissance to Art Deco. The median purchase price of houses in Alamo Heights sits at $513,900. This area is safer by 66% compared to the rest of texas. The next area you might want to consider when looking for a house to buy is Helotes with the median home purchase price of $273,000.  Northwest Crossing is a suitable and affordable area, with a median home market price of $127,582. The cheapest area for purchasing a property is the Windcrest neighborhood. The median price is $171,800.

The most desirable neighborhoods to reside in San Antonio for families

When you have to check many neighborhoods, it can be a daunting task. By doing it on your own, you will visit many places. Most of them are not so good for families. This article will spare you from losing time and energy. How is that so? Well, we have checked the best family-friendly neighborhoods in San Antonio. Following our list, you will have to visit fewer places. Of course, you will have to see them for yourself too. So, here is our list of the five best neighborhoods in San Antonio for families!

Alamo Heights

  • Median home price – $513,900
  • Median monthly rent – $1,307
  • Crime rate – safer than 69% of other neighborhoods
Alamo Heights is a bit more expensive than other San Antonio neighborhoods. Still, it is a nice neighborhood with a lot of greenery. And there are located two of the best schools in the city. These are Alamo Heights High School and Cambridge Elementary School. Also,  the neighborhood is full of family-friendly activities. They are enjoyable for both, kids and parents. And, the parents working downtown will need merely 15 minutes to reach their offices. Moreover, affordable movers San Antonio will easily move you to this nice place.
house keys
Research affordable and cheap parts of San Antonio for purchasing a home.
When it comes to Alamo parents can be secure by providing their kids with reputable institutions like Alamo Heights High School and Cambridge Elementary. A bonus point for Alamo Heights is its proximity to the city center. Only 15 minutes it takes! Think about this fact which will be useful in the future when your kids decide to go out more often. It is easy to get around this area since there are a lot of walking zones and green surfaces. After researching San Antonio, someone could decide to switch residents to a more convenient location. Get your local movers San Antonio, on speed dial and find out why residents love them!

Great Northwest

  • Median home price – $119,009
  • Median monthly rent – $1,081
  • Crime rate – safer than 51% of other neighborhoods
Great Northwest is excellent for those who want to escape from the big city. This is another safe San Antonio area that is excellent for families and children. There are available split-level and ranch-style houses at affordable prices. And they all have spacious yards, which are excellent for kids. In the area are also available some excellent schools. Some of them are Timberwilde Elementary School and Knowlton Elementary School. This neighborhood is a bit further from the city center. But it is a self-sufficient neighborhood with shops and restaurants. It also has many family-friendly activities.

Northwest Crossing

  • Median home price – $127,582
  • Median monthly rent – $806
  • Crime rate – safer than 57% of other neighborhoods
With a lot of greenery and budget-friendly housing, this is one of the best San Antonio neighborhoods for families. It has great schools like Northwest Crossing Elementary School and James L. Carson Elementary School. There are available luxury apartments and large single-family houses. It also has great local parks. For those loving to spend a lot of time outdoors, this is a perfect place. If you decide to move to Northwest Crossing from another part of the town, consider hiring furniture movers San Antonio. With them, your relocation will be fast, easy, and stress-free.
happy family cooking toghether
The safety of children is a top priority for every parent.

Best areas for relocating to after retirement

Retirement is a special event. Life after that is different and you find yourself looking for different things, preferences, and needs changing. About 30 minutes from downtown San Antonio, The Dominion neighborhood is located. It is a more tranquil retirement community for those looking to get away from the bustle of city life. It offers super restaurants, weekly activities, and golf clubs you can still enjoy while retired! Cordillera Ranch is a peaceful area in Texas that is said to offer a “resort-style life.” If you decide upon relocating here, your home will be surrounded by tall trees, tiny rivers, and natural walking areas or trails. Remember, when you have retired you’re not tied to your bed still. Enjoy activities such as golf, swimming, or playing tennis at Cordillera Ranch. Another neighborhood ideal for retirees is Olmos Park. As you can assume from its name, locals have easy access to large parks and beautiful green surfaces.

Senior newcomers in San Antonio love these neighborhoods

Seniors love San Antonio and many have been recently moving in. What is the best neighborhood for senior newcomers? The retirees are usually choosing among these neighborhoods:
  • River North
  • The Dominion
  • Cordillera Ranch
  • Hollywood Park
  • Olmos Park
  • Alamo Heights
However, it doesn’t matter what area you choose for living. As a retiree newcomer, you can go and enjoy any part of the city. Keep in mind that the Internet will be a very useful tool here. Try to search for places close to your hobbies and interests as that will be a great start.  

San Antonio locations millennials are moving to

If you wonder where your search should begin, don’t start it just yet. Before that, you must know exactly what you are looking for and what things you wish to avoid. Let’s see what locations could suit you first. As a millennial, you are born somewhere between 1981 and 1996 and you surely have a specific lifestyle. You are a perfect mixture of traditional and urban and you will most likely direct your habits that way. Chances are huge that you already have a good and stable job that is providing a certain income. As a result, you may be able to afford real estate in some of these locations. The most notable ones are:
  • Hills and Dales: This wonderful neighborhood in San Antonio is extremely popular among all generations. With a couple of good private and public schools, it attracted a lot of young parents to move here. If you decide that this place could be suitable for you, make sure you pay it a short visit.
  • Brooks City Base: A lot of young professionals and freelancers decide to move here as they will come across affordable homes they use as working spaces. It takes around 15 minutes to reach the huge San Antonio shopping mall, so the location will most likely suit you as well.
  • Mission Del Lago: This amazing San Antonio neighborhood provides a cozy lifestyle for all of its residents. The most important locations are extremely close and they include hospitals, shopping malls, and post offices.
Community meeting as getting to know people should be a part of a complete guide to San Antonio neighborhoods
A complete guide on San Antonio neighborhoods must focus on finding a perfect community as well

Best place for millennials - Downtown San Antonio

Downtown is the most historic part of the town, with its legendary River Walk. This famous 15-mile waterway is lined with bars, restaurants, and museums. Downtown is also home to the famous Alamo mission. For those who want to live in the heart of San Antonio, this is the best place. And the first one to check. The younger newcomers are checking this neighborhood first. In this part are mostly available apartment and condo buildings. On the other hand, you can easily rich the downtown. And you don’t need to worry about parking lots, gas, traffic, etc. Several schools are located here. They have schools from elementary to college. It has about 17,000 residents. Median house prices range from $320,000 to $480,000.

What else should you think about?

When it comes to moving and relocation, you should plan and prepare for your relocation well. So, a good idea would be to research all the San Antonio suburbs you might like, and also the neighborhoods. Make sure that they fit your style of living. As we said, it does not matter if you are moving to Los Angeles, San Antonio, or Houston, Texas – you need to make the most out of it. It is not an easy decision to make so you should take as much time as you need. However, the path to adapting to living in San Antonio can be long. You should not expect that everything will be back to normal as soon as you are in your new home. It is vital to understand that you will need some time to adjust, especially your kids. Take your time when doing this as well and you should not feel that stressed over it!

A complete guide on San Antonio neighborhoods: Final thought

And just like that, you will find yourself in the neighborhood you have been dreaming of. A complete guide on San Antonio neighborhoods will help you choose the best place and it will surely affect your entire life. Upon arriving, make sure to give yourself enough time to blend in as your new community will help you do it. Living in San Antonio will open many doors for you regarding new business opportunities as well, so make sure to keep that in mind. The thing that matters the most is that this city will accept you and before you know it you will be calling it your home.


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